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    I don’t think this a planet-by-planet astrology birth chart site!

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    Kaycee, based on that birth chart, I would say the person would probably be quite hard work! You have Scorpio as the sun sign, so intelligent, secretive, a hard outer shell that’s difficult to crack but a soft interior. Plus moon in Aries – highly independent but also childlike. Then Virgo in Venus – a bit uptight, analytical but also a realist and quite earthy. Then with proud leo and cool, independent Aquarius in there too.

    I would say this would be someone very interesting and probably charismatic. They’re also going to be independent, maybe a bit aloof at times and hard to really get to know. They probably are quite honest and it will be very important they respect you. If they don’t respect you, they won’t treat you well.

    (I don’t really believe in star signs but I know how to read them!)

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    Thanks Hannah you are super accurate :)

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    This was an interesting thread to read. The man I’m dating now just so happens to be a Scorpio, I’m a Cancer (and I have a LOT of the traits a typical Cancer would). Granted we’re still learning one another, but I haven’t seen a lot of the behavior that some of you have experienced. What I have experienced is him retreating when he’s stressed (went completely offline for a little over a day, nothing to do with me) and I’ve seen him pull back a bit emotionally, even physically. He doesn’t toss out compliments often either (told me I was beautiful once and pretty a couple of other times) and is a bit stingy with his feelings! (But when he shares them, it’s not light hearted.) LOL. So I can see some inconsistency there. In fact, I didn’t feel 100% awesome about our last weekend together (spent Memorial day weekend with him). But, he talks to me every day in some way and has never said a mean word to me. Also, he hasn’t lied and has been VERY open about his life (work, family, relationship history, etc). He also listens and remembers things about my life.

    Hannah – I might need more insight from you because you seem to have it all figured out with your man! :)

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    You need to stop analyzing this guy. This may have only been a fling. Now you are reading into horoscope?

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    Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and picies are the best fit for this man astrologically. But it means nothing if the guy doesn’t want to be with you in the long term.

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    Currently on our 4th attempt with my Scorpio man.why ….I don’t know.
    He’s selfish and can be cold at times,but when he’s good all is ok.
    I’m a cancer,so I can feel very emotional & stressed when he goes cold.
    We’ve talked,about all this,he says he’ll make an effort.
    I’ve said he shouldn’t need to make an effort. It should come naturally.
    please help,😢

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    I just broke up with my scorpio boyfriend of 6 months the other day. From my experience, it’s very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship w/ a scorpio male. As an Aries, I quickly realized it was doomed, as we never saw eye to eye, and we always disagreed. My ex tended to be very guarded, and could never admit to wrong doing. But, he was also a deep, passionate lover, and made me feel like a princess at times. I suppose they have their pros and cons, just like any sign.

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    OP, I never used to believe in that stuff myself until I dated a Scorpio and BOY was that a disaster. Had all the qualities you mention x10.

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    Donna-round 4? Break it off and never look back,this is not going to work-sorry. A second chance is the most anyone should ever get IMO.

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    Scorpio or 2-headed Mars man,you two are not able to make each other happy.

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    People say it requires “patience” or “bravery” or “let them be” as if these guys were 13 years old?

    Why make acceptions towards someone who is 1””% into you one minute, then ghosted you?

    Why is this even tolerable?

    If they can do it? Why can’t you?

    Cause they’ll feel threatened.

    Because Scorpio men and women are complete ego maniac, narcissistic, insecure, selfish babies.

    I really feel the world would be a better place without them. They wreak of havoc and cause dispair to those they feel threatened by. They also surround themselves with idiots to preserve the God-complex they have.

    Don’t waste your time on these scumbags. Your time is more valuable being valued by someone more consistent.

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    I’m a Pisces, he’s a Scorpio. He can be a bit reserved and quiet when he’s stressed and “still waters run deep” definitely applies…very passionate and when he lets his guard down, emotionally intense. I haven’t picked up on narcissism or arrogance so far. He seems confident but humble and really quite a reasonable person in general.

    This post was started a long while ago!

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    For those saying Scorpios are all the same and not long term relationship material…

    I had a 3 year toxic relationship with a scorpio, followed by a 13 year marriage to another scorpio which I ended – he’d have stayed with me forever. They were TOTALLY different to each other.

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    Sounds like dating a scorpio is a total disaster! Haha i dated a Scorpio years ago. I could tell that he really loved me but had his personal issues and therefore couldn’t commit. He was actually nothing like the traits I’ve been reading about on this thread. Accept for the fear of commitment!

    The Scorpio I’m dealing with now is a real disaster! He is the stereotype Scorpio you read about. In the beginning he was sweet, texted me everyday, brought me food etc. Than I hurt his feelings once cause a guy came to talk to me in the club. I think now he finally left that behind.

    He says sweet things whenever we speak but it’s always me initiating the conversation. I’m kind of sick of it. He claims that he is so busy with work and that his focus is fully invested in work. Which is of course a possibility but even than i don’t understand how it’s impossible to take 1 min a day to send me a simple text!

    I’m not going to give him a pass just cause of his sign! I’ll give it a couple more weeks and if nothing changes I’m done!

    I’m an Aquarius btw!

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    I was seeing this scorpio guy which turned into a long distance thinh. He was so intense and we were texting every second of every day for about a year. He was sweet, attentive and a great personality. We were planning to move in together 12 months later. Then he turned and started asking questions like hot sex all night or cuddles? I would opt for cuddles, he woukd say right answer. I didnt realise there was a wrong answer. Kept saying I was too good for him and he would hurt me. The games got a bit much and it dampened my labido.

    Then things fired up again and he ghosted me. He texted after a month to see how I was. I replied and asked how he was and he said old, cold and single. I never replied again. We only message on fb to say happy birthday to eachother. I would never date a Scorpio again. Emotional whiplash or what.

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    Devil’s Advocate

    Funny. I avoid anyone who makes decisions in their dating life based on their astrological sign!!

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    Hi everyone,
    I am a Cancer girl but a very strong personality as well. I’ve dated other Scorpios before and they were all super cool in the beginning and then they became mean afterwards so it wasn’t hard for me to let go of them. I’ve been dating a new Scorpio for 3 months now that I fell in love with him almost right away. He was the absolute gentleman, thoughtful and sweet, taking care of me for everything. For the second time now he is giving me the silent treatment. After reading all the thread and many many others more I realized he is just like whatever you guys had described. I really need help tho, here is the problem.
    First time he gave me the silent treatment I was a bit agitated with him because he kept calling me difficult and I got pissed and told him something mean like ‘you better go back online and find an easy-going girl who had an easy life’. he disappeared but after some time he texted me saying ‘I’m sorting my thoughts out because this feels brutal and chaotic’ which sounded so childish to me. He’s not young, he should know I was a pissed female haha. But then I apologized and he responded that he needed to think about all this and take a time out for that, so he thought about it for 3-4 days, then he called me and I didn’t respond and he left a voicemail saying that we shouldn’t see each other anymore. But when I called him, I said that this wasn’t fair that he was making the decision alone and that we need to talk so he needs to come talk to me and he responded IMMEDIATELY with ‘OK!’. Then we didn’t talk much about what happened except I had asked him if he’s testing me subconsciously and he said that maybe but he’s not sure. We were totally fine for a month, then he was at his friend’s place and he was supposed to come to stay with me before going home but he got sick and he only texted me when he was already on the way home without even telling me he’s thinking of not coming. So, I got so pissed because I was very hurt, thinking he didn’t care about me and my feelings to let me know and make sure I’m ok. Of course I understand he was sick and needed to take care of himself but my problem was that he didn’t tell me until he was already leaving. I forgot to mention that he’s really not good at communicating anything. So, I got pissed and send him many messages that were saying how much he hurt me by doing that but I was definitely a bit hysterical lol because on top of being a Cancer, I was starting to pms. So one of the things I said was ‘it’s not normal to not be able to communicate like a normal person at his age’ and ‘i felt disrespected and if i feel that way that probably means he is not for me, so he needs to carefully think if he really wants to be with me’. So, he didn’t respond for a while but when he responded he said that I guess i am right that we are not for each other and he tried his best, that he is sad and disappointed, and that he wanted to be the person that I give my love to but he wishes me to find someone who will. So basically breaking up with me. Then he blocked me! But I emailed him many times apologizing to him and saying that I loved him and asking him to forgive me but I did not get even one word back. I know he read some of my emails because one of the emails I was asking him to send me my stuff from his place and I got a message from FedEx that he sent my stuff. So now it’s been a bit over 2 weeks and I haven’t heard from him, but I have been emailing him all the time and I know everyone said that I should ignore him. But it was important for me to tell him that I regret what I said. i read somewhere on another platform a Scorpio guy said “Also of pushing someone away as fear rejection so will self sabotage in order to control outcome, which sadly always ends in pain.” because both times I had said something that was questioning if I’ll leave him he would want to end it first. In the beginning, when we first start dating I had told him about a few things that bothered me and he told me ‘this feels so breakable’. Do you think he’s just insecure about me leaving him first?
    Also do you think he will come back? I said in my emails that I know he loves me too and that he broke up with me out of anger and he should think about it and let me know, but I havent heard from him yet. I really love him and I want to try again where I dont hurt him anymore. I know I hurt him and I regret and I said that. I just decided to stop emailing him like u guys had suggested and just wait for him to think all this through. I am hoping he will talk to me soon. I know he loves me and he had showed me that and he had told me he’s serious about me so I dont have doubt about it. He has never been mean or anything like that. We had plans for a few months ahead too. Please help me and tell me he will come back to me. He’s older too so idk… is it possible that he breaks up with someone that he loves and ‘never’ talk to them again? I would wait for him although as a Cancer I am really not good at waiting on people. I rather move on and look for someone else right away, but he’s totally worth it. Please help!

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    I have been dating a Scorpio man for just over a year now, he is 62 and I am turning 56. Incredible individual….I have never in my life met a man who was so insightful and could read situations target-on, he so effortlessly voices what he sees. A very bright man and has learned alot of lessons about life. In the first six months he would work long hours and still want to see me, we’d talk sometimes 3 hours on the phone and the time went by in the blink of an eye. I too have noticed the hot and cold. He tells me that he sometimes just has no time and there are times he says he just needs time to himself which I have given him. I do not press him about “us” as I know that he would make everything sound sweet and great but I have no idea what his real thoughts are. He is one very passionate lover. he has a very seductive personality, he just radiates.

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    I just found this forum but the posts are old… Is it still open? I have been dating a Scorpio for 14 months. He is hyper, talks but yet says nothing important most of the time. He speaks about his views and opinions and if you don’t agree…he pouts or argues. Seems to lack social skills ,insecure, paranoid and secretive but goes crazy if he thinks I’m keeping anything from him. A bit controlling and obsessive but romantic and sensitive at the same time. I never know when the ball will drop….he over does EVERYTHING and feels the world is against him. He behaves like a child in public, storms off angry. He has a temper that scares me at times and drinks heavy. He’s either sweet or sour, no in-between! I have ended it several times and after a few days to 3 wks…..he contacts me and for some reason I go back because he makes excuses. I feel like he’s got serious problems that go beyond “Scorpio”. Why does he go dark for so long then reach out to me? He tells me he’s always been this way and his past relationships ended because the women did him wrong. According to him… It’s never his fault. He has been divorced 3 times and yet he’s perfect? haha I’m no push over but have a big heart and see the dysfunction but cannot seem to get him to understand that I’m not staying in an unhealthy situation and he needs to make changes if he wants to stay in ANY relationship. He’s stubborn and hot headed.


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    Drama follows Scorpio

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    Well said! I think I am about at that point!

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    This makes You the crazy for continuing to go back with him…

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    Peggy…I agree with you, Donna needs to move on. However…compatibility between Cancer and Scorpio is, according to what I’ve read, a PERFECT match. I’m starting to think that a Scorpio is just too insecure and controlling to get along with anyone. He needs constant attention and praise….he’s moody and childish. I’ve dated 2 and there won’t be a 3rd. They may be sweet and attentive at first but in the end it’s always more about what OTHERS can do to stroke their ego. Both of mine were super sensitive, insecure and judgmental. Lacked stability, very excitable about things they were passionate about and didn’t care what they said to offend others. They get angry or pout when things don’t go their way. Yes, romantic/sexual but fell short in communication and ability to compromise. It’s his way or you suffer his outburst and WOW, temper pours out! Not only in personal relationships but at work as well. Manipulative, dramatic….either overly mellow, cold and distant or all touchy/feely Mr. romance….no shade of gray! Nobody should have to treat them like children and nurture them through their dysfunction. I am sure not all Scorps are exactly the same but the 2 I was with were so similar that I started reading up on it.


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