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    I have a male friend who I am pretty close with. He gets flirty with me, especially if he’s been drinking. He’ll do things like pick on my height, hug me, be next to me in a group setting, call me sweet cheeks, talk about me to his friends, and he’s even held my hand. Then he’ll go and ask people “you don’t think she has a crush on me do you?” I like that we’re friends, but I don’t understand why he initiates all of this flirting stuff and then gets weird. Why does he act like this?

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    Based on your first post, I thought he went and asked your *sister*, not “people”. Did your other post not get any response?

    No one can tell you why anyone acts a certain way. Maybe ask him instead. That’s the best way to get an answer. :)

    good luck.

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    What is your end game with this guy?

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    For some reason my other ones keep deleting on my end. Didn’t mean to post multiple times for other people. :)

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    ANM Staff

    Hi Molly, I’m sorry to see that you haven’t found clarity for this situation.

    As a refresher, our community members can catch-up on advice previously given to you when you asked about this in December 2019 and a related topic from February 2020.

    Please stick with using the same name in the future so it’s easy for people to refer back to the old posts where you asked exactly the same question. That way, they can pick up where the conversation left off. Thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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