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6 Reasons to Embrace Being Single post image

This summer, it was particularly difficult being single, even for someone like me, who has always embraced being the “single” girl among my group of close girlfriends. For the past three months, I’ve attended three different weddings and witnessed some of my best friends get married.  But as I stood by the altar, overjoyed and excited for my friends’ new lives, I couldn’t help feel alone.  I also want someone to share happy and sad moments with; someone who will inspire me and be challenged by me.

But instead of comparing lives and playing the grass is always greener, I compiled a list of reasons (freedoms!) why you should enjoy flying solo and appreciate moments of solitude. [continue reading…]

Style Guide: 7 Sexy Ways to Wear the “Boyfriend” Look post image

Pleated pants, striped cardigans, crisp button-ups, oversized watches, bow ties, and suspenders, there’s something sexy and sensual about a woman in her boyfriend’s clothing. The quirky trend is hardly over with the latest fall fashions featuring menswear-inspired clothing and accessories.

To help you channel your inner tomboy, we put together our top picks that are sure to charm their way into your closet and jewelry box this season. These understatedly feminine pieces accentuate the female form minus the girly frills. So whether you’re dating a dashing schoolboy, banker boyfriend, metro-chic geek, or a rockstar, we promise these looks are good enough for your dude but made for you.

[continue reading…]

7 Outdoor Summer Date Ideas post image

7 Outdoor Summer Date Ideas

As Shakespeare eloquently says in one of his famous sonnets,” By chance or natures changing course untrimm’d; By thy eternal summer shall not fade.” Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the summertime is the chance to make memorable and take your budding romance to the next level. And with a number of free outdoor activities and events happening across the country, you’ll not only woo your other half, but make new memories together.

Try one of these fun date ideas for a hot rendezvous:

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Six Celeb-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles post image

Deciding on a hairdo for the big day can be almost as tough as picking out the perfect dress. The decision to wear it up or down, super styled or more natural, can really make or break the entire look.

If you’re debating an elegant and simple chignon, sexy Veronica Lake-inspired curls, or a whimsical up ‘do, the summer wedding season opens the door for plenty of versatile bridal hairstyles that will keep you cool while still looking ultra-romantic and feminine.

Whether you’re attending a wedding as the queen B, bridesmaid, or guest, here are six romantic hairstyles to help give you a bit of inspiration:

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Going Nude: Best Neutral Products To Show Off Your Natural Beauty post image

I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by Dolce and Gabbana’s True Monica makeup collection collaboration with actress Monica Bellucci. Unlike other top designer labels, like Chanel, Dior, and Lancome, which celebrated the blue and green colors of the tropics in their summer collections, Dolce and Gabbana embraced the everyday woman with seductive neutral shades that brought out her natural beauty. And who better for inspiration than the epitome of sensuality and breathtaking beauty Monica Bellucci?

Filled with shades of taupe, rose, soft pinks, and nude, neutral makeup is a great way to accentuate your natural beauty and highlight your best features without looking too overdone. That’s what also makes it a great choice for a day-to-night date makeup look.

Neutral makeup is so versatile that you could easily transition the look from day to night by smudging on some black eyeliner or dark shadow to create a smokey eye look. Read on to see my favorite neutral beauty finds for fun summer date makeup:

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Celebrity Beauty Inspiration: Jessica Alba’s Sweet and Flirty Look post image

While everyone is still obsessing over the “punk” beauty and fashion looks at the Met Gala, I’m completely falling for Jessica Alba’s fresh spring makeup from her recent appearance at the “Secretly and Greatly” press conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Her subtle, neutral eye, dewy skin, and pink lips are a nice break from the brooding red and brown shades of winter and fall. In fact, I loved her look so much that I tried to re-create it for a date night. Flirty and natural, this day-to-night date look will highlight your best features, and not to mention, make a great first impression.

Here’s how I did it:

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