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    Long story short, my crush and I were texting last night and I said to him about liking this one girls posts on Instagram all the time. I know the girl and follow them both so it comes up in my feed when she posts and he likes it. Now he thinks I am a psycho and that I am keeping tabs on his Instagram likes. Obviously like all of us, I am guilty for stalking his social media, but I do not go as far to see what posts he likes.
    I really like this guy, so I am just after some advice as to how I can fix this.
    Thanks in advance

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    Lesson learned. Not much you can do, I suggest you just let him be. If he comes back, then mirror him. You should have been doing that anyhow. Since he is only a crush, you should not be invested anyhow…. give him space.

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    Well… That’s exactly what you were doing, right?

    There is no fixing this, it is what it is…
    Next time, if/when you stalk- keep your mouth shut about it.

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    You are learning about this man – I would say he is interested in this girl – so date others and let him worry about you.

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