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Best Handbags for Any Date

Every girl knows the importance of a quality handbag. A handbag isn’t just a means to carry around our essentials, it can enhance and define our personal style and say a lot about who we are. Do you prefer practicality or style? Do you need to carry around an assortment of “just in case” essentials or just stick to the basic essentials? Do you invest in timeless bags by known designers or do you like to keep up with the trends and buy the latest “It Bag” by the latest up-and-coming brand? People, guys included, can learn a lot about a girl through her handbag.

Choosing the right bag for a date can be tricky. You want something roomy enough to fit your essentials, but not so bulky that it will weigh you down and be a nuisance. Also, think about what guys find sexy – a girl who is attractive, confident, classy, and together. The opposite of sexy? A girl who’s not properly put-together, wearing the wrong outfit to the wrong date, fumbling with her accessories, and not paying attention to the man beside her.

Read on to avoid the biggest purse pairing no-nos when it comes to your outfit, and learn how to use your bag to your advantage when it comes to dating. Here are 10 of the most common dates, each with their own purse-marching hack.

1. A Night Out / Dinner & Dancing – Clutch with wrist strap
You never want to bring a big bag on a dinner date – you might give off the wrong impression. Firstly, a daintier purse is just more elegant, feminine, and evening-appropriate. This Coach clutch comes with a wrist strap and is the perfect purse for dinner and dancing. It’s small and sleek, but still has enough room for the essentials: cash, cards, phone, and lip-gloss.

Coach Madison Large Pouch Wristlet, $128.
MADISONlarge pouch wristlet

2. Picnic in the Park – Bucket bag
A picnic in the park is the cutest low-key date. The key to successfully dressing for a picnic is to combine a modern feminine look with a touch of off-duty comfort. Nothing says “relaxed but fashionable” more than this Status Anxiety leather bucket bag paired with a cute flowy dress. Just throw in your daytime essentials and you’re ready to go!
Status Anxiety Tan Tote, $199
status anxiety


3. Going to the Market/ Cooking Together – Tote
Whether you invited your man or he invited you for dinner, you’ll have to go to the market or grocery store to pick out some ingredients. It’s the perfect occasion to show off that you’re stylish and eco-conscious by bringing your own tote. MZ Wallace’s Medium Nylon Tote is just the right size to store all the groceries you might need and it’s made of incredibly durable nylon that can withstand years of use. Not to mention the fact that it’s also super cute.
MZ Wallace Tote, $185 (more color options available)
Medium Metro Tote

4. Happy Hour
Happy hour is the easiest date – it’s understood that you’re busy, coming from work, and won’t have time to go home to change. Guys love a girl that has her own life and a lot going for her. How can you give off that impression? By carrying a satchel. This satchel is big enough to hold important files yet slim enough to look chic. The pop of blue shows confidence and will add visual interest to your work attire. Add some drinks and flirting, and you’re sure to have him in the palm of your hand within minutes.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Deconstructed Laura Satchel, $548 (Also available in black)
Deconstructed Laura

5. Indie Concert
Indie concerts are all about nonchalant cool. Slip on a loose, low-cut V-neck tee, add some skinny jeans, lace up your Converse, and finish the look with a bag is roomy without being bulky and has as much edge as the band you’re going to see. Bonus points for a purse with heavier, brushed hardware. This pony-hair and leather cheetah crossbody is just the right size and style. The front pocket is detachable too!
Status Anxiety Law in the Wild Crossbody, $179

6. Hiking Trail or Biking
How can you remain stylish while hiking or biking? If the 2014 runways are any indication, fanny packs are officially in and cuter than ever, which is good news for ladies who love sporty outdoor dates. This Rebecca Minkoff style is particularly sweet. Made of leather and styled to show off your feminine side, it’ll keep your hands and shoulders free so you can cozy up to your guy as you pause to take in a beautiful view. The best part about this bag is the versatility. Just swap out the belt strap for the crossbody chain and voila, now it’s a cute shoulder bag.
Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair Fanny Bag, $195. (More colors available)
Quilted Affair Fanny Bag


7. Amusement Park or Hanging Out With His Friends
This crossbody will be your BFF for years to come. Not only is it made of beautiful leather in a stunning color, but it also has three separate compartments accessible through their own top zippers. This allows you to keep your just-in-case overnight “date essentials” neatly and discreetly stowed away in the last pocket while you use the first two to store your money, phone, lip-gloss and other daytime necessities. And if you want to make it more evening-appropriate? Just remove the middle compartment and make this beautiful crossbody into a clutch. Definitely a worthy investment!
Annabel Ingall The “Jojo” Crossbody, $320
"Jojo" Crossbody Eggplant
8. Museum
Bringing your date to your favorite museum is a great way to deepen your bond and let him discover more about you. You don’t need to know a lot about art to belong in a museum, but you do have to look the part. The key to dressing for a museum date is class – modern, understated class. You can achieve this easily with a classic shoulder bag accented with gold hardware – like this one from Pursebox – and keep the rest of your outfit simple. Now that’s sophistication.
Pursebox Charmed Shoulder Bag, $89
Charmed Shoulder Purse
9. Wine Bar
Red is all about sex appeal, and so are wine bars. The mood is elegant, the lighting is low, and you’re sipping on some decadent wines with your beau. Push the right buttons all while staying demure with a bright red clutch accented with gold hardware. This Tory Burch clutch says everything you want it to say without actually saying it. So hot.
Tory Burch Diana Clutch, $250
Diana Slim Clutch
10. Weekend Getaway/ Road Trip
So you’ve made it official and he’s planned a weekend getaway! It’s your first overnight date out of the city and you want to be prepared, but not over-packed. LeSportSac’s medium weekender is the perfect bag for the occasion – it’s a great size and it completely fuses fashion and practicality. It’s black, it’s shiny, it has outside pockets on every side, and it even comes with a little cosmetics pouch that will look chic in the bathroom. What an awesome start to a wonderfully sexy weekend.
LeSportsac Weekender Bag, $126
LeSportsac Luggage Medium Weekender Bag


What is your go-to date bag? Tell us in comments!


– Ania Kuskowski

Ania Kuskowski is a fashion expert from Montreal, Canada. After years of working at various international fashion houses she founded Pursebox, a curation of must-have purses for every occasion. Her online store is a selection of trendy designer handbags featuring a mix of popular and up-and-coming brands from around the world. Visit to find your ideal purse.”

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