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Fashion Week Beauty Trends to Try

Fashion Week isn’t just about the clothes and accessories, it’s also about the hair, makeup and nails. Unlike fashion, you can get instant gratification by testing out the looks as soon as the shows are over. The best part is, you don’t have to be a size 2 and 5’9 inches tall to pull off the newest trends!

I went through photos to find my favorite, most attainable looks. Keep reading to find out the winners.

Hair at Marissa Webb
M Webb 8

One of my favorite shows this season was Marissa Webb. The collection was very much my style­­–or at least what I aspire to–lots of impeccably tailored “boy meets girl” separates, with a few splashes of luxurious furs and tough leather. It was so elegant and cool. The makeup was simple and minimalistic–it had that “no makeup-makeup look” that all men love. The hair was soft and pretty–very Veronica Lake. This hairstyle is perfect for evening, but can really elevate a daytime look too. Follow these steps to achieve this lust-worthy ‘do.

Get the Look:
Step 1: If you have medium to fine hair, apply L’Oreal’s Serie Expert Volume Expand Volumizing Mousse   throughout towel-dried hair.

Step 2: Give yourself a deep side part and blow hair dry using a paddle brush

Step 4: Once hair is dry, wrap two-inch sections around a clampless curling iron. Hold for 8-10 seconds and release. Secure hair with a metal clip, imagining there’s a roller in the center.

Step 5: Continue this process until your entire head is curled and in clips.

Step 6: After 10-15 minutes, take out the clips and gently comb through the curls with your fingers.

Step 7: Proceed by softly brushing your hair with a brush.

Step 8: Pull the side of your part with less hair behind your ear; if your hair is long enough, bring it all to one side for a sexy asymmetrical look.

Step 9: Spray a generous amount of El Net hairspray  to your entire head. Voila–you’ll be getting looks of envy in no time!


TT 3

Tanya Taylor is a new American designer who really “brought it” this season. She took “bad-ass fashion chick” to the next level showing clean lines, graphic prints, bold colors and thoughtful details. If the Mod era and the 21st century were to have a baby, her collection would be it.

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The hair and makeup matched the aesthetic of the clothes perfectly. Once again, there was a deep side part, and although the hair was less “pretty” than Marissa Webb’s collection, there was a repeat of asymmetry–with one side slicked back with gel.

I was really drawn to the make-up, it was tough yet soft. Like most successful makeup looks, there was balance– a strong eye with a subtle lip. The picture below captures the great detail. Check out my tips on how to recreate it.

 Get the Look:
Step 1: Keep the eyelid bare

Step 2: Dip a small angled brush into jet black eye shadow and line the eyes as you would with eyeliner.

Step 3: You can chose to do your liner one of two ways: either start with your brush on the bottom lash line and follow an invisible line upwards; or, you can follow the look exactly and have your brush on the top lash line and follow the invisible line downwards making a slight flare up at the very tip. Keep in mind that the first option is more universally flattering.

Step 4: Trace the lines you created with eye shadow with Lacome Artline in Noir. Out of all the liquid liners I’ve tried, this one is by far the easiest to use.

Step 5: For a final touch, pat a little Benefit High Beam Luminizer on the highest part of your check bones and gently rub in with your fingers for a subtle sheen. Within just minutes your look is complete.




One of the most fun and light-hearted presentations I saw was Kate Spade. There was a bit of 80’s uptown chic, and a whole lot of color and playfulness–from two-toned apple prints to full-on candy motifs. The bouffant was in effect and makeup was piled on and finished with a hot pink lip.

One detail I noticed at this presentation as well as several others was the manicure. I wish every show had a mani-cam because there were so many cool trends going on. Overall, I noticed that a longer, more oval shaped nail was trending. I’m not sure if I’m on board, but if you like drama, this might be something for you to try.

What I did like at Kate Spade was the stud at the base of the nail. This is something you can get at any craft store such as Michael’s or M&J Trimming, which has plastics studs, as well as spikes, faux diamonds and sequins. Once your mani is dry, apply nail glue on the back of the object you’re adhering, and hold it there for about 10 seconds. Once you’re finished give it 15 minutes to dry. Talk about an easy update!

What area of beauty are you most adventurous? Will you try any of these trends? Tell us in comments!


Liza Collis is a fashion magazine editor in Manhattan and a beauty guru to her friends. She believes that the best thing about being a woman is the opportunity to experiment with beauty every single day.


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