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10 Shoes To Instantly Sexify Your Look

Shoes – a girl’s best friend, well one of them at least.  There’s something about a great shoe that really does something for an outfit, but there’s also that pair that really gets a guy’s heart racing.  Men don’t necessarily understand women’s shoes and their love for them, but they definitely experience the power of a sexy pair.

Here are 10 pairs and styles that will always be a insta-way to get your guy’s attention and have him wanting more!

Jimmy Choo Alicia Patent Point-Toe Pump, $525. When it comes to your fashion, guys are pretty simple to please and I’ve come to realize that there’s nothing they love more than a classic, yet super sexy, black sky high pump.  I’m not entirely sure what it is – maybe it’s the easiness to view and understand, maybe it makes them think of sexy business attire (hey, we know they’ve at least thought about that sexy secretary fantasy once), or maybe it’s just because a good pump can make your legs look fantastic – who knows but what I do know is that it’s the easiest way to garner a complement from your man.  Black is always a good choice, but trying color or pattern will still turn him on.
jimmy choo pumps

A Guy’s Take on Female Fashion


Dolce Vita Zana, $179. Guys have a thing for a sexy black strappy sandal.  I’m not entirely sure why, maybe those tiny little straps get them thinking about those other tiny little straps you’re wearing, but whatever it is they totally dig this style shoe.  I like this particular pair because of the subtle, but sexy, metallic detail.  Regardless of how sexy your outfit is, you’ll definitely bring the sex appeal with these bad boys.


Steve Madden Mucho, $99.95. A sexy peep toe goes a long way and these Steve Madden’s don’t disappoint.  My bf loves when I wear a sexy pair of peep toes so I guess it’s safe to say that pairing some toe cleavage with some chest cleavage is a killer combo.  This particular pair also throws in some cage-y, dominatrix-y influence with being too much to take away from the sexiness of the shoe.  Definitely a pair he’ll love.



Reiss Ana Lattice Caged Sandals, $425. And speaking of dominatrix, can’t really get more sexy than a caged sandal.  The key to this look is to make sure it’s not too S&M – you want to keep it classy and approachable.  This particular shoe is a great option for two reasons – you get the cage look without overdoing it because of the smart pink suede fill ins and the feminine bow tie in the back.  Make this as playful or sexy as you’d like but just remember not to sex up your outfit too much because that could turn into serious sexual overload.



Schultz Belita High Heels, $170. I love the sexy simplicity of a skinny strappy sandal, especially one that has very few straps, and that feeling is definitely echoed by guys.  Not a lot of fuss, not a lot of distraction – just a sexy shoe that speaks for itself.  I think the feminine silhouette of a strappy sandal like this is what really seals the deal and a skinny stiletto heel doesn’t hurt either.  This shoe has a lot of wiggle room for styling and will bring the heat to whatever it’s paired with.


Sergio Rossi Cachet Patent Leather Pumps, $747. Nothing says sex kitten like a pair of fire engine red, sky high pumps.  You’ll definitely grab any guys attention with these stunning shoes and the key to not giving off the wrong impression is to let the shoes do all the talking.  Keep the rest of your look toned down on the sex appeal – skip the skin tight miniskirts and bandage dresses and aim more towards skater dresses or a fits like a glove pair of skinny jeans and a feminine blouse.
sergio rossi pumps

Sam Edelman GiGi Sandals, $65. Not a heel kind of girl or want to give your feet a break?  Try rocking a pair of flat sandals.  I love these because they’re not overwhelmed with too many straps everywhere or with a platform – just a simple flat sandal with some sexy animal print and bold colored details.  The color and animal print will show off your wild side a little bit and you’ll also be comfortable, which will resonate in your personality and body language.  These are definitely a flat that will catch his eye.
sam edlman gigi



Sam Edelman Mason Sandal,  $119. Yes, another pair of Sam Edelman’s and another animal print – but there’s a twist to this.  Nude platforms are a great trick to making your gams look nice and long, and being that guys are visual creatures and lovers of long, sexy legs creating this illusion is definitely a great way to grab and keep his attention.  Throw in the sexy pin thin heel and the animal print touch (which just so happens to enhance the nude color scheme) and you’ve got yourself one hot shoe he won’t be able to say no to.



Zara Ankle Strap Sandal, $89.90. A sexy heel with some color will not only grab his attention but show off your fun side, too.  I’m always for adding a pop of color to any outfit, especially one filled with neutrals, but colorful shoes are also a great way to add some serious personality to your look.  Try not to get too crazy with the prints and colors because it could kind of freak him out a little, but if you keep the colors simple and really let them speak against a classic or neutral outfit, he’ll definitely take note and want more.



ASOS Populate Lace Pointed High Heels, $43.08. When done the right way, lace can be really feminine and sexy – something your guy will love.  It gives off a little lingerie-ish vibe, and we all know how much they love that.  This pair gives you the perfect amount of lace, a tiny bit of leather, and a flattering cut out detail all in one smart, pointed toe pump.  This shoe has a wide range of styling and will look great with everything from boyfriend jeans and a tee to a figure flaunting LBD.  Definitely a pair that won’t go unnoticed.


This is just a small sample of all the many gorgeous and guy approved shoes out there.  With so many styles available it’s hard not to find a few pairs that will always turn your guy on.  Play around with a couple different options and remember to take note of what gets the most attention from your man or guys you eye when you’re out with the girls.  There’s no better reassurance then the approval from them – hey, they know what they want!  Once you’ve got an idea of what turns him on, invest in a couple pairs to throw on for those special evenings to really drive him wild!



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