Beauty Review: Diamond Facials, a Girl’s New Best Friend post image

Beauty Review: Diamond Facials, a Girl’s New Best Friend

For those of you that love their skin to look awesome, I mean- all-out -stunning like a fresh opened  petal in exquisite morning dew… but instantly.. without delay ( because do we really want to wait for anything in this digital age of tweet and instant posting) I recommend experiencing a Diamond Dust facial at the Vince Smith Hair Experience Salon.

Vince Smith, a hair stylist who has graced many runway shows in his 20+ year career, is a beauty maven unlike any other. You would love hanging out at his salon among his team of experienced stylists in a real family atmosphere of beauty conspirators.

Have you ever seen what a 24 karat gold or diamond dust facial can do to your face? Well at the Vince Smith Hair Experience, it is a possibility .. “I wanted to offer the best facials on the market and after months of testing, I discovered the Mica Beauty Jewels Line that blew me away. It was the only one that delivered great results quickly .”

The Jewels by Mica Beauty line allows your skin to be mended looking fresh, young-looking, restored in just one visit . Something about the power of the rare and expensive minerals of Pearl, Gold, and Diamond has been proven to be really good for the skin. It is based on the advanced method of microdermabrasion of Diamond Dust that exfoliates the skin with extremely effective results.

Without radical removal of dead skin cells such as these rare minerals allow, you hold up the production of new skin cells. Complexion problems can also be triggered by bad or insufficient exfoliation. New skin cells bring out fresher and healthier skin and allow you to look your best.

So I went in to find out for my self.
The salon offers three different types of Jewels facials, the 24 Gold Facial, The Diamond Facial and the Platinum. I experienced the Platinum Facial which is the most comprehensive and includes 5 different steps. The first step consists in the Diamond 24k Exfoliating Facial Peel with Gold Dust. Gold dust helps exfoliate thoroughly improving the circulation of the blood which increases the vitality and elasticity of the skin. I enjoyed seeing my own dead skin being rolled off the surface in little dark clusters revealing virgin baby skin underneath I did not know I had.
This step is followed by the Diamond Purification Mask, then the Anti Aging Diamond Thermal Rejuvenating Mask, the Diamond Anti-Aging Serum, the Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum and finally the Advanced Anti-Aging Nourishing Cream. Each step reinforces the other, the oxygenating ingredients of Vitamins A, E and C, Green Tea, Chamomile and Pomegranate working synergically with Gold and Diamond Dust to detoxify, increase oxygen and blood circulation in the skin boosting the production of collagen directly at its source under the dermis.

This facial is especially recommended if you are dealing with aging skin but at any age, your skin will get a boost of energy and beauty it will enjoy. I noticed a fresher skin surface that was more youthful, alive, firm, translucent and even lifted.The lifting is due to the energizing of the skin and the stimulation of collagen production that immediately affects the skin ‘s appearance.

For the holidays, why don’t you treat yourself to this exceptional new service? You might see something you have been looking for. Gift Certificates are also available and I guarantee that this present will be gratefully remembered. The Platinum Facial is $200, the Diamond Facial $175 and the 24 karat Gold one is $125.

The Mica Beauty Line and the Platinum, 24k Gold and Diamond Facials are available exclusively in New York City at the Vince Smith Experience Salon
300 Rector Place New York, NY 10280
(212) 945-1590
You can purchase the full Diamond Line on the website


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