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Trend to Try: Thigh-Highs

This weekend I took a bit of a fashion risk and sported a trend that isn’t really much of a trend right now but definitely should be: Thigh-highs! My love of thigh-highs was re-ignited during Fall Fashion Week at shows like Rag & Bone and Sass & Bide. I was kind of disappointed when this trend didn’t explode, but does something have to be insanely popular before we can try it? I think not.

Thigh-highs are the perfect alternative to tights right now, as winter slowly gives way to spring, and will add some understated sex-appeal to your look while still keeping your gams nice and warm.

The length of your dress of skirt is key when it comes to rocking this style and should hit about 1-2 inches away from where the thigh-highs end. You can use your knee-highs to make a basic look a more fashion-forward like Vanessa Hudgens, or to be a bonafide statement-maker like everyone’s favorite fictional fashion risk-taker Carrie Bradshaw!

It is also worth noting- since this is also a relationship and lifestyle site- that while most guys don’t really care for tights, they LOVE the thigh-highs. Trust me.

Read on to check out some FAB thigh-high styles.

Bebe Zig Zag Corchet Thigh-Highs, $16.09- This funky style is both playful and chic, a perfect way to up take your look up a notch!

6126 Beaton Leg Warmers, $70. I absolutely love the 80’s leg-warmer version of the thigh-high (as seen on Rihanna in the above pic)

American Apparel Solid Thigh-High Sock, $15 A basic, plain black style is a definite must.

Falke Argyle Knee-High Socks, $29- Okay, so these ones hit the knee, not thigh, but they’re just as fun and fashion-forward so we couldn’t resist throwing them in!

American Apparel Heather Solid Thigh-High Sock, $17. A soft heather-gray shade is a fabulous alternative to basic black.

VPL Doubly Thigh-High, $125. Go bold and take a risk with this color-blocked style that will take your trend-setter status up a a few large notches!

Funky Boutique Striped Thigh-High Stockings, $7.95. Another super funky style that is a fashion risk worth taking!

Written by Sabrina Alexis

I’m Sabrina Alexis, the co-founder, and co-editor of A New Mode. I love writing relatable, insightful articles that help people understand relationship dynamics and how to get the love they want. I have a degree in psychology and have spent the last 10 years interviewing countless men and reading and studying as much as I can to better understand human psychology and how men operate. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

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when I see one of them in shopping I can’t wait.I just go and bye them.I love over the knee or thigh high socks and I almost have twenty of them!

Reply December 15, 2016, 1:48 pm

Eric Charles

I agree – this trendy is sexy. Leggings no, thigh highs *yes*.

Reply January 7, 2010, 7:25 pm


girls used to wear these when I was in HS. finally a trend coming back that I actually like.

Reply January 7, 2010, 2:31 pm



I’m so buying some this weekend! I love fishnets so thigh highs are just like, fishnets without the thighs.

Reply February 11, 2009, 12:27 am

alison aka. Advice Sister Alison

These thigh highs are cute, and they will be especially welcome when the warmer weather comes and a little “breeze” beats constricting tights…but I have never found a pair that really stayed UP!

Reply February 10, 2009, 7:41 pm

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