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Handbags to Invest in Now and Carry Forever

Handbags are such a large part of our everyday lives – they must function as both fashionable accessory and as a reliable holder of our necessities. But as we all know, handbags can be a pricey investment so buying a whole slew of new ones with each turn of the weather isn’t the most practical for the vast majority of us.

So, with that I suggest investing in a few classic, timeless bags that will last you and look fab forever.

Kate Spade Grove Court Blaine, $448. This chic carryall is a great investment. Light on the hardware, neutral color, classic shape, and durable.  This is exactly what you should be looking for when shopping for an investment piece.

J Crew Biennial Hobo
, $325. Another great classic option.  Both the saddle and red colors it comes in are each great investments, mainly because the shape and style of the bag is so timeless.

Burberry Holderton Bridle Tote, $1495. Burberry and classic go together like peanut butter & jelly.  Another great option that can be worn with just about anything, get you through your day, and be a staple closet piece for years to come.


Ann Taylor Leather Strap Tote,  $298. I am totally obsessed with this bag (I’m actually thinking about investing in this myself!). The classic tan and brown leather looks incredibly chic in its neutral color blocked design.  Over time that light leather should develop a beautiful patina that will make the bag look incredibly chic.  What’s great about this investment piece is that it’s large enough to use as a work bag, but manageable and chic enough to take to dinner or drinks with girlfriends.  Definitely a piece that would be a great addition to any wardrobe.


ASOS Leather Bucket Tote Bag, $124.28. Another great option – very chic and classic.  The tan is great because it can go with just about anything and the style is timeless, which together give you a great investment bag.  Use as a work bag, tote around on the weekends, or take out for a night on the town.  This bag will go with you everywhere and can be carried from season to season.


Of course, there are the usual Louis Vuitton (my Speedy 40 the best handbag investment I’ve ever made), Chanel, Hermes, etc.– so if you have the money to invest in one of these pieces then by all means so do.  These brands provide many wonderful classic styles that will last for YEARS to come, so those are always a recommendation.  But know that you don’t have to spend thousands, or even hundreds, on a great investment piece – just make sure you find one that isn’t a crazy bright color or pattern, doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of hardware, and one that Is made of durable fabric.  If you follow those rules you’ll be on the right track to finding that perfect forever handbag!



Emiko Vaughn is a personal stylist and wardrobe from Cleveland, OH.  She currently owns and operates personal styling company Lageson & Vaughn with her business partner, Kirsten Lageson.

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