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    You have to keep strong boundaries here. He may pull back and you’ll be back here asking us what to do. A year out of a relationship is still on shaky ground so keep your head about you.

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    T from NY

    I agree you might be one of the lucky ones! I don’t think our advice was bad. MOST of the time a man telling you to date other men is a terrible sign. Also I appreciate that y’all are exclusive and he’s your boyfriend – but that’s different than a man who sees a future with you. Having you around exclusively so he doesn’t have to look for anyone else is different than him saying please don’t date others and talking about joining lives eventually. I hope it goes that route for you if you want. There are women in exclusive relationships who are still placeholders. But you will be able to tell going forward if he is investing in you. Not just with trips or introducing you to people, but talking about shared future. And you are right in that – only you know your relationship best! There will always be outliers, but this forum advises on the bell curve of men. And if a guy is really into you, and has healthy self esteem, he would normally never say to a woman he’s interested in – ya go ahead and date other men. I hope the best for your budding relationship.

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    For a minute I thought you were dating my ex but age is off. Ha ha I was in a very similar situation and I hung on even though red flags were there from the start. I trusted him because I felt a deep connection and thought he was my best friend. He dumped me 3 months ago. My heart is still broken. The responses you received were probably negative because they wanted to save you from disappointment later on. Be careful and keep us posted on how it turns out.

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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