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    I recently reconnected with a guy I’ve liked for over 10 years. It was never the right timing so we never hooked up. We went out to drinks and got along great and the connection was even better than I remember. He has a very stressful job and recently got out of a messy engagement. So basically he just said he’s not ready to date but is interested in me sexually. I cannot do that due to my feelings so I distanced myself
    He then said he’d be so sad to not be able to see me again because he loves being around me. He loves spending time with me and hanging out. He says we have a strong connection but as friends. All of this seems like mixed signals. I don’t know what to think. Help.

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    So basically he wants you to hang out with him and help him nurse his broken heart and when he feels better he’ll meet someone else and you will be left behind. Unless you’re OK with that set-up, you need to stay away from him entirely until you have no romantic feelings at all.

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    You’re not good enough to date, but good enough to Fuk… He can be as sad as he wants…

    Hanging out with him is playing with fire- you’ll end up in bed.

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    Amy S

    Aw no. Don’t accept this if you like the guy. I agree Raven You will end up in his bed. And after that out his bed with a broken heart. Be his friend by all means but see him for what he is. A guy that prob puts work first, has a messy situation with an ex and most importantly only sees you as a fwb.

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    Amy S

    And to confirm his signals are not mixed. You have been told clearly you are a fwb or a friend. No relationship on offer here. No confusion imo. And that’s good. If you still hang Around Hoping for more then that’s on you not him.

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    No mixed signals here. He made it clear than he’s only interested in you sexually, and will only view you as friend.

    Please don’t even think that you can change his mind by giving him sex, you’d only end up getting hurt.

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    Eric Charles

    There’s no such thing as “casual sex” for a woman.

    If he’s willfully against commitment with you, then this won’t work until he changes on that.

    You know how to guarantee that doesn’t change?

    Going along with this proposal.

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