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    My partner traveled abroad and we have been great, he always makes sure to communicate every day and keep me updated with everything he does. But we were texting yesterday and he read my last message and went offline, initially I wasn’t mad or anything but he texted the next day starting a whole new conversation with no explanation as to why he ignore my messages and went offline. I expressed that I didn’t like how he ignored me and went offline and comes back with no explanation, he ignores my complaints and continues to ask how I was doing, I mentioned it again, he ignored it again while telling me something else that doesn’t concern it. I got really mad and called him out, that it was disrespectful and unfair, I said alot and that I was mad at him. He then said yes he agrees it unfair and said sorry about that still with no explanation, the sorry sounded like he also didn’t want to say it.
    He then says I can be mad but the main thing is I get well first since I am currently sick. I told him talk later and we haven’t spoken again.
    It may seem stalky but he has also gone offline again same time he did yesterday.
    Usually he is the sweetest person and always gives me a heads up if he has to go somewhere, he’d even text to tell me if he is going no anywhere even if we weren’t texting. He would also always apologise if he went off without telling me prior, he has never been disrespectful towards me or done anything like this before. So I’m very surprised and I think he might be hooking up with someone on his trip.
    He is the type that generally avoid trouble and having issues, he would always want to make sure we don’t have any issue, this is the first time he seems to be okay having a problem with me.
    I don’t know what to think anymore, the only explanation is him sleeping with someone he met and it is a weekend.
    I also have no intentions of reaching out to him but I am really hurt by his actions and I just don’t know what to think.

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    Well there’s no way to be sure if it has anything to do with cheating but he is definitely avoiding to talk about it. Which is dumb on his part because the more he obviously avoid it the more doubts. And I know you won’t be able to let this go.

    But if it’s out of his character you have every reason to feel as such.

    What is the reason he travelled?

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    Yes it’s very out of character which is weird and makes it very suspicious . He is traveling as a tourist which also makes it likely for him to cheat. I was supposed to go with him but couldn’t make it.

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    So it’s a leisure trip. Let him finish off his holiday. When he comes home a lot needs to be addressed. He may have a good explanation or a planned one but you be the judge. You know him best you will be able to tell if he’s honest. If not it will depend on you if you want to continue the relationship with someone that is okay with leaving you in doubts.

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    How long have you guys been together?

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