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Celeb Style Muse: Elizabeth Olsen

Just when we thought the Olsen fashion powerhouse couldn’t get any better, we were introduced to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s younger sister Elizabeth. As soon as she burst on the scene, it was style love at first sight. It’s not a big surprise that she has killer style like her older twin sisters, but Elizabeth herself is becoming quite the style icon.

What I love most about E.O. is her incredibly strong sense of style and her ability to take on any trend or look without losing that sense.

Read on for three style rules to follow if you want to incorporate some of Elizabeth’s style-savvy into your wardrobe.

Rule #1: Keep it simple
The term “less is more” in the fashion world has Elizabeth Olsen written all over it.  Girlfriend keeps her looks simple and uncomplicated, but looks incredibly stylish and chic while doing so.  A lot of neutrals, rich darks, uncomplicated patterns, simple layers, and minimal accessories keep Elizabeth looking fab at all times.  She never overloads on the accessories, and often times you’ll find her lacking in the accessory department, save for a fabulous hat or bag. Even though she keeps it pared-down, her looks are never dull and maintain a quiet chic-ness. She pulls off her smart and sophisticated style by playing with textures and color–adding little pops or creating some color contrast with her pieces.

LNA Belmont Maxi Dress, $165.

ASOS Roll Brim Felt Boater, $32.

Topshop Knitted Midi Length Cardigan, $90


Rule #2: Play Up Menswear
Elizabeth knows how to rock a menswear inspired look like a pro without looking overly masculine.  The trick here is that she incorporates rich textures and pretty feminine touches into her looks and keeps the silhouette slim and clean, which keeps her  from looking messy or like she’s swimming in the clothes.  To achieve her look, try picking one masculine inspired piece and incorporate that into a more feminine cut or styled look. If you’re daring enough to try the whole shebang,  remember to pick a suit that’s more tailored to your body and add feminine touches with pretty blouses or statement jewelry.

Elizabeth & James Valentina Coat,  $965; NOW: $675.50

Rachel Zoe Hutton Denim Tuxedo Pant, $250

Rachel Zoe Hutton Tailored Denim Jacket, $375; NOW: $262.50


PAIR WITH: Rachel Zoe Miley Dolman Shirt, $275


Rule # 3: Trying trends doesn’t mean compromising fit and style.
Elizabeth knows what looks good on her and has a strong sense of style, so when you see her trying trends it’s done in that simplistic, clean, modern way that she loves.  If she rocks prints, she lets them pop and keeps the rest of her look unfussy.  If she tries a bold color, everything else stays neutral.  She knows what looks best on her and she sticks to that, even when trying some of the season’s boldest trends.  Achieve this by adding a trendy piece to your look that won’t compromise your personal style, or stick to what silhouettes look best on your figure when trying out a new print or color.  And remember: if it doesn’t look good, it doesn’t look good – there’s no fixing that so pass on the not so flattering trend.

J Crew Toothpick Cord in Ribbon Bow Print, $110


 Mango Printed Straight-Cut Dress, $59.99


Rachel Pally Neptune Cutout-Sleeve Dress, $242


ASOS Velvet Tux Blazer, $105


What’s great about Elizabeth Olsen’s style is that everything she wears is cohesive with her style.  If you were to take all of her looks and incorporate them into a collection, it would work without being redundant or all over the place.  She knows who she is when it comes to her style, and while she does venture outside of the box, she also keeps things within her style zone.  This girl is definitely a budding fashion icon and I can’t wait to see more.

What do you think or her style? Tell us in comments!



Emiko Vaughn is a personal stylist and wardrobe from Cleveland, OH.  She currently owns and operates personal styling company Lageson & Vaughn with her business partner, Kirsten Lageson.

Find her here:



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