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    So I have matched a guy on Tinder (27) I (32), and I cannot work out if this guy is interested. Thoughts please…

    We speak away on WhatsApp, things are going well. Then he goes offline & seems to disappear for ages. he will pop online on WhatsApp, but doesn’t open my mails? Sometimes I dont hear from him at all until later on at night like 7PM.

    So today? He mailed me & I replied, and nothing….Hes been active on WhatsApp but actually hasn’t read my mails at all.

    I’m really not used to this behaviour. normally in the past, I wouldn’t have any of this.

    I’m not sure in the relevance of this, but he did tell me the last girl he met online was a stalker, when I asked why, he told me because after one date she was telling him she wanted to settle down.

    Also on his Instagram? He is following 1000 people and all are pretty, barbie doll typed girls.

    Im not sure if this man just isn’t interested in me or maybe the age gap is too big and were looking for different things? Ive certainly has things happen in the past whereby guys are busy and won’t reply for ages, and I accept that, its ok to be busy, and have a life. But Ive never had it whereby they go online and dont open my mails? Its like he’s just not that interested in me?

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    Have you met him in person ? I wouldn’t invest too much in this guy unless you’ve met in person .

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    You’re reading wayyyy too far into this. You matched on tinder. Is this your first time on there? If so, be ready for this to happen 1000x. Better yet, get off tinder it’s primarily a hook up site. This guy is most likely matching with and talking to tons of women. You don’t even know him, so who cares? You’re already kind of stalking him and haven’t even met? Back off…match with other people. Or try to meet real men in real life. He talks to other people on whatssap (including people he actually knows and is friends with). So he doesn’t have to reply to your messages. Is he asking you out on a date? If not, don’t even waste your time talking to a screen…sorry to be harsh but it’s tinder and online dating…be prepared to be let down

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    Well you just described a normal Tinder experience. If he did no ask you out on a real date, he’s simply not interested.

    He made it clear that he doesn’t want to settle with a girl soon. He has tons of options (so do you btw). Stop obsessing over his online status. Deactivate that option if it makes you feel obsessed and worried. Keep on swiping and talk to other people. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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    All these feelings for nobody. That is what he is to you. Move along and find better.

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