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    So y’all thought the entire thread was for real?

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    I think at one point it WAS a real thread.

    I also think that a second poster using Melody’s name started posting as her, and I think you were not far off L in identifying this as the same “Devlin” poster. It’s the same juvenile voice using lots of exclamation points and just expressing too much excitement. Like a thirteen year old.

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    & yet…

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    Oh, Jesus Christ …

    Real Melody here. My last response was May 31, 2017 at 7:50 am – that was MY last post on here. Obviously, the other “Melody” is fake. But you know what – let’s just end it here everybody. This is not helping me. And I think those of you who said not talking about it anymore will help. Today I didn’t spend any time on this forum and I felt great. I don’t understand why some of you seem to think I’ve not let go. I have. I keep telling myself “He’s not interested” every time I think of him. I have no intentions of contacting him again. I don’t even talk about him to my friends anymore. I’m mentally forcing myself to move on.

    @Emma – you said that you wonder if I ever took any of your advice to heart. Of course I did. And I said that many times. And if you go back and read my very first post, you will see I didn’t ask if I should talk to him – I decided that by talking to my real friends and by following what my heart told me to do. I was asking if there were ever cases where men were simply too scared of commitment to give you a chance. I actually wanted a more philosophical discussion about that.

    I feel like I’ve learned a lot by posting this and receiving this insane amount of replies! Thank you, everyone, who has put their time into reading this whole thing and giving me your advice.

    I will say that I don’t really take those of you calling me crazy and trying to diagnose my mental state by a post on a forum that seriously. I mean, I read what you say but also everything seems to have gotten out of hand here. Every situation is different and it’s impossible to diagnose someone without having proper education and – I feel – talking to the person in question in real life. I would stop diagnosing people on a forum, but maybe that’s just me …

    Moving on – I am anyway. And I don’t think I would want to update on here if anything else were to happen out in the real world. I am really trying to move on, live my life, be happy and all that. And most of the time I am. I don’t think about him that much and when I do I try to direct my thoughts elsewhere.

    So there you go. Thank you, everybody. Let’s just agree to end it here, right?

    Xx Melody

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    considering your track record
    let’s hope so

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    @Melody – I am not diagnosing you, I am asking those questions so you can put the focus on yourself rather than on this man. The only thing I noticed was your addiction to the emotional highs of a relationship and your self esteem. Why self esteem? Because you are making excuses for a man’s poor behaviour. A person with a strong self esteem would have walked away much sooner than you did (though it is still good you are walking away now). Both of them indicate some things you need to work on within yourself. This is not a condemnation or mockery, most people go through this at some point of their lives, it is a good opportunity to learn and grow on a personal level.

    That said, good luck on your love journey.

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    Sorry everyone,, I’m seeing therapist and taking medications, so my posts vary.. I think I should stick to professionals. But I appreciate all your help.

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