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    um… nah. You shouldn’t be with anyone.
    great to hear you’ve been “working on yourself”

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    Well i guess I’m just this idiotic… lots of time and money is never a good thing. My behavior isn’t so odd among my circle. Even if we never talk about it. And have to vent on some random Internet forum.

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    Why can’t I find a jump off first? The jump seems so much easier that way…

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    I suspect that your new career path is prostitution, given your details.

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    Well, it sure is when you don’t have much else to offer.

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    Wondering if this Aimee is even the same person who started this. I thought this thread had finally died a natural death.

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    It’s like a soap opera though, I don’t mind new writers as long as the plot arc makes sense LOL

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    For most people there’s a difference between fantasy and reality- I had an ex talked about 3somes but he was jealous at the idea someone else has taking a photo of me, never mind sharing sexually!

    Add coke in and you’ve got a mess. Rather you than me, Aimee.

    I was married to a man I didn’t love and rather than cheat, I left. It’s the right thing to do, even when it’s hard and you’ll break their heart.

    You need to leave your husband, you both deserve more than this.

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    A lot of projection on this forum? Quite an assumption OP, or maybe it’s just people’s opinion of who you are portraying yourself to be. I’m regard to conservative ladies- if viewing a person with the morals of an alley cat as they think they are free to do as they please even though they are married and the poor husband knows nothing of his wife’s behaviour and infidelity then I’m sure there’s plenty of ladies here happy to join that conservative que. no wonder you can’t tell your friends this stuff, they’d judge you and rightfully so. You sound narcissistic and unpleasant

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    Same sh!t different day…

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    Not my circus, not my monkeys but Aimee should leave her husband and f*ck whomever she wants. But she won’t [leave her husband]. She wouldn’t be able to afford her cheating ways if she had to pay for her lifestyle all by herself.

    Who knows — maybe he’s f*cking someone else too. Maybe he doesn’t give af. Maybe they deserve each other.

    Looks fade, her life will be miserable when they do because that’s all she values.


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    My husband isn’t cheating. He’s a good man. Comes from a solid family and has solid values. Of course I know what I’m doing is wrong. Hence why I post on this forum versus talking to my friends at this point. I’d talk with them at the very beginning of this journey and they along with my therapist had the same advice as y’all – look inward. So now I don’t.

    This new guy is so extreme… He is just so far and above what guy would call highly sexual I can’t even. I find it so fascinating though. He’s a voyeur and a swinger. That gang bang scenario – he’s been involved himself and has also been the one tied up. The trip I met him – he told his friend he was going for a walk – no he was meeting up with a couple of college kids to have a threesome via his swingers club. They had her at the same time. It’s all so next level. He was trying to convince me so hard to go get f*cked by the college kids yesterday. He literally had it all lined up. Just so he could watch (he lives a couple states away.) And you would never know about his lifestyle. Comes from a very prominent Southern family. The definition of preppy frat boy. Tells none of his friends and fam that he’s the biggest freak I know. Kind of a turn on… although I declined his offer yesterday…

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    Aimee, You need to do something positive with your life. From the way it sounds, you laze about, not working, f*cking around with weirdos and guys with girlfriends, cheating on your husband and all of this consumes you. What are you bringing to this world? What will be your legacy? Poor little rich girl who is so unhappy she has to sleep with deviants for attention?

    Do something, anything… help people. Read to the elderly, work in a soup kitchen, hold a baby in the ICU.

    This poor me act is so offensive. Do something worthwhile and stop breathing productive people’s air.

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    I am surprised this thread is still getting responses. I don’t think any of it is real, at all.

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    He’s kind of sad ? Dear, he’s your own reflection.
    Doubt this topic is true, but either way, you seem to be bored AF with your life. And you’re getting way borderline with your stories involving college kids. Disgusting. But this is what you want to hear, right ?

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    I was going to write a response but honestly you’re all right. The new guy is a reflection of me. I honestly don’t know why these guys interest me so much but they do. Surprisingly enough, I do have a fair amount going on in my life (yes, mostly positive) but I’m still drawn to these thoughts and self-destructive behavior. I get bored with regular life.

    I wouldn’t say I have a poor me mentality. I don’t feel bad for myself. I’m lucky in a lot of ways.

    I’m glad I’m not really into this guy. As the days go on, he reveals more about his true self and it’s pretty nasty. He did say he was coming down to visit me in a week or so but I’m hoping he doesn’t. I haven’t heard from in a couple days so hopefully he just fades away. The last time he texted was asking my permission to hire a hooker for a couple hours. Smh. Honestly he reminds me of this one guy I was seeing in college. Same kind of guy – loaded, no job, attractive whatever. He’s now in jail. He hooked up with a 15 yo, was on trial for rape, then tried to hire a hit man to kill everyone involved. Lovely I know. Scary really…

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    Every now and then we have people on here with real personality and/or emotional disorders who can only get better with a mental health professional. I am a mental health professional and I would recommend you seek some real support before you hit rock bottom.

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    What do you think is going on? Lots of people think this is a fake thread but it’s not – it’s real life.

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    Of course it is!

    I think Santa, the Easter Bunny & the Tooth Fairy are knocking at your door!

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    So sort of a funny and pathetic end to the new guy… He turned out to be totally full of sh*t. All of that talk about swingers and hookers and whatever – that was actually causing me stress! – was all bs. Why he would tell these tall tales in hopes of impressing me is beyond me. I just don’t get why a good-looking, well-off guy would resort to this sort of behavior. He must have some deep insecurities. He didn’t come across as desperate at all when I met him but honestly, if I hadn’t met him and his friends and seen his house via vid, I would think he lived in his mother’s basement.

    I noticed that he was lying a bit but it finally dawned on me at the end of our last conversation. He was trying to get me to watch him and this girl have sex. He called but then said she didn’t want to show herself so it was just him via FaceTime pretending to have sex with someone. Just so beyond pathetic. I then hung up and he said she wanted to text with me so he started writing stuff from ‘her’ perspective about how big he was, etc. I mean I just can’t. I’ve literally never dealt with anything like that. And this was after he said when we had sex for the first time, he wanted me to sext someone while he was f*cking me. LOLOL I guess that’s a real turn-on for millennials these days. LOL Whatever. Thought I’d share. It was so amusing and sad at the same time.

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    I just joined this site today, so forgive me for asking, but does is this op married or not. ? If so, what’s the deal with fussing over a scuzzy boyfriend.

    Are you married?

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    OP- funny and sad at the same time describes you perfectly …

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    Another Herpes outbreak…

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    Amanda – yes

    Raven – …if you could get herpes through a phone screen. I don’t even know if he’d know what to do in real life. He was all about virtually living out his porn fantasies. Weird guy. I don’t get the appeal of virtual relationships. I guess it enables people to be someone they’re not.

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    Well not entirely virtual… We spent half the night together when we met and had planned on him coming down this weekend before he got weird… He invited me up a few times but I put him off. It’s more all of the lies on his end. It took me awhile to figure out but everything he wanted to do or claimed he had done were all from porns… He seemed normal when we hung out and on his Facebook page but appearances can be deceiving. He is cute tho… I might take a gamble at some point and see him. Hope the sex is good.

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