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10 Ways To Boost Your Wardrobe for 2013

Well here we are – already a few weeks into 2013!  One thing that I love to do in the new year is to boost my wardrobe.  Now is the perfect time to invest in some great new wardrobe staples (great sales are still going on!) or bring in some new versions to add to the ones you already have.  Doing this will help freshen up your closet, spices up your looks and it’s a great way to start the year off on a stylish foot.

Here are 10 easy ways to boost your wardrobe for 2013.

1. Amp Up Your Denim. Denim has taken off to be more than just your average blue jeans.  There are so many different styles, colors and prints to choose from that it’s hard not to amp up this part of your closet.  Try a new cut if you want something different. Or if you really want to boost your wardrobe for 2013, why not try your favorite style in a crazy print of a bold color?  Trust me – you’ll have a ton of fun with these!

American Eagle Railroad Jegging, $44.95
American Eagle Jegging


Just Cavalli Croc Coated Skinny Jeans, $350
Croc Coated Skinny Jeans

2.  Bolden Your Jewelry
An easy way to add life to any look is to pair it with a statement piece of jewelry.  Take whatever accessory you really like and make it big!  A bold bangle, a bib necklace, a knuckle ring – you see where I’m going with this.

ASOS Premium Flocked Gem Stone Necklace, $87.95
Asos gem stome necklace


Miriam Salat Black Deco Jewel Earrings, $425
Black Deco Jewel Earrings


3.  Pump Up Your Pumps.
Shoes – you know they’re my favorite!  For the new year, why not take the classic pump and add some flair.  Pick a textured fabric, fun color, higher heel – grab something that screams you and rock it out with your favorite looks.

Vince Camuto Kain Pump (various color options), $89
Vince Camuto Kain pump


Christian Louboutin V Neck 120 Patent-Leather Pumps, $725


4.  Twist Up Your Classic Button Down. Button downs are a staple in any girl’s closet, but they can definitely get a little boring at times.  For 2013 try picking one in a bold print or interesting color.  The vast majority of these will definitely be work appropriate and are a great way to amp up your business looks.

Forever 21 Floral Print Georgette Shirt, $22.80
Forever 21 foral shirt


ACNE Degrade Blouse, $320
degrade blouse



5.  Add Some Punch To Your Handbag Collection.
Handbags are a necessity and I always like to invest in a new one at the beginning of each year.  There are so many awesome new colors and textures out there right now to choose from so pick a color that you love but have always been afraid to wear or why not grab something totally eye catching and different than what you already own.  BTW, my brother bought me the green Antonio Melani for Christmas and I LOVE it!  I definitely recommend.

Antonio Melani Suzanne Tote Bag (multiple colors), $119
Antonio Melani bag


Gucci Soho Medium Red Leather Tote, $1220
gucci purse


6.  Get A New Bra
This may seem silly, but a great bra can do wonders for your girls but also for your clothes.  Finding the right color and fit can really make a difference when worn under your clothes.  Plus, it’s always good to invest in a new bra every once in awhile because let’s face it – they get a lot of use and wear down easily.  And if you haven’t been fitted in awhile, it’s always a good idea to head into your nearest lingerie store and get one because the tiniest adjustment can make a world of difference.

Body by Victoria Push-Up Bra (many colors and patterns available) $45-$58
Victoria secret push up bra

La Perla Update Full Underwire Bra, $112
La Perla update underwire bra


7.  Find A New Go-To Dress.
We all have that one dress that we go to in our closets for last minute dates, weddings, and cocktail events and it’s usually that LBD.  Why not amp up your go-to dress by adding some texture or trying it in a new color.  And don’t worry about it not being trendy or the color of the season – one thing I always advise is that this is a piece that gets a lot of use so if red is your favorite color and looks great on you, the dress will never go out of style.  So pick something that accentuates you best features and makes you feel like a million bucks and you’ll never get sick of it.

Reiss Janelle Dress, $285
reiss dress


Michael Kors Seamed Boucle Sheath Dress, $1,795
Michael Kors sheath dress



8.  Try Something Trendy

To really spice up your new wardrobe, try something trendy.  Yes, it won’t be around very long (or hey, maybe it will be!) but it’s fun to rock it while it is.  Research websites and magazines to see what’s out there and find something you’re totally digging.  Don’t invest too heavily in it, but a piece or two will really rock.

Forever 21 Tropical Print Sheer Shirt, $19.80 & Forever 21 Tropical Print Leggings, $13.80
Forever21 tropical top and leggings

J Crew Collection Café Capri in Windowpane, $398
j crew pants


9.  New Sunglasses
A simple accessory, but a necessary one.  Great sunglasses can really add to your overall look so why not treat yourself to a new pair.


Le Specs Halfmoon Magic Sunglasses, $59
Le Specs halfmoon sunglasses


Roberto Cavalli 654S Sunglasses,  $430
Roberto Cavalli 654S



10.  Clean Out That Closet
The best time to clean out your closet is the first of the year.  It’s a great way to get organized and it’s a great way to pitch whatever you don’t want or need anymore.  It’s also a great way to discover some forgotten about treasures to start rocking again.  Make room for some new pieces and rediscover some old ones to create a new wardrobe for 2013.

Adding just a few of these items will really help you feel like you’ve got a serious boost to your closet and will add some new excitement to getting ready everyday.  Pick one of your trusted styles and fits and try it in a new color or pattern.  Or go all out and buy that trendy item or maybe invest in that style you’ve been too nervous to try.  Whatever you choose to add, just make sure it looks great on you and is something you’ll get you use more than enough to get your money’s worth.  Have fun and boost that wardrobe!


Emiko Vaughn is a personal stylist and wardrobe from Cleveland, OH.  She currently owns and operates personal styling company Lageson & Vaughn with her business partner, Kirsten Lageson.

Find her here:



Written by Sabrina Alexis

I’m Sabrina Alexis, the co-founder, and co-editor of A New Mode. I love writing relatable, insightful articles that help people understand relationship dynamics and how to get the love they want. I have a degree in psychology and have spent the last 10 years interviewing countless men and reading and studying as much as I can to better understand human psychology and how men operate. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

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