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    And to your point, I would absolutely love to see some of these commenters in real life. Have a feeling a lot of them parallel the new guy in some respects…

    L- you’re right except for the fat girl/ making up sh*t parts. I do love candy but everything in moderation. :) Fruit is more my jam. And the rest is just my life. Maybe crazy at times but far from boring. Yolo

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    It actually sounds pretty boring and rather sad than crazy, but whatever.

    I am with L, except I am portraining the OP rather as a fat man with a stainy shirt that has nobody to talk to so he writes an online diary on a forum despite the fact that noone really cares.

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    Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m hoping this crap will reach at least 20 pages right ! 😂

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    I dunno if I have another three pages left in me. Lol I’d have to find another guy and that’s really not a healthy choice for me right now.

    We’ve got our big anniversary trip coming up in a few days. Last night was the first time I had a happy dream about my husband in I don’t know how long. For months, it’s been all other guys. Usually involving sex. Last night it was just him – and joy. Can I be satisfied with him? Can I love him again? Can I not stop talking to someone, anyone, just to fill those emotional gaps in love life?

    I’m feeling just a little down about the end of the new guy today. Not because of losing him, but losing the idea of him. Sometimes he could tell me good stories… him and I running off to DC. Starting over. But it was just a story.

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    Life happened. We’ve been together over a decade and have been through a lot of trials and tribulations – deaths, professional investigation, moves, family fights, etc. This is on top of being sexually dysfunctional as a couple. My friends don’t understand why we married in the first place.

    I fell the hardest and the fastest for him. He’s been a rock through everything and has a heart of gold. That’s why I married him. He’s a wonderful man and I never speak poorly of him. I just don’t know if I should have married him. When women have affairs, it’s because they’re emotionally unfulfilled. It’s been five years of not feeling any real connection and hardly any sex. Eventually you break. Sometimes relationships can be repaired and sometimes they can’t. I love him but I’m still not 100% confident we’re going to make it.

    That’s part of my ‘real life’. I just come on here and vent about the parts that I don’t want to share with others. The parts that are wrong. The real stuff is complex. I don’t know what I’m going to do. You don’t make these decisions lightly. It’s a life we built together and a man I’ve been with for over a decade. A good man.

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    Do I deserve him? Not recently. I’ve been behaving pretty badly. I have such a skewed view on guys these days. I’m not sure why. It’s like I’m looking for someone to save me or provide an alternative solution to my life right now. I lacked the emotional strength to not choose him and now I lack it to leave him. I’m not looking for advice or a reaction right now. This is just the situation.

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    A lost cause situation here. Anxiety and heartbreak will be the only outcomes.

    Analyzing their relationship problems is a waste of your energy. Let him figure out things for himself.

    Nothing good will come out of this but drama. Please focus on other men.

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    I think you should lay off the hooch, BOS. Seems to have a decidedly negative effect on your mental wellbeing.

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    F These guys.. I’m having an amazing time in London and the rest of the guys can f themselves right?! I heard back from new guy recently and ignored him since I was with my husband. Just texted him and told him to make me a priority while he was getting ready, no response beyond he wished he had time. Lame. I like guys that are totally under timble. I blocked my ex when he wouldn’t respond even though he viewed all my stories. Whatever, don’t have time for flakes. I’m a princess.

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    1) F these guys.
    2) I’m having an amazing time in London (with my husband)
    3) Just texted him…
    4) You’re a loser of epic proportions.

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    You keep using and playing games with men ~ it WILL come back to haunt you.

    No, you’re not a ‘princess’ at all…you’re just a b*tch.

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    Ya it was a ridiculous post. Who cares. I was drunk and fighting with my husband. For some reason decided hitting up other guys and posting on this forum would make me feel better. This forum is brutal by the way. I hope you’re all 100% at peace with all decisions and actions in your life.

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    Why are you still trolling?

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    So I don’t think he wants to be my side piece… He was blowing me up the whole time I was gone – kind of in a nerdy, whiny way and told me multiple times he was visiting this week – and then nothing today when I offered a good day. He wanted to fly in the day I got back but I said to give me a few days. He’s so flaky. It’s like he wants to but never pulls the trigger… I can’t believe I texted my ex too. Cringe. He asked why I was texting him like they considering I was on vacay. I wonder the same thing. Not really. I know. I’m overthinking my current situation. And wish that I didn’t turn things into an ego trip – like when my side doesn’t behave. He’ll be back. Just how do I respond… or not respond…

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    I actually had a nice time on my trip with him. The sex was the best we’ve had in years… although the side got me wet beforehand and I was thinking of him during so dunno if that counts. But we did have a nice time for the most part.

    I can be a b. I can definitely be a b. You should be seen me the night we met. His friend thanked me for my authenticity haha. Found it refreshing. Apparently no one had ever called out my side before. I did in the first hour. And we’ve been taking ever since.

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    I don’t see your posts much different than BOS. They are incoherent and make little sense and you admit to writing here while drunk. Unfortunately some people love the attention on here or it becomes their own personal blog because they can’t associate with people in real life. I’d fit you in that category. Can only hope this attention gets you through for the lack of satisfaction in real life. It’s sad but understandable. No judgment on mental health challenges.

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    It is a lack of satisfaction in my real life – even though I have a lot to be thankful for. I actually didn’t even really want to continue with the side or meet up with him but then I saw him commenting on some sorority girl’s social media pic which made me competitive and jealous. Like I can compete with a hot, blonde, 21 yo but still, I felt the need to win. What am I winning tho? A possibility of my whole life coming apart? A good life? I’m having so much trouble not making poor decisions… No willpower these days… All of my chief enjoyment and validation is coming from the wrong areas. I suppose I need to ‘work’ on myself. But how fun is that?

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    And yes, this is an outlet for me… for the parts of my life that aren’t shared with anyone except for a few men…

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    I have this need to always be high on life – that endorphin kick you get when you’re first dating someone does it for me every time. I’m glad drugs were never my thing. Unlike my side…I swear at least once a week he’ll consume so much coke he can’t sleep for a day or two. It’s sad. He’ll probably die before he’s 40. I had a close friend who was dating the heir to a major Kentucky whiskey company who died of liver failure at 50. Side and the heir remind me of each other…

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    Or don’t want to be a side piece / get too involved bc I’m married. Can’t say I blame them. The side has a tendency to get very anxious when I can’t communicate with him because my husband is around…

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    I’m just sad. Crying really. Things are not working out between my husband and I. Time to put on my big girl panties I guess?

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    You’re never going to have a chance to work things out with your husband if you’re trying to fill your own emptiness/ loneliness with ‘side pieces’.

    Either commit to trying to save your marriage or accept it’s over- and yes it’s hard to leave a nice man but if he’s not the one for you, you’ll continue to be miserable until one of you dies or leaves.

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