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    I ve had a crush on a friend of mine for awhile. He ll do things like link arms while we walk and find me when we re in a group. Not too long ago we were at a party and he grabbed my hand and held it while we talked. He told me I m strong and complimented my appearance. He told me if I want to talk to him to just do it and that if I ever need anything to let him know. He also called me family, but he never likes the guys I m into. He does this but then he gets distant. The thing is,our siblings are married which complicates things. I ve liked him for awhile but don t want to ruin our friendship. Does he like me back or see me as a sibling? What do I do?

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    You’ve posted this several times & received gobs of great advice & insight…

    What is the answer you are seeking?

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    Sounds like he just sees you as a good friend or he’d ask you out if he wanted to date you. Nice to know you have a good friend in him.

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    Yes, you’ve posted this at least three times.

    No, do not tell him how you feel. If he wants to ask you out, he will find a way to do it. Just leave it alone.

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