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    My boyfriend is 57 and I’m 50 so we not kids been dating for 9 years and hardly argue as of lately he been very short temper with me and get mad easily and start scolding me like a kid at first I thinking he losing interest I’ve been going thru a lot with the pandemic and not working so it’s been hard mentally my question is we got into a argument the other day and he hasn’t spoken to me for 3 days now I was very upset and told him to stop talking to me the way he does and maybe he didn’t like it but enough was enough I wasn’t taking his bs anymore after he mumble when he leaving if I need anything call him but he doesn’t speak or anything or acknowledge I’m even in the room when he around

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    You’ll get more responses if you write in complete sentences, not just random run-on word vomit.

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    Are you living together?

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    @AngieBaby I understand where you’re coming from, but I think that could be expressed in a nicer way! Some people don’t have as much experience writing, and sometimes it can be difficult to share thoughts about situations that are upsetting.

    @Pam The pandemic has stressed all of us in different ways. But, maybe there is more going on than just the pandemic. We don’t know you, we don’t know for sure. But, you’ve been dating him for 9 years. I think you know him well enough that you can approach him, and tell him that you care and what to understand what’s really bothering him.

    Maybe something new happened and he hasn’t told you about it. Or maybe something’s been bothering him for a long time, and he doesn’t know how to find the words to tell you. But either way, I think you both need to make the time, together, to talk. Make the time. Make it happen. Maybe it can be during lunch, or dinner, or maybe you can both sit down together while the news is on TV (and then mute it because all news shows are terrible). Find the time, make it happen, and talk.

    Tell him you’re upset, but tell him you also want to understand him. (That’s assuming you want to understand him. Hopefully you do!)

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