Muse-Worthy: 5 Street Style Looks to Emulate post image

I admit that I love looking at street style pics.  Not only do I love looking at pretty fashion, but I also find some great inspiration from these pictures, too.  Street style is a great way to get the creative juices flowing to help inspire you to create new looks with what you already have in your closet or to help you achieve that certain look when shopping for new items to add to your wardrobe.  Or maybe you have that impulse buy – the one that you feel instantly in love with but still hangs in your closet with the tags on – another reason to check out some great street style.

So here are 5 fabulous winter looks to copy now or to put your own fashionista twist on: [continue reading…]

10 Ways To Boost Your Wardrobe for 2013 post image

Well here we are – already a few weeks into 2013!  One thing that I love to do in the new year is to boost my wardrobe.  Now is the perfect time to invest in some great new wardrobe staples (great sales are still going on!) or bring in some new versions to add to the ones you already have.  Doing this will help freshen up your closet, spices up your looks and it’s a great way to start the year off on a stylish foot.

Here are 10 easy ways to boost your wardrobe for 2013. [continue reading…]

Best Workout Gear to Get Your Fitness On In 2013 post image

Happy New Year and welcome to 2013!  I’m hoping everyone’s holidays were absolutely fabulous and if they were anything like mine, you overindulged in plenty of food and drink. And now that can only mean one thing – time to hit the gym to drop those holiday pounds and start those New Year’s resolutions.

Hitting the gym can be tough, but looking fabulous while breaking a sweat doesn’t have to be and investing in some new fitness gear is always an extra little motivator to get that workout in.  So here are 10 great items to get your fitness on in style! [continue reading…]

Trend to Try: Tartan post image

Trend to Try: Tartan

It girls are rocking it, runways were strutting it – tartan print is definitely a new trend to try.  The perfect blend of prep, edge, and Scottish-class, this trend is super fun to incorporate into your current winter wardrobes.  Coming in everything from flirty skirts to playful tights to amazing accessories, adding tartan to any wardrobe is completely doable, regardless of your style.

Here are 10 of my favorite tartan pieces for winter: [continue reading…]

Style Guide: 3 Last Minute Holiday Outfit Ideas post image

Can you believe that we’re already way past the half point of December?!  I feel like this year, and especially this month, have flown by and with all of the gift shopping and holiday party planning, my outfit choices for the big days have been pushed aside.

There are so many different ways to celebrate the holidays, but looking fabulous is always a must, so here are some last minute outfit ideas to help you prep your look for any style occasion! [continue reading…]

A Worthy Investment: Funky Winter Knits post image

Winter is slowly creeping up and that only means one thing: serious sweater season.  This year has me the most excited because there are so many awesome and interesting styles to liven up your sweater wardrobe.  Crazy embellishments, sheer styles, one-sleeved, graphic – you name it, it’s out there. And there’s no better way to give your winter wardrobe a boost than to invest in a funky version of your cold weather staple.

So here are 10 interesting and eye catching sweater styles to get you through the season. [continue reading…]

Holiday Gift Ideas Part 2: For the Ladies in Your Life post image

Welcome to part two of my holiday gift series and it’s all about the wonderful ladies in your life!  Where would we be without our girlfriends, sisters, and moms by our sides?  They’re there with us every step of the way, are shoulders to cry on, our best support system, and the people we love to have fun with and because of that they deserve a little something special for being such a fabulous part of your life.  Here are some gift ideas for these amazing women to help you find the perfect gift.

Please note, I know that there are also rockin’ grandmas and aunts out there too but I kept it to the basics here or this list could have gone on forever.  The gifts on this list are also great options for those fab ladies in your life, too!

[continue reading…]

Celeb Style Muse: Elizabeth Olsen post image

Just when we thought the Olsen fashion powerhouse couldn’t get any better, we were introduced to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s younger sister Elizabeth. As soon as she burst on the scene, it was style love at first sight. It’s not a big surprise that she has killer style like her older twin sisters, but Elizabeth herself is becoming quite the style icon.

What I love most about E.O. is her incredibly strong sense of style and her ability to take on any trend or look without losing that sense.

Read on for three style rules to follow if you want to incorporate some of Elizabeth’s style-savvy into your wardrobe. [continue reading…]

ANM Style Guide: How to Pull Off Printed Pants post image

Want to know how to get a leg up on looking super fashionable and trendy?  Try a printed pant please! This trend, although not new, has continued throughout this fall/ winter and will keep going through Spring 2013, so you better get your print on! Geometric, flower, jacquard, and animal print pants can create both casual and dressy bold outfits that have that added punch that will have people turning heads… and believe me it will be in a good way.

I know what you are thinking, NO WAY! I have no idea how to make these pants look good, they will not be flattering on me, I will look like a clown, blah, blah, blah…. But you are wrong! If you wear them properly and you heed my advice below, you will hit a whole new level of fashion-forward.

This season there are printed pants in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Obviously some are more Oh my print! than others, but there are so many options, both subtle and bold, that I am certain that you will be able to find one that will have you saying printed pants please!

[continue reading…]

Shade to Crave: Oxblood post image

Shade to Crave: Oxblood

One of my absolute favorite trends this season is oxblood.  This super rich, super sexy color is the perfect antidote for the drab shades of black and grey that usually dominate during the colder months. Oxblood has been everywhere this season and we’re seeing it on just about every celebrity and style-setter out there. It’s not hard to understand why,  this perfect red hue looks amazing on everyone. This shade also manages to be subdued enough for day and sultry enough to pull off at night.

Whether you’re looking to deck yourself out or just invest in a few accessories in the trendy color, I’ve got you covered with 10 of the best oxblood pieces out there. [continue reading…]

3 Fabulous Fall/Winter Outfits Under $80 post image

The cold weather is officially upon us (some of you have even experience snow already) so it’s really time to start investing in some new cold weather gear.  And while the sound of that is music to our ears, it’s not necessarily for our wallet.  I always suggest buying a few key investment pieces each season, or something you’re so madly in love with that you’ll use your money’s worth out of it, but for everything else there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a budget.

I scoured some of my favorite budget friendly stores to come up with some great outfit ideas that keep with the season’s best trends, all for under $80. [continue reading…]

Celeb Style Steal: Rachel Bilson in A.L.C post image

When it comes to effortlessly polished style with a funky fashion-forward twist, Rachel Bilson is in a class of her own. Rachel’s looks always strike the perfect balance of classic and cutting edge. Exhibit A of her flawless style savvy: the perfectly on-point look she rocked while hosting a brunch at Laurel Hardware.

What better way to kick off our weekly celeb style steal series than with this on-point ensemble?

[continue reading…]

3 New Ways to Wear A Classic White Button Down post image

Most of us have at least one white button up shirt in our wardrobe. While it is a pretty universal closet staple, most of us don’t rock this classic, and highly versatile piece as much as we should, keeping it on the back-burner only to be worn on job interviews and other events that call for corporate attire.Well, that doesn’t need to be the case anymore!

Check out three totally new and fresh ways to wear your favorite white button down. [continue reading…]

One Shoe, Three Looks: How to Wear Biker Boots post image

I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends the other day and she mentioned how she loves motorcycle boots, but has no idea how to incorporate them into her current wardrobe.  I’ve heard this a lot in the past couple months, so I figured I’d share with you the easy ways you can incorporate this awesome flat boot into a variety of your looks.

Motorcycle boots have a tendency to come off a bit tough (think Rooney Mara in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), but they’re really much more versatile and easy to wear.

Want proof? Check out these three totally different ways to rock this “hardcore” style using  Steve Madden’s Tarnney Boots.

[continue reading…]

Celeb Style Inspiration: Do Denim Like Jessica Alba post image

If you’ve been watching Jessica Alba’s street style at all, you know girlfriend was born to rock some serious denim. Our girl Jessica is such a jean expert that People Magazine’s StyleWatch named her their first ever Denim Style Setter of the Year in their October issue.

Not afraid to take fashion risks, Jessica wears every cut, color, and print under the sun and does it with ease. No matter what you’re personal style, denim is a universal wardrobe staple so we can all definitely take some major pointers from this denim superstar.

Read on for five lessons J.A. has taught us on how to rock some serious denim:

[continue reading…]

Fall Coats for Every Occasion (and Temperature!) post image

Fall can be categorized as a season of changes:  temperatures shifting with the rising and setting sun; weather which is unpredictable and ever-changing; leaves turning beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow; excited parents and children (not) filled with eager anticipation of the first day of school;  and, for the fashion conscious among us, a time when summer clothes are shed and layering up comes in style.

Fall’s fickleness has had me in a Fall frenzy. In NYC, where weather changes by the minute (hot, sunny, foggy, rainy, freezing),  each day is a challenge.  The key to staying warm and trendy, whether it’s a freezing or fiery Fall day, is having the right top layer…different jackets for all of Fall. Do this, and Fall will be your friend rather than your foe!

This Fall, one jacket is simply not going to be enough. Luckily I think I have just as many trendy Fall jacket options, as possible climate changes… or at least I hope so. So for those hot, humid, sunny, breezy, chilly, foggy, drizzly, rainy, and downright cold days; I have a jean jacket, bomber, army, mixed media, leather, motorcycle, and trench coat waiting in my closet prepared for whatever Fall will throw at me.

So is fall a fickle foe making me crazy with all these changes? Hmm maybe more a fickle friend that has provided the need for stuff I love: more shopping and looking cute and trendy… how can I complain about that?

Check below for some killer fall jacket options at both splurge and steal prices that will have you prepared for it all this Fall!

[continue reading…]

Look We Love: Leather Sleeves post image

Look We Love: Leather Sleeves

One celeb trend that I’m totally digging is the leather sleeve coat.  Seen on everyone from Jessica Alba to Elizabeth Olsen, it’s such a fabulous style that anyone can pull off.  It’s the perfect combo of chic and rock star and it really adds some punch to your look.

Read on for 10 ways to rock the look.

[continue reading…]

Essential Accessories for Fall post image

Essential Accessories for Fall

It’s officially fall: the leaves have changed, the temp has dropped, and sweater weather is officially upon us.  And, with fall comes changes in accessories and must have essentials.  This season is a great time to invest in some new and long-term pieces that will last you through to spring and well into next year’s fall.

So here are 5 accessories that be your go-to, won’t get sick of pieces that will become staples in your wardrobe. [continue reading…]

Fall Sweater Alternatives post image

Fall Sweater Alternatives

Fall is in the air and it makes me happy that I can un-store my favorite sweaters and invest in some new ones.  But what I’m even more excited for are the alternatives to sweaters that are so amazing this season.  I’m talking capes and ponchos that you don’t want to pass up!

What’s great about these alternatives is that it allows you to play up your wardrobe a bit and add something unexpected.  So here are my five must haves for fall’s sweater alternatives:

[continue reading…]

5 Fall Shoe Essentials post image

5 Fall Shoe Essentials

Ahh, fall shoe shopping – those three little words make me so happy!  Nothing comes between a girl and her shoes, so having reason to go buy a new pair (or several) is sweet music to my ears.  Fall is right around the corner, so it’s time to start planning which shoes you’re going to be investing in.  Pick a trend or two that you’re totally craving and start there.

So here we go – here are 5 fall styles every girl should have in her closet. [continue reading…]

Summer Pieces You Can Wear For Fall post image

Fall is just around the corner and with that comes the looming realization that it’s time to start making some new wardrobe purchases.  Yes, it’s exciting to go shopping for new trends, but don’t you feel like you’re abandoning last season’s investments or that you never got enough use out of them?  Well, feel that way no longer!  It’s all about transitioning those summer purchases into fall while still looking like you’re dressing for the right season.

Here are some easy ways you can include your summer pieces into your fall wardrobe: [continue reading…]

5 Blazers Every Woman Should Invest In post image

I was going through my closet just the other day and couldn’t get over how many blazers I’ve collected over the years, and with the number I’m pushing you can probably officially call me a junky. But before you go judging, let me explain that you can never have too many blazers. You can narrow it down though and once I really started thinking about it, I realized that there are five blazers that every woman should invest in.

These five blazers will make sure you get through every event, every date, every night out with friends, everyday at work – whatever the occasion, you’ll look fabulous doing it.  Here are my top five picks:

[continue reading…]

Handbags to Invest in Now and Carry Forever post image

Handbags are such a large part of our everyday lives – they must function as both fashionable accessory and as a reliable holder of our necessities. But as we all know, handbags can be a pricey investment so buying a whole slew of new ones with each turn of the weather isn’t the most practical for the vast majority of us.

So, with that I suggest investing in a few classic, timeless bags that will last you and look fab forever. [continue reading…]

End of Summer Dresses Under $50 post image

The end of summer is a perennial bummer. Adding insult to injury, I inevitably start to get a bit bored with my summer wardrobe during this final stretch. In addition to feeling tired of the same old cut-offs and summer dresses, there’s also the fact that the last month of summer is usually packed with parties to cram in as much fun in the little time we have left. As such a new purchase (or two or three) is justifiable… as long as you’re smart about it.

You don’t want to invest too much money in an outfit with a limited shelf life and you probably also don’t want to buy something amazing only to wear it once and then send it into storage until next summer. There’s also the fact that all that fun in the sun can often drain your funds leaving you with little to work with by this stage in the game.

If you’re itching for something new, the best solution is an affordable style that is versatile enough to be worn through the fall. Fortunately, I’ve rounded up 10 suggestions that fit the bill. Check out my top picks for versatile summer styles under $50 with tips on how to make the transition to fall. [continue reading…]

ANM Links post image

ANM Links

9 Reasons You Suck At Relationships And How To Get Better – The Frisky

7 Ways to Stay Fit Outside the Gym – Her Campus

Why You Should Skip Artificial Sweeteners – Blisstree

6 Foods That Make You More Beautiful – You Beauty

5 Things You Should Never Wear on a First Date – Betty Confidential

How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Make Plans With Me? – Maneater Blog

3 Must-Have Summer Sunglasses post image

3 Must-Have Summer Sunglasses

One essential in any girl’s wardrobe is a great pair of sunglasses.  Such a small accessory but it makes such a huge statement.

What I love about sunglasses is that they not only add to your look, but they express how you feel – I definitely have sunnies for my different moods!  So with summer in full force, it’s time to invest in a new pair.

Here are my favorite picks for a seriously shade-y summer: [continue reading…]

Must-Have Summer Shorts post image

Must-Have Summer Shorts

Shorts are a staple piece for any girl during these hot summer months.  They’re super easy to throw on when you run out to do errands or they can be dressed up for a night out on the town. This summer we are bombarded with so many different options it’s hard to figure out where to even start!

To help you on your way, here are my short essentials to get you through all of your fab summer events [continue reading…]

ANM Style Guide: What to Wear to Summer’s Music Festivals post image

As if there wasn’t already enough to love about summer, the season brings us a TON of awesome music festivals.  Whatever your genre of interest is, there’s something for everyone and with so many options it isn’t a surprise that most of us go to at least one during the summer months.  For those of us going, figuring out what to wear can be an issue – you want to look fab and be comfortable so outfit ideas can be a struggle.  Here are my tips and styles to get you through your summer festival looking and feeling amazing!

[continue reading…]

How to Go Sheer and Stay Classy post image

Sheer is all the rage right now for spring and I’m totally loving it. The reason? It’s the perfect way to cover up a little while still showing some skin and also keeping cool in the warming weather. Harper’s Bazaar termed it “sheer glory” in their “Street Style Trend Report: Spring 2012” online article and if done right you’ll look nothing but glorious rocking your sheer numbers. Here are some of my fave picks and tips to help you get your spring sheer on. [continue reading…]

Pastel Pieces to Buy and Wear Now post image

Pastels are a HUGE trend for spring and there’s nothing better than the light, pretty, feminine colors to really get you in the mood for spring!  The great thing about pastels is that they allow you to introduce color to your ensemble without being too loud.  Or when you pair pastels together you get a gorgeous, feminine look without being too in-your-face.

Here are the pastel pieces I love to buy and wear now! [continue reading…]

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