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Spring 2012 Trends: From the Runway to Your Way

Ah, the ever so fabulous fashion show.  The theatrics of them are enough to draw you in, but then add the clothes and accessories and what’s not to love?!  Twice a year they come around in the form of Fashion Week and women fawn over them like men do March Madness games.  But each Fashion Week brings the same conundrum for many of us – we covet the designs, love the trends, but have no idea how in the world to translate these looks to our everyday lives (and not have others look at us like we walked off the set of Alice & Wonderland).

Spring is officially here, so it’s time to give some of those trends you’ve been coveting a try!  Here are my versions of a few of Spring’s hottest runway trends that you can wear everyday.

likes to call this trend “Ab-Fab.”, but many of us out there are thinking that our abs are not fabulous – at least not enough to wear tops that can double as beachwear.  If you’re proud of those abs you’ve worked hard for and want to show them off, then this Spring is all about you!  But if you’re a little less confident in your mid-section, fear not – you can still take part in this trend.  A cute cutout dress or top allows you to still be on trend, but not go all the way.

My Pick: Rare Sequin Cutout Dress with Chiffon Skirt, $111


Pastels are pretty and feminine and can look great on everyone. This trend is an easy one to translate into everyday life and you can do as little or as much pastel-ing as you want. For those who are afraid of looking too Easter egg-like, adding a pastel top with some white or cream pants will instantly make your look Spring 2012, or many invest in a pair of pastel pants or a skirt. Pastel dresses and shoes are also a way to partake in this Spring trend. For those who are a little riskier with their fashion, go for mixing pastels on top and bottom (try combining blue or purple with yellow or pinks with blue or green).

My Pick: Zara Studio Trousers With Contrasting Hem, $89.90


Peplums – the fabulous 1940s trend that can’t make a woman any more feminine.  I love me a good peplum, so I was happy to see this become a huge trend for Spring.  Peplums can be seen on a ton of different pieces – jackets, tops, skirts.  Peplums can be rocked by everyone so experiment with different styles and silhouettes to find your perfect peplum match.

My Pick: Mulberry Metallic Crepe Peplum Top, $600

So ladies, take inspiration from the runway and style these trends your way! Have fun and get ready to step into Spring!



Emiko Vaughn is a personal stylist and wardrobe from Cleveland, OH. She currently co-owns and operates Lageson & Vaughn with her business partner Kirsten Lageson.

You can also find her at:


Written by Sabrina Alexis

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