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    I’ve been on 2 dates with a girl on Bumble. First date was amazing, lots of flirting, kissing, laughing, etc..Walked out of the venue hand in hand..2nd date a week later was still great, repeated the process of getting to know each other, kissing, etc.. However since last Sunday I’ve been trying to line up a 3rd date which I suggested for this Friday. She told me this week was going to be hard due to work issues (then went into specifics about what that is) and would get back to me..I didnt hear back so I checked in with her today and she reconfirmed that work was an issue and said “I will see you next week, have a good weekend” I’m a bit blindsided as our interactions in person have been great but should I take this as a rejection and move on? I’m not sure if she’s the type of girl that doesn’t like to say no to people and maybe she doesn’t want to be direct…She’s keeping the door open by saying next week we should meet but I’m thinking if you were into someone you’d suggest a specific time.

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    You barely know her so should be keeping your options open anyway. But it sounds like she really does have a work issue. Ask her out again for the following week. If she has an excuse or can’t make time, you’ll know where you stand.

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    You tried twice, that’s enough in my opinion. If you want, try one more time, middle of next week and if you get a similar response, delete her number.

    There are so many flakes out there I wouldn’t try a third time, but that’s really up to you. Good luck!

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    Try once more and be specific about a day or time. Or ask her what WOULD work for her. If she is still vague and busy, then “let” her go. Remember this too, she might like you but you each
    have schedules that don’t work for each other or she should not be dating because she really is too busy.

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    Liz Lemon

    You never know who other people are dating or talking to when you meet them on an app. She may be seeing other guys. If she’s interested in you, she’ll find time for you regardless if she’s busy with work. It should not feel like work to secure a 3rd date if the person is into you.

    I agree that you could try asking her one more time, with a specific date/time, or ask her what works for her. If she doesn’t immediately come back with a specific date/time (if she says, “I’m not sure, I have to check, I’ll let you know” etc), I’d write her off. It sucks when you think you’ve found someone you click with, but that’s how it happens sometimes. Best to move on and meet other women so you find someone who’s as enthusiastic as you are. Good luck!

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