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    Meant to be would involve this man contacting you and choosing to be with you. When someone is fixated on something- say getting a job, getting the deal on a house, buying a car- everything seems related or connected to that. It’s the mastermind of the subconscious and advertising agencies.

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    I remind you that you don’t have a job. Keep your story consistent. Maybe one day you will made it and manage to publish your telenovela in some magazine for housewices, but in that case you have to keep your plots consistent and without loose ends.

    I can’t decide, if this particular troll is funny or pathetic.

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    Haha, that is hilarious. Maybe you should get over this thread already :D

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    This entire thread smells like a can of tuna…

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    Dear OP, you’ve actually said something there that really resonates – does anyone believe in ‘meant to be’ ? Yes! Absolutely I do! For instance I believe this tread is meant to be over… that kind of mean to be

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    A business email that fell into your junk Email? That’s priceless! As is the inconsistency. First you say you are going on this trip for business anyway and therefore it’s free because it’s business travel. Now you say it’s a solicitation email that for real want to travel a woman who has no career, says she barelyworks part time, out to see them to work? This is what happens when they legalize medical marijuana. Hahahahaha.

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    You’ve got a good sex! Move on! He’s a cheater and will always be one

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    So I thought he was bringing another girl on the ski trip…nope it was his girlfriend. I should have known. I told her in that timeline email that we were going. Should have known she’d weasel her way into going, making sure I don’t. You hear of girls doubling down when they hear their man is cheating and this girl is the straight definition. So odd. She is trying reallllly hard to stay with a known cheater. Little does she know I wasn’t even in town this weekend. Husband and I went on our own trip which I made sure to blast over social media. Hope it made my ex feel something. People are weird.

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    Touché, L.

    Yeah, you’re right BOS. I’m also not really getting anything out of it at this point. It was more than a weekend and he said to count him in for another but I don’t think so at this point. I’m really not a second string kind of woman. I need to come first and I’m obviously not. This weekend reminds me of that saying, you might not get what you want but what you need. I may want my ex but my husband is really what I need… We had a nice trip/ weekend.

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    & you’re doing your darndest to steal a “known cheater…”

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    And as far as my ex goes, I don’t think he played me per se. He’s not great, but he’s not that bad. I’m more like his bucket list chick. He’d been harboring a lingering crush on me for years so he jumped at the opportunity to spend a weekend with me again. And he’s never had a threesome so obviously he’s going to be a definite yes for that. He’s also one of those ‘confused’ guys. He gets in his head. He was/is having doubts about his gf so he wanted to see how he felt about things after the trip. He also briefly thought about lining me up as a side chick. Classy I know. I shot it down at the time. He never intended for it to be a lingering situation like this but we do have a connection- or honestly, he realizes I’m there if he wants something physical. As I said, I’m not getting much out of the situation at this point. Situation is fading on its own anyways.

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    How old are you and your husband, Aimee? And do you have any children?

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    36/37, no kids

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    So from your timeline, you dated this guy when you were single or around when you met your husband. But it didn’t work out so your husband was the backup? If this is true and you really don’t love your husband, end this. If you really care about your husband, let him find someone that really wants him. If you had kids or been married a long time, I’d say work it out- but what’s the point if you don’t desire your husband at the ages you are.

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    That’s so sad when you put it that way – my husband is the fall back guy. I wouldn’t exactly say that but he certainly doesn’t illicit the same reactions from me as my ex. I mean I find out my ex brought his gf home again to go skiing and it totally brings down my whole mood. Which I kinda get because he can’t visit with friends/fam if I’m there… even though we already talked about the trip. I shouldn’t even have this reaction because I totally gauged his interest level a couple weeks ago. Another weird move on my part but I told him I was flying into town for biz and asked if he wanted to hang out. He asked what day. I didn’t even respond for a couple days because I honestly didn’t even want to go or think I could actually go through with it. I never actually went on the trip but wanted to send some sort of response, so I just said my schedule was packed and I wouldn’t have time to visit. Then the next day, just to gauge his interest, I said I was staying an extra day (even tho I never even left home) to get some more work done if he wanted to come over and spend the night. He never responded so obviously low interest. Most likely he didn’t want to rock the boat at home or just wasn’t interested in hanging out with me. Or maybe could tell I wasn’t super interested bc of my response time/ recent excuse. The last time he was aggressively pursuing me was about that other trip including a threesome. Which was a bit of a turn off for me. He definitely seemed more interested in just having a threesome versus spending time with me. So I really don’t even think there’s much interest there on his end. And even though I miss the attention, I’m not sure I could even go through with another trip to see him. I dunno, lot of emotions with these situations – guilt, lust, etc.

    And no, didn’t plan last weekend’s trip to make ex jealous. Just a coincidence. My ex hasn’t posted that he’s there. Small town so I found out…

    So sigh. That’s the sad situation. Kinda pathetic. Just another male rejection.

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    Y’all think you’re really gonna get through to this bunny broiler?

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    I unfollowed him. He posted his first pic ever in the two years they’ve been together of them skiing with a heart emoji. Wow, I can’t believe how badly that hurts. Just a stupid picture on social media but it’s so hurtful. That along with his family calling her ‘auntie’ in the comments. It’s done. He has so chosen her. It’s always been her and I just didn’t want to hear it. Now I just need to keep reminding myself I’m the lucky one because I’m not with him. He literally was just talking about threesomes a few weeks ago. Right, I’m the lucky one. :(

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    I am glad that you have FINALLY accepted that you will NEVER have a future with a man, who has so much disrespect for you!

    In all honesty, I feel very sorry for your husband for the way that you are relinquishing him to a trophy to show off to your lover, as a scorned woman. You have been behaving extremely spoilt and greedy by not being satisfied with one man. It comes to no surprise to anybody that your lover would choose his girlfriend over an unfaithful married woman, with whom he can get just what he wants from.

    Good luck to you!

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    This will be tough for you but unfriending him and joining your reality is the right direction. You definitely need to go to counseling and with your husband too

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    Time to focus on you. What can you do for yourself that makes you genuinely happy? It is extremely liberating to realize that you are responsible for your own happiness.

    Redirect the emotional energy that you gave to him back to yourself… look inward, learn to self sooth, sleep, eat well, exercise, meditate.

    Once you are feeling devoted to your own well being you can focus on your marriage. Once step at a time. Heal yourself first… give yourself that emotional energy.

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    I feel sorry for you, but also for her. He’s now posting pics with heart emojis? I guess she had her chance though, as she does know what has happened. Honestly, this is sick. I know people hate you, Aimee, here for what you did. But what’s wrong with them?

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    You unfollowed him. On insta it fb? Because if it’s fb then of course you remain able to see all and stalk still. Btw you say you emailed his GF- how did you ever whet emsil address?

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    Thank you for the lovely and thoughtful words, Sam. I’ve been reading this forum the past couple months and have really learned a lot.

    It’s a lot of hollow relationships and individual problems on both sides of the fence, Shoshannah.

    I’m going to use all of my willpower to not look at them at all on social media. They don’t use any privacy settings… I. Just. Can’t. Do. This. Anymore. Trying to hide my tears from my husband last night… The situation is so f*cked on so many different levels. I just can’t…

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    what you are experiencing is the natural consequence of an extramarital affair. Heartbreak is unavoidable. You can’t change the past, what’s done is done. Now is the time to move forward. I know this because I’ve been where you are and its excruciating! For me that was 8 years ago and I now barely ever think of the guy. You will get there but you must stay the course and move on. Leave him in the rear view mirror. Live your best life. Read good books… that helped me immensely, kept my mind busy while not at work. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

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    Good news : I think I’m finally over him.
    Bad news ; it’s because I’ve met someone else.

    Good news : he doesn’t have a gf and is actually single.
    Bad news : I’m still married.

    So I think I’m finally over him but it’s because I’ve met someone else. Just like the last time. Diversion works every time.

    Girls’ night turned into someone more a couple weekends ago and I’ve been talking to him ever since. He’s kind of a f*ck boy tho. Sexually deviant. He’s a decade younger and doesn’t work because he’s loaded. Cute but does vast amounts of c*ke. Wants to come fly to see me or fly me up for the weekend but I’ve only said maybe so far. His lack of ambition is a turn off. Literally he texted me this morning at 530 while I’m drinking my morning coffee and he’s just coming home from the syrup club. It was Tuesday.

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