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7 Outdoor Summer Date Ideas

As Shakespeare eloquently says in one of his famous sonnets,” By chance or natures changing course untrimm’d; By thy eternal summer shall not fade.” Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the summertime is the chance to make memorable and take your budding romance to the next level. And with a number of free outdoor activities and events happening across the country, you’ll not only woo your other half, but make new memories together.

Try one of these fun date ideas for a hot rendezvous:

1.  Dine al fresco—and during the day.
Who says dates are limited to dinner time? Schedule a brunch date with your sweetie and enjoy a savory outdoor meal. Dining al fresco can help calm your nerves and make you feel more comfortable.

Need ideas for outdoor dining? Go beyond restaurants and look no further than your backyard, front porch, or rooftop.  Nothing says, “I love you,” more than a delicious homemade meal. A change of scene from your usual indoor dinner date also sets up the mood for romance. Then, take the rest of the afternoon (or night!) to take a walk in the park or catch a movie.

2.    Watch a concert in the park.
Instead of watching a movie or catching a comedy show, consider listening to a concert in the park. There’s no better way to make a good impression of your date than with the sound of music.

During the summertime, you’ll find great deals for cheap concert tickets; some venues even offer free admission. Find out your date’s favorite band. Maybe he or she enjoys listening to classical music? Round out your dinner date with live music and beat the heat with a cooling beverage as you watch the show.

 3.    Enjoy outdoor sports.
A great test for all relationships is teamwork. If you’re looking for fun date idea that won’t break your wallet and will help you and your date get to know each other, outdoor sports, like kayaking, biking, playing tennis, or even rock climbing, will help you build chemistry and work together as a team.

You can also enjoy other water sports, like canoeing. Some quiet time and reflection with your sweetie might be just the thing you need to float your boat. If you’re both dog owners, book a date to go on a dog walk along the waterside or at your neighborhood park. This will give you an opportunity to show your date another side of you and dress down in sneakers and shorts.

4. Take a trip to the zoo or botanical gardens.
Spend a lazy Sunday at the zoo or botanical gardens with your honey. A quiet, romantic stroll through nature’s great wonders will provide an educational experience. Think: feeding lamas and horses, and sipping cooling botanical-inspired cocktails infused with summer’s freshest fruits and herbs.

5.  Play tourists.
It may sound cheesy at first, but be creative and pretend your tourists in your own city or town for a day (sans fanny packs). Visit historic monuments, go on a bike or boat tour through the major attractions, and take advantage of all the yummy food festivals near you. Show off your book smarts by taking your date on a mini tour of some of your favorite places. Take pictures of each other and carry on-the-go snacks. We guarantee your date will remember this one in the books!

6.  Plan a wine tasting.
Pretend you’re wine connoisseurs and schedule a wine tasting at the nearest vineyard. Exchange your thoughts on each glass of wine you try. Is it sweet or acidic? Does this pair well with a seafood main dish or steak dinner?

Some vineyards will take you around in a shuttle so you don’t need to worry about driving. Moreover, most vineyards will give you a packaged deal that includes a meal and tour with the wine tasting. Enjoying a bottle of wine also sets up the mood for good conversation and is a great way to savor your meals.

 7.  Go fishing.
Your gal or guy the competitive type? Spend a day at a nearby lake for a round of fishing. Make it fun and entertaining by flirting and teasing each other about strategies. Caught something? Prepare a delicious fish dinner with your date; play top chef in the kitchen, experimenting with different herbs and spices and cooking techniques.


What are your favorite summer date activities? Tell us in comments!

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