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    I’m on my second scorpio male as well, and as a Taurus myself (the opposite sign of Scorpio) he and I have much the same chemistry that you and your scorpio have. He and I aren’t dating, but he will be very hot cold with me. Three weeks he can’t go a day without speaking to me, then we hang out once and he won’t speak to me for another three weeks. It’s become a predictable pattern to me, and I get the feeling you just need to watch for their behavior more than anything. He’s the most passionate person I know behind closed doors, and thats why I’m so attracted to him, but at the same time he can be the coldest. He’s told me he wants to be with me and me alone, and he wants to be with me for a very long time, and then he disappears. As much as I love him and want to be with him I’ve learned that I can’t push him, even though thats very against my Taurean nature. He’s a very closed off person, while I am someone who opens up to anyone who cares to listen. I understand your frustration, I think that when it comes down to it, Scorpio Men are just very much in control of their own feelings and don’t want to give up control until they can’t help but do it, aka they’ll fight falling in love as much as they can. It is very much a patience-trying/testing process, however the reason everyone is willing to fight for it is because the passionate feelings that scorpios have and the passionate feelings they bring forth in other people. I think the real question is how much can you put up with before you can’t take anymore, not why are they doing what they do. We’ll never understand Scorpios, chances are you’re better off not trying.

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    Pisces girl

    I dated a Scorpio he was sweet at first, everything I looked for in a person. He was secretive,manipulative, kind,caring,very romantic but he wasn’t always open with his feelings. If I upset him he withdraws himself n wait until I am upset with him he lashes out. We were together for 7 months. He always told me I bring out the best in him n I make him feel appreciated. By the 7 month I found out why he has been acting up for sometime. His baby mama contacted me. She told me they are still together n have been for 6yrs. Next day I asked him about it n he was upset that I talked to her. Then he just disappears. A week later he calls saying he wanted me n him to be together for years because I treated him well;he went on to say he don’t care about her because she treats him badly. Couple days later he says let’s be friends. He calls some times but it’s always mixed feelings. Its like he doesn’t know what he wants and he keeps lying to me. Baby mama told me she is pregnant again n he says no that won’t ever happen again. Yet she sent a pic of herself pregnant to me but I didn’t tell him. I really liked him n our relationship was a roller coaster but we had our good moments… He keeps calling me to check on me but he doesn’t mention going back together. He is migrating soon n wants us to still communicate. He even said I should wait for him… I like him a lot but too confusing… Its just strange how he is completely different from when we first met.

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    Mercedes W

    Try being with a Scorpio make for two years and have a kid on the way! Worst mistake ever. He still does the hot and cold game when ever I piss him off and it’s not fair. He can go weeks without talking to me it’s horrible. But if you really wanna get the ball running and you want the games to stop you have to play the same game! Don’t always be available and go days without talking to them as well and give No explanation as to why you did so. Curiosity drives Scorpio men nuts and if they really care about you they will come running. I will say they are loyal but it’s to a certain extent. They can cheat on you until the moon and back but won’t put that female before you if your the women he really cares about. Stupid? Yes but it’s facts . Scorpio men are very insecure so almost all of them have women on the side and I don’t mean they are having sex with all these women but they have big egos and need a certain level of attention. I swear being with my Scorpio I can write a novel about them!

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    La La

    I dated a Scorpio for 9 months, and in those 9 months I would definitely agree that he had a huge ego and was very secretive… He moved to Florida and we did the long distance relationship for a lil bit until I flew down to spend New Years with him, and on New Year’s Eve decided he woke up that morning and realized he didn’t love me anymore.. And the only reason he admitted that was Becuz I confronted him and asked him… So he dumped me on New Year’s Eve and I spent the night alone in a hotel room and the next day he wanted to get breakfast together and act like nothing had happened… I asked if he was sure he wasn’t making a huge mistake and he said nope he was sure… He was a very selfish person and definitely narcissistic…. He completely shut down on me and wouldn’t talk about any feelings or why he felt the way he did… I really felt like I didn’t get any closure from the break up and I felt very betrayed and confused… I still talk to his brother tho and from what he told me, my ex has gone down hill, but he’ll put on this front like his life is so amazing…. I’m a Gemini, so I’m not sure how compatible we were but me as my own person, I’m very loving and loyal and understanding… And I feel like he took me for granted and used me for whatever selfish need he had… Just my experience with a Scorpio man

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    What about a Taurus man? Anyone any dealings with them?

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    I’m just stumbling into this at 2am and can’t sleep…it’s incredible how everyone’s description of the typical Scorpio completely matches the guy I was dating until recently. He would shut down for weeks and not talk to me, not text back, if I did something to upset him. Then I’d apologize for my part and he’d come around, but only when he was ready. I’m an Aries, and I’m confrontational. If there’s a problem I need to talk it out then and there, so this infuriated me to no end. We eventually split because he didn’t see me as someone to have a “real” relationship with. I saw it coming and know it’s his lack of communication that led to it. The sad thing is despite all the craziness, I was more attracted to this person than anyone I’ve known. Physically and in the bedroom for sure, but just a general intensity and connection I can’t put my finger on. We were definitely fiery together. I won’t say never date a Scorpio, it’s just a matter of knowing how to deal with them with these typical traits, in addition to other factors that contribute to their temperament.

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    I just dumped a Scorpio and I am an aries lady also. We are open direct and honest.

    This guy was a complete waste of my life. Sure the connection was out of this world. I never felt it like this with any other guy. This is why I stuck around so long and tortured myself for so long.

    These morons don’t communicate unless they are sweet talking you. Vague answers to everything and lies galore. What a friggen nightmare! Even when you are consistently there for them and supportive – they take you totally for granted. Their I love you’s mean nothing and they are fake.

    I kicked the nutbar to the curb. I am running and never looking back!!

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    My husband is a scorpio. All I can say is that you’ve gotta be emotionally strong to handle them. They are compassionate, kind, and very stupidly wicked at the same time.

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    I am absolutely amazed by how many people believe in horoscopes. Wow.

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    I have no idea what is going on or what to expect with this man. I am an aries and I have only been this upset over a guy one other time.
    So I became sexually with a Scorpio man and everything was great in the beginning. We use to work together and the relationship started after I left. We had sex and we talked for two days after then he went ghost for 3 days. We talked everyday for 2 months before we had sex, so i left it was weird and it kinda made me feel like “what the hell just happened”.
    A week later we are texting and he says ” when were you going to tell me you talk to my brother”. I know his brother also and him and I had this really cool friendship. We would talk about food and wine and that was the extent of it. I just thought it was weird he would ask that because he already knew i was friendly with hsi brother. It also threw me off because it gave me a sign that he liked me.
    we hooked up again and the next day i had this feeling like something isn’t right. I was out with a guy that i am friends with and again my scorpio knows him and I are friends. My scorpio knew I came out to see him and he made another Jealous like comment and it kinda hurt. but we had sex that night. so i told him the next day that maybe him and I shouldn’t talk to each other for a while. I couldn’t understand what he was doing and he scared me.
    A few days later i reflected a lot and I reached out to him because I wanted to tell him that I really liked him and i wasn’t sure what he was doing or if he felt the same. He was just cold and mean. I tried for a while to talk to him and and at least have a friendship out of us. He wouldn’t budge.
    A month later we ended up having sex again but he wouldn’t kiss me this time. the following night i text him and he told me he was with someone else. My heart just dropped into my stomach. I flew to Florida the next day sounds dramatic but I just was crushed and I needed to get away and try to come back to reality. While i was down there i deleted him off of facebook and we didn’t talk and when i got home a few days later I get a 2am text saying “ok”. So i responded and he was a dick. I asked him what he wanted and he said nothing and i ended the conversation and he ended up saying good night an hour later. A few days pass and i sent him a text i was drunk and I asked to see him. we didn’t but I told him how upset i was and how sad he was so nice and caring. he text me two nights later saying he hopes I am feeling better. We have sex again the next night. My worst sexually and most humiliating experience I have ever had with someone. as we are having sex he tells me “this is the last time, I better enjoy it” “is there anyone else you like, be with him”. I am almost positive he was texting someone too. I left his house crying.

    a few weeks later I had bought him a gift and it was on back order. It ended up coming and I was like ill give it to him. We barely talked to each other and I got him this chef coat with his name on it. This was before all of this happened and before we had sex. It just arrived after all the bullbutter with him and I. I gave him the coat one night after work. He was trying to get me to have sex with him. Then he tells me he has a girlfriend and I am like have her help you. Then he says “I am not with anyone, you know that”. When I gave him the coat he didn’t want to open it in front of me. Even though he was such a dick I was so happy to give him the chef coat. We ended up having sex and again he didnt kiss me. I thought that was weird, and when we finished he got up ran to the shower and he was like the is the last time. I felt so stupid. I am a strong person and I don’t let anyone treat me like that. I shut down when I am around him.

    Him and I would text hear and there an done night I was out with friends and I text him. I missed him. I missed him the guy I worked with and the guy he was before we had sex. I went to his house and we talked and I asked him how his brother is doing and he responds “I know you want him” Then he brought up another person him and I worked with. I went to lunch actually we went out for pizza for his brother day. My scorpio says ” you went to dinner with william” like no. Why is he acting like this and treats me like butter. I dont get the back and forth nonsense. The next day he messages me asking if I was out with William the night before and I said yes, I was out with a group of people and he was mad. William gave his 2 weeks notice to the scorpio and I don’t know what he was thinking and I didn’t know William did that.
    The scorpio and I get into a heated discussion and he says “you took me off facebook I dont know what you are doing in your life”. OK so i add him again ( we are both 31 and 32) and he blocks me. and I told him the next day that I am done and that him and i shouldn’t talk anymore. He seemed like he was upset. 3 weeks later of not talking I get 3am text and it was a thumbs up. So i said him to him and he blocks me from messenger.
    it was so frustrating and over the holidays I got him a christmas gift and he never said thank you. Which is stupid. New years eve I text him and I told him that I had feelings for him and how much all of this has hurt me. He told me I was crazy. I didnt talk to him for another 3 weeks ( pattern) and I get a 1am text from him saying “thanks”. the next day he told me he sent that to the wrong person. I am not in his recent contacts. again weird. A few nights later it was late and I text him. He was so nice and sweet and he asked if I could come out and see him, I said no because I was scared. i didn’t want him to say or do something to destroy me and I am also very weak around him. I told him he can visit me at work and the coldness began again. He was being kind of mean. I stopped in his job to say to everyone and he was stand offish with me. I text him when I left and I told him I liked seeing him. He was an marker all over again. I was flying to ecuador later that night and we text a little the next night i text him and he told me he doesn’t like me texting him. The only reason why he wanted to see me that night was to talk about our situation. This has been going on since August and Ive tried to talk to him and on his terms and at 2am he wants to talk. Talking doesn’t happen at 2am and he was drinking. Sex happens at 2am.
    A few days before valentine’s day we got into a huge argument and I told him that I am really hurt and Its killing me. He told me he doesn’t care. And then he would ask me another questiona nd then say he doesn’t care, ask another and says doesn’t care again. I ended up calling him an marker and he tried to call me but I was so angry that I just couldn’t talk to him. Last night i text him and i apologized for calling him an marker. He tried calling but I had my daughter next to me and I told him i couldn’t talk on the phone. He text me saying “I guess you dont want to talk” and then it starts. I dont feel anythign for you, I dont want anything with you, I dont like to talk to you, Youre crazy youre annoying. I told him that I just want him to apologize and I told him its hard because I do care about him and have feelings and I wouldnt put myself through this if I didnt feel this way about him. I also have self respect and I just cant have someone beating me down. I am too nice and I give a lot of chances, but im wearing thin and the aries in my is going to explode and ive hit my peak with him.
    Is this normal for a scorpio man? Like i said we are both in our early 30’s. Clearly he doesnt like me or respect me but what the hell does he want from me? I dont understand.

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    sorry the grammar is out of whack. I posted this on another site and the swear words are covered up with butter. Haha
    other than that I really need some insight this guy is really messing me up.

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    Was involved with one for 10 years (i’m aquarius). OMG when it was good it was good (passion etc) but when it was bad it was bad meaning toxic.

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    Silent treatment when angry, jealous streak, lies/secretiveness, etc.

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    Jami, are you for real? This is not about him being a Scorpio but you acting like a doormat Aries. This guy never had any feelings or respect for you and you kept going back?
    Seriously, friends need to knock some sense into you and you have to pinky swear you will never ever see this guy again. Stop being a push over and get help if you dont know how to do that

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    Aries woman here. I almost started writing I had a “relationship” with a Scorpio man recently, but that word doesn’t even describe what the “thing” was.

    I’m Sun in Aries, Moon in Scorpio. He’s Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio. I am Cancer rising, he is Leo rising.

    To say it was the worst possible combination is an understatement. He was secretive to the point of embarrassment (refusing to tell me his age, but clueless that I had already Googled it and discovered age, address, and more was all online)! He was admittedly afraid of marriage or relationships. He would go between spending ridiculous amounts of money on food and clothing to being ridiculously frugal about a hotel. He was so, so mean. Very cruel with the way he spoke to me. And then he would go to text and send silly graphics with hearts on them.

    We connected every single day for months and months, and then one night had it out and it was as though we had neve spoken before. Neither of us could unfriend each other from various social media apps fast enough. It would be comical if I was not so incredibly confused.

    I would never say someone is a prisoner of their chart or something like that. We all make choices. He was not a gentleman or charming, underneath the facade of being gregarious and outgoing. He was not even shy – just rides he walked in front of me. Didn’t open doors. Didn’t pull out chairs. Didn’t care if the love making was good for me – only for him. Disaster.

    Again, I don’t like to put signs in a box, but the only other Scorpio I “dated,” I ended up having to get a restraining order against. So, that’s my two cents.

    I’ll stick with my Capricorns from now on, lol.

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    I have a Sun, mercury, venus, mars in Scorpio

    All I’ve really dated are Scorpios, Cancers and Aquarians

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    Scorpios stand up to me… I will let a Scorpio man lead

    Scorpio men HAVE to be in charge in a relationship

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    I found that both scorpios and cancers are horrible.

    Scorpios are manipulative and egotistic, selfish, and frankly crazy IMO.

    Cancers are the same but in a sly way. They never give up on a grudge and will punish you for the slightest issue. Childish, really. If they feel the least bit slighted they will hold it over your head and bring it up forever.

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    my goodness
    I take it you don’t get along with water signs ;)

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    Wow, great that I came across this post.

    I dumped a Scorpio last month due to his inconsistency, secretiveness, lies and disappearances. I am not sure what you would call what we had. A relationship? These guys cannot have healthy unions with other women, at least not this one.

    He was stalking me online on FB and on a dating site, calling, being silent and hanging up several times a day. He had his number blocked but I knew it was him. He is a psycho!

    Get this. He came back a month later (last week) and announced he had diabetes and was suffering greatly. Said he had been in hospital for it and came across as a big victim to get my sympathy.

    I think now the guy totally made it up! This one belongs in a mental institution!

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    I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to believing things such as astrological signs, but in this situation, I feel a bit differently.

    I am a Taurus. The deaription for it is somewhat close. I have read that Taurus and Scorpio being opposite signs on the zodiac could have a very strong attraction. I would have never believed this until I realized that every man I’ve been involved with was in fact a Scorpio.

    I will say in that combination, there is a very intense attraction that is really beyond putting into words. It is more than just sex too. I can’t explain it. The attraction can run very deep, and as a Taurus, I want to fix people, and will do whatever it takes to keep a partner happy. I can be manipulated and controlled fairly easily, although I am working on that now and am getting last it.

    Scorpios are manipulative and flawed. I am a fixer and will do whatever it takes to keep someone happy, even at my own expense. Because scorpios can be manipulative and I am this way, it becomes this toxic, intense situation that you both want to get away from, but can’t.

    Scorpios are hot and cold, secretive, very slow to trust. I don’t think they could ever trust someone 100%. They can be a bit egotistical and it kind of seems like the ones I have dealt with get off on the fact they can keep drawing people back in, just to stroke their egos. But, they do love intensely and are very protective if you are valued to them whether you are in a relationship or not. They Wil do anything you need them to, no questions asked. There’s just something about them, that I always end up involved with them and just can’t stay away.

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    I dated 2 scorpios. One was plain mean at the end. The other went nuts, but he is/was the most oddly supportive and caring man I ever met. Capable of real support and got me through a rough time, only to go nuts again and push me away. Most broken man I ever met. I’m a Libra- I wanted to love him and make it work, but the drama got to be too much. When he was good he was so very. very good. When he was bad? Hellish.

    Astrology is fascinating. I always fall for Taurus men. And they end up liking me because “no drama”, but then they dump me for train wrecks and complain to me about their current train wrecks. It’s like they want the sweet stable woman, but they don’t lol.

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    Hi-my parents were Scorpio ( Dad) and Aries (MOM). They were married for nearly 60 years but as kids we thought often they would be happier apart. In general tough the astrology can only predict so much and many other factors and personality traits come in.
    I did see an astrology book once that talked about every match. They called a female Aries and a Male Scorpio ” The Soldier and the Prostitute”!

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    Hi, I dated a Scorpio long distance. The entire time I found out he had a common law wife. Questioned him many times and gave him the chance to address my concerns (was he in a relationship?) He fed me nothing but lies. They have no conscience and don’t give a hoot about your feelings or concerns. It was all about HIM and what he was getting from me.

    Never again will I ever go near a Scorpio male.

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    please can anyone say something little about this birth chart pls: Sun-Scorpio, Moon-Aries, Ascendant-Aquarius, Mercury-Libra, Venus-Virgo, Mars-Leo, Jupiter-Capricorn, Saturn-Aries, Uranus-Acquarius, Neptune-Capricorn, Pluto-Sagittarius

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