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    This morning I had a follow request from a girl my boyfriend was still talking to when we first got into a relationship. I ignored the request but rang my boyfriend to tell him. The girl knows of me but we dont know each other so I thought it weird why she would do that. I asked my boyfriend if shes on his list as he hasn’t spoke to her for months as she was trying to get with him at the beginning so he blocked her. He got all defensive on me during the call swearing saying he doesnt use instagram but I know he has an account. He doesnt post anything but has pictures of models and big girls on there that he looks at I’ve seen them. Anyway he was saying I should ask her why she wants to follow me and that I should leave him out of it and was swearing at me and hung the phone up. I left it at that I didnt want to argue then he started calling my phone but I knew he was still angry so I ignored it untill he calmed down.

    About half an hour later he messages me saying why is my ex on my pics on fb. I was like i dont have any exes on there and he sent me a picture to my phone of a pic i took with a friend in 2011 he actually must have scrolled down my page for years of pics to pull that one out and then started sending me pictures of nights out on work dos in 2012 where I’m with Male colleagues and was calling me a dirty bitch. The men can have you. U dog. All the names under the sun then went on to ask why I had them pics and why they haven’t been deleted and I must value them and love them and i explained it was work xmas dos and just friends from years ago.

    He told me we were done and that he wants a real woman who dont have loads of men and they are welcome to me. These pics were over 7 years old well before I met my boyfriend. I’ve been with him since 2018 and been so loyal to him I dont see why hes going at me over this. Hes now blocked me and said we are done and he cant trust me. Do you think i should have deleted those pictures. They were friends who have wives and work colleagues nothing in it most of pics are group pictures nothing bad at all and like I said the pictures were taken 2011/12 I m just lost for words how he would call me search these pics and finish with me like that and all this after I told him the girl tried to add me.anyone any ideas?

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    Keep the pix, dump the d-bag!

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    He is showing you loud and clear who he really is. He is deflecting the issue of the girl following you and turning it around to put you in the defense for innocent pictures from way before he entered the picture. You should not have deleted them, they are part of your history and life story. That is completely different from a girl he was talking to when you two got together.
    My guess is he never stopped talking to her or maybe did for a while then resumes again and she is pressuring him to leave you. Her invite was likely how she was going to tell you something was going on between them or a way to spy on you and him.
    Walk away from him for good. There is nothing that reflects well in him in this situation. He is gaslighting you and being a gigantic a-hole. You deserve and can do better.

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    Based on what you’ve shared you did nothing wrong, so please stop thinking so

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    yeah, he’s still chatting to her and at the very minimum keeping his options open with her. her trying to contact you scared him as the truth may come out. so he’s deflecting the issue by blaming you. drop him as in now! and ask the girl what’s really going on between them

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    Thanks everyone for the replies I feel better knowing I wasnt in the wrong here. He hasn’t messaged me or anything and I’m still blocked so I guess he still feels like hes right in what hes doing and I’m the bitch and like all the men even though he knows I’ve been 100% loyal to him. Usually I would be the one calling him. Trying to work things out but this time I’m not feeling it. I’m sick of how he speaks to me so disrespectful. It’s my sons bday dinner tonight he is supposed to come with his gift I cant see that happening now. I dont know what I’m going to tell people or my son but I’m just going to get on with it. It’s time to let this one go.

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    Jenna, you have posted to this forum before about this relationship, haven’t you?

    You are in an abusive relationship. Do everything you can to leave.

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    This man clearly has issues! Unless you are leaving out the fact you called him accusing him of cheating on you then I can’t see him getting so defensive over this he is cussing you out, going through your old FB photos, calling you a dirty bitch, a dog, accusing you of having all these men, etc. I wouldn’t date a man who called me names when he go upset. As some of the others have said this sounds like projecting. He’s doing something shady…perhaps still talking to this girl or seeing her behind your back so he turns it around on you. You’re the one cheating, you’re the one he can’t trust. There is a lot more to this story. At this point you have nothing to lose but to accept her request and see what she has to say. And don’t delete the pictures. Then this douche bag would have won!! 

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    If he is getting that defensive then he was probably cheating on you with that girl… I mean just ask him tell, him you won’t be mad and just sit down and talk to him.

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    OMG what an effing jerk, he’s immature, insecure, has anger issues and is super jealous! Run away! And never destroy or apologize for your past, u did nothing wrong. That guy will never be happy with any woman because he’s the one with the issue.

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    End of transmission.

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