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    So I was talking to him again last night on the phone and when I told him I wouldn’t come see him, he said okay you’re officially blocked then. He hung and up and now I’m blocked. He’s a literal child. It’s his way or no way. What can I do to stand my ground and make my needs be heard for once?

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    Liz Lemon

    You received a lot of good advice on your other thread. Why don’t you take that advice? Why are you even wasting your time talking to this guy? You’ll never make your needs heard because he refuses to listen. You can’t force someone to care about you or your needs. This guy is a jerk and doesn’t care about you.

    The best way for you to stand your ground is to never speak to or respond to him again. Refuse to play his game. Move on.

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    What Liz said. Go revisit your other post and let what was already said really sink in. You’re fighting a battle there’s no winning. And you’re doing serious damage to yourself in the process. You’re a punching bag to him.

    Block him and start working with a counselor to figure out why you are engaged with someone who’s abusing you. Please. Otherwise this will keep going on and on, because you know he’ll be back.

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    So… Why do you insist on continuing with this boy?

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    Your needs at this point should be to focus on your life without him, heal and move on. You stand your ground and make your needs heard by having no further contact with him, focusing on your life without him and healing and moving on. You don’t need his permission to do this.

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    Youre clearly very young but the sooner you start to not let people cross your boundaries and not put up with cr/ap, the better you will do in life. I dont understand why you posted this silly update. Nothing but the same dumb stuff you were happy to play a part in.

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