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Hair Inspiration: Hottest Colors and Cuts for Summer post image

Having great hair is a must on a date and turning up with a cute fresh style is one of the wagers for a successful evening. It boosts our confidence and makes us feel sexy and desirable. Summer is a good time to go for a hair change as the rising temperatures affect hair’s feel and appearance. If you hesitate to make dramatic alterations, just varying your color a bit or even just modifying slightly a favorite style can make a difference. The idea is to project freshness.

Noted San Francisco hair stylist Mia shared 3three simple ways to give your hair a crisp, modernized look this spring without going dramatic and some ideas for new hair looks. And we’ve thrown in some other easy ways to upgrade your look this season. [continue reading…]

Best Products to Beat Cellulite post image

Best Products to Beat Cellulite

Like many women, I dread the first day in my bikini. That first day on the beach may be judgment day for my winter self indulgences, months of munching myself into unattractive bulges in the stomach, the hips, love handles, thighs. Some parts of the body seem almost programmed to stock fats and the prospect of fighting them an almost lost battle. Some of us may also suffer from hormonal or genetic predispositions that make firming and refining the waist skin almost impossible.

However you don’t need to panic. The first, and obvious, thing to do if you have put on a few extra pounds is to start exercising and eat lean. You can also get some help with some cellulite fighting lotions and serums. Popular in France where women swear by them, they are efficacious when diet and exercise are also included.

Here are my top cellulite-busting treatments:

[continue reading…]

Skin Care Rehab: Products to Rejuvenate Your Skin for Spring post image

With the weather finally warming up, it’s a perfect opportunity to do some hard-core skin repair and rejuvenation. Like a snake, we need to shed our old dried-up winter skin that was abused through three months of harsh temperature extremes of freezing outside temperatures and over heated interiors.

Dr. Debra Jaliman, a nationally renowned dermatologist and author of “Skin Rules,” recommends exfoliating at the beginning of spring in order to shed our skin’s winter coat. She recommends pads impregnated with Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid or an exfoliator with Hyaluronic Acid to exfoliate the dead layers of our winter skin and bring out the new fresher layers. Hyaluronic Acid revitalizes damaged tissue and increases the skin’s viscosity and elasticity.

Here are some other products to help get your skin into tip top shape this season:

[continue reading…]

Must-Have Beauty Products for Spring 2013 post image

Creamy textures are the hottest makeup trend for spring according to Tini Beauty founder Michelle Toma Olson. “Expect to see creamier more velvety textures on the lips and shimmery creamy textures on the eyes. Look to see a retro trends make a comeback.”

To help you get gorgeous and get in on the hottest spring trends, we’ve rounded up the best beauty products with amazing makeup tips to help you achieve an effortless, fresh-faced look this season.

Check it out: [continue reading…]

Hottest Nail Trends for Spring post image

Hottest Nail Trends for Spring

One thing that attracted my eye backstage at Fashion Week last  month was the models’ flawless nails. I was also startled by how easily Michelle Saunders, lead manicurist for Essie created a herringbone design on a model’s nails with a business card by making angles onto semi-dry polished nails, Lately manicures have taken a turn into uncharted territory literally crossing new frontiers in creativity and imagination.

Check out the hottest nail trends to try for spring.

[continue reading…]

Valentine’s Day Beauty: Tips to Get Gorgeous Quick post image

Valentine’s day is around the corner and I am trying to figure my strategy to recreate myself in the Valentine’s spirit after a long day at work. It is not unusual for me to come home not looking like anything you would want to take out on the town. But I have a plan to transform myself in less than an hour from half-extinct mortal to supernatural goddess.

Follow my instructions carefully: [continue reading…]

Get Creative With Your Nails This Winter post image

Great nails are the pieces in your look that give the ultimate message about you, did you know? Have you ever noticed how guys instinctively look at our hands on a first date to get cues about us…are we neat, are we glamorous, conservative, creative, adventurous, dangerous?

It says it all on those little canvases at the tips of our hands on which we can paint our souls’ secrets or reveal all the different sides of our personality.

In these long winter nights, when all is white and cold, cheer your self up by experimenting with color becoming a nail artist yourself with just a little help from experts.

[continue reading…]

New Year’s Eve Glamour: Makeup Ideas to Ring in the New Year post image

If there is one night in the year, when you can really go for anything that goes through your head, be as bold and glamorous as your heart will let you desire, it is the last night of the year….you are burying the old but celebrating the new and it calls for extremes! We know beauty is all about confidence but knowing what is in and not helps you get there.

What are the trends this end of year for the longest of all nights? I asked beauty experts and this is what they said. [continue reading…]

Beauty Review: Diamond Facials, a Girl’s New Best Friend post image

For those of you that love their skin to look awesome, I mean- all-out -stunning like a fresh opened  petal in exquisite morning dew… but instantly.. without delay ( because do we really want to wait for anything in this digital age of tweet and instant posting) I recommend experiencing a Diamond Dust facial at the Vince Smith Hair Experience Salon.

Vince Smith, a hair stylist who has graced many runway shows in his 20+ year career, is a beauty maven unlike any other. You would love hanging out at his salon among his team of experienced stylists in a real family atmosphere of beauty conspirators.

Have you ever seen what a 24 karat gold or diamond dust facial can do to your face? Well at the Vince Smith Hair Experience, it is a possibility .. “I wanted to offer the best facials on the market and after months of testing, I discovered the Mica Beauty Jewels Line that blew me away. It was the only one that delivered great results quickly .”

The Jewels by Mica Beauty line allows your skin to be mended looking fresh, young-looking, restored in just one visit . Something about the power of the rare and expensive minerals of Pearl, Gold, and Diamond has been proven to be really good for the skin. It is based on the advanced method of microdermabrasion of Diamond Dust that exfoliates the skin with extremely effective results.

Without radical removal of dead skin cells such as these rare minerals allow, you hold up the production of new skin cells. Complexion problems can also be triggered by bad or insufficient exfoliation. New skin cells bring out fresher and healthier skin and allow you to look your best.

So I went in to find out for my self. [continue reading…]

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