Shade to Crave: Mint post image

Shade to Crave: Mint

I have to say, I was embarrassingly excited by the mint-invasion on the Spring 2012 runways. Mint has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. My carpet growing up was mint, my comforters (from college onward) were always mint, my vanity is mint– suffice to say I’m a fan! Unfortunately, mint has always remained home decor- only for me since it was so seldom found on the clothing racks.

Well not anymore! Mint made a major splash on this season’s runways, making its way onto everything–dresses, gowns, pants, blazers, bikinis. even shoes and accessories.

Read on for my favorite minty finds!

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Get the Perfect Summer Look post image

Get the Perfect Summer Look

Summer’s nearly here. Your calendar will be filling up with important dates that all require an outfit. Whether you’re heading to a day at the races, enjoying summer days out with the girls, or you’ve got a couple of weddings on the horizon, it’s time to start giving the all important outfit some thought.

To stay up in the style stakes this year, it’s all about bright block colors, floral designs and bold eye-catching prints. But you can’t just get it right with one piece, it’s all about coordinating that whole outfit. [continue reading…]

Top 5 Must-Have Spring Shoes post image

Top 5 Must-Have Spring Shoes

Shoes – a girl’s best friend (at least in my opinion)! It seems like we can’t ever have too many, and spring’s fab styles definitely won’t let us down. Shoes are a great way to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe and they can be worn in a variety of different ways.

If you’re not sure how to wear a trend or are looking for subtle ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe then check out the fab shoes available now to brighten up for spring! Try a bold color, a metallic, or a new style or silhouette to give some life to your feet.

Here are my picks for footwear you need to buy and wear now! [continue reading…]

Trend Clash: Print Versus Nautical post image

It’s a big decision. One that needs to done right too. Forget about sorting your foreign currency in advance. Forget about picking up a phrase book. What’s no doubt running through your mind before you hit sunnier shores is what swimwear you’ll be wearing when you step out onto the beach.

You’ve read the magazines. You’ve seen what the celebs are wearing. You’ve read all the blurb about what styles best suit your shape. Still pulling your hair out in the midst of a bikinis, tankinis, sun hats and sandals? Come on. It’s time to hold it together.

The run up to your holiday should be full of excitement. Not stress. So let us do the work for you and have a run through of two of the biggest swimwear trends for this summer. [continue reading…]

Shade to Crave: Tangerine post image

Shade to Crave: Tangerine

Of all the fun and fresh shades seen on the Spring 2012 runways, none shined brighter or made more of a splash than tangerine. Dresses, skirts, tops, bags, jewelry, shoes, lipstick–no style or beauty item was spared from the tangerine tango!

Tangerine is similar to red in that is commands attention and works best when teamed with a whopping dose of confidence. The difference is in the fact that tangerine is less overtly sexual, falling more on the funky, fashion-forward end.

The best part about this color is it requires as much or as little effort as you’d like to put in. Tangerine pieces are strong enough to work on their own or can be complemented with strategic accessories. You can temper your tangerine piece with a neutral items or team it with other bright shades for a cool., colorblock style. Looking great is a guarantee either way.

Check out my roundup of the coolest ways to incorporate this color into your look.

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Spring 2012 Trends: From the Runway to Your Way post image

Ah, the ever so fabulous fashion show.  The theatrics of them are enough to draw you in, but then add the clothes and accessories and what’s not to love?!  Twice a year they come around in the form of Fashion Week and women fawn over them like men do March Madness games.  But each Fashion Week brings the same conundrum for many of us – we covet the designs, love the trends, but have no idea how in the world to translate these looks to our everyday lives (and not have others look at us like we walked off the set of Alice & Wonderland).

Spring is officially here, so it’s time to give some of those trends you’ve been coveting a try!  Here are my versions of a few of Spring’s hottest runway trends that you can wear everyday. [continue reading…]

A Worthy Investment: Colorblock Handbags post image

The color block trend is still going strong and was all over the Spring 2012 runways. This look is a timeless favorite for the sunnier seasons and is the perfect way to brighten up your look without looking like a Crayola box.

Creating a head-to-toe colorblock look can be a little tricky, though. In addition to taking time, it also requires resources, especially for those of us who live our lives in neutrals. A much easier and cost-effective way to bring this trend into your wardrobe is with a colorblock handbag. I’m sure you know that the right handbag has the power to transform an entire outfit which is why handbags are universally considered to be worthy investments.

A colorblock bag can add a burst of fun into your look without taking you into a direction you’re not fully comfortable with. It can be used to complement an already colorful look or to breath some life into a simpler style.

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Top Trends for Spring 2012 post image

Top Trends for Spring 2012

Fashion will be light, bright and breezy this month as we gear up for the new season’s hottest trends. Spring typically sees colors shift from the dark tones of winter to soft hues and delicate prints, with March the ideal month to host this transition. As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, March is a pivotal point in any girl’s fashion calendar. To guide you into the season in all the latest styles, take a look at these top trends for spring 2012. [continue reading…]

Trend to Try: Pretty Pleats post image

Trend to Try: Pretty Pleats

Pretty pleats made a major splash on the Spring 2012 runways, where we saw a plethora of pleated pieces in all shapes and shades. And these weren’t your average school-girl pleats. Instead, they took on a more grown-up form, radiating ladylike refinement with an unexpected touch of cool.

Pleats can also be quite practical. For day, keep it sleek with a crisp button up or casual knit with structured pumps or basic flats. For night, you can have a little more fun and add a bit of an edge to the look with daring platforms, statement jewelry and a cropped bomber or cool vest.

Being unexpected, yet cohesive, is the most fundamental aspect of being fashionable. So play around and mix it up. Have fun with the look and make sure you make it your own by throwing in a few signatures.

Check out my top 10 pretty pleated styles. [continue reading…]

ANM Must-Have: Standout Statement Rings post image

We convey just as much through our hands as we do with our faces (especially those of us who can’t speak without wild hand motions like yours truly!). As such, we should pay a bit more mind to how we adorn them.

I’m a big believer in big, oversized rings as signature staples. I have a gorgeous vintage cocktail ring that I wear every day and no matter what I’m wearing, that’s the piece that gets all the compliments and attention!

A standout statement ring is one of the worthiest investments you can make because you can wear it every single day, with every single item in your closet. Wear a few crazy cocktail rings for an avant-garde style, or be selective and choose just one for a minimally fashion-forward look.

Check out my top 10 crazy cocktail ring picks!

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ANM Must-Have: Transitional Knits Under $100 post image

Happy transitional season! During the coming sorta warm, kinda cold months, there is one essential item no closet should be without: the transitional sweater. A transitional sweater is one that can be layered over your winter ensembles to add some extra warmth, but still relaxed, and lightweight  enough to team with your spring pieces. It has neither the bulk of a winter knit nor the airy barely-there feel of a spring style. Instead, it strikes just the right balance.

A transitional knit is an obvious worthy investment since you get significantly more mileage out of it. To take it a step further, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite styles for under $100.

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Spotlight On 3.1 Phillip Lim and a Chance to Win A $100 Gift Card from Shopbop post image

When it comes to fashion, most of us aim to create our own unique, personal styles. We may look to celebrities for inspiration, or switch things up to suit the places we’re going, but in the end, most of us gravitate towards what which speaks to us. For some it may be grunge, for others it may be sleek sophistication.

Whatever your personal style is, Shopbop, a premier online retailer of all things fashion, can help you take take it to the next level. To help you get there, we are giving away a $100 giftcard to Shopbop. As a bonus, we asked them to do a profile on one of their most popular brands. [continue reading…]

Spotlight On Style United: A Personalized Fashion and Beauty Experience post image

One of the perks of working in the fashion and beauty industry is learning about the latest websites that provide truly unique, personalized experience. My latest obsession is Style United, the latest venture from P&G Beauty, which provides women with a one-stop destination for head-to-toe fashion and beauty consultations, recommendations and news.

The site features exclusive articles, slideshows, blog posts and how-to videos from P&G industry experts includes influential stylists, bloggers and online editors. The Style United team tailors content based on results from Style 360, a diagnostic tool to understand a user’s unique skincare, haircare, cosmetics and fashion needs. What that means is each time you visit the site you’ll receive recommendations base don what works best for you, kinda cool, right? [continue reading…]

A Worthy Investment: Candy Colored Coats post image

The candy colored coat trend on this season’s runways was definitely a standout trend, and one that I firmly stand behind! During the dark, dreary days of winter, there is nothing more refreshing that unexpected bursts of colors and with these new styles, you get to be the transmitter of such joy to the world.

Coats in general are definitely worthy investments for winter because they basically serve as our daily ensembles. As Kate Middleton, or rather, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, demonstrates time and time again, a good coat (or dozens of them, in her case) is a wardrobe essentials that can create a sleek, polished, sophisticated style like nothing else.

In addition to being on-trend, bringing a bright coat into your wardrobe can lift your mood and make you more attractive to others. The link between color and mood has been tested and proven time and time again, it’s why actors go into a green room before an appearance and the reason doctors where pale blue scrubs (both green and blue are known to be calming shades). Then there are intense shades like red and orange which can make you feel bold, confident and incredibly sexy. Anyone who has ever experimented with bold colors has undoubtedly experienced this phenomenon for themselves.

Whether your wardrobe is bursting with color or crammed with dreary shades to match the weather outside, a bright coat is definitely a worthy investment that will make a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

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ANM Spotlight:, High-Quality Glasses at Affordable Prices post image

Glasses are a cute accessory for some and a necessity for others. Either way, a quality pair can be extremely expensive.

I personally have been glasses-less for several years, relying on my contacts instead and using an old pair of glasses with one of the arms missing at night. The reason? I didn’t want to have to shell out an insane amount of cash (and I was also peeved by the fact that they claimed the broken handle was ‘beyond repair’).

My stubborn streak has finally come to an end, however. The reason?, an e-boutique that sells prescription glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices (all styles are under $120!).

The founders of the site, like so many of us, couldn’t understand why glasses were so obscenely expensive, sometimes costing as much as a new computer or trip to Vegas. As a result, they set out to bring the style and quality of European eyewear to North America, effectively putting an end to the myth that fashionable frames always cost a fortune.

Another great thing about BonLook is they provide a useful and effective online shopping experience. In addition to product shots, they provide model shots and specific dimensions  so you know how exactly how to frames will sit on your face. For those who can’t buy unless they try, there is a virtual try-on app that allows you to virtually test out the frames using a photo or a webcam.

The styles on the site are all stylish, high-quality and cutting edge. They are also extremely flattering–as I learned when I met with the founders and got to try on almost every style–so there is very little room for error!

Of all the awesome specs, I rounded up my top 5 favorites (I’m still trying to decide which ones to buy but may end up getting several given the amazing prices!). [continue reading…]

A Worthy Investment: Tie-Neck Blouse post image

The best way to freshen up your look is not by going out on a  major shopping spree. The smarter (and more economical) approach is to invest in key pieces that can update what you already own.

Right now I am absolutely loving tie-neck blouses. They have a retro, secretary-chic feel to them that looks fun and unexpected when teamed with more modern pieces.

The obvious styling route to take is pairing this blouse with a pencil skirt or tailored trousers for a clean and classic work-day style. However, it can easily go beyond the boardroom with a bit of creativity. Team it with cutoffs like Alexa Chung for a street chic look, or with cool leather shorts and leopard pumps like Olivia Palermo for a date-night ensemble that is both classy and enticing.

A leopard printed tie-neck blouse, like the one seen on everyone’s favorite royal-in-law, Pippa Middleton, is the perfect way to wear animal prints in the day time. Just be sure to follow Pippa’s lead by teaming it with simple, everyday basics. One of my favorite ways to wear a tie-neck is with wide-leg jeans, as seen on Rachel Bilson, for more polished take on the ubiquitous boho-chic look.

Yes, there is so much you can do with a tie-neck blouse which is why we’ve deemed it an investment worth making. [continue reading…]

Celeb Style Inspiration: How to Wear a Maxi Skirt post image

The maxi skirt is by far my favorite fashion piece. Maxis are comfortable, easy-to-wear and give your look a cool laid back feel. The downside is that this key piece can be tricky to wear. When done right, a maxi can be fresh, cutting edge and enviably cool. When done wrong, however, you can look dowdy, frumpy and sloppy.

The most important rule when it comes to maxis is to make sure to keep your proportions balanced. If you’re wearing a flowy maxi, keep the rest of your look structured or streamlined. If your maxi is form-fitted, you can go for an allover streamlined look (add platforms or wedges for a super slimming effect) or incorporate some looser layers into your look.

There’s nothing wrong with looking to famous style setters for some inspiration, especially when it comes to trickier pieces (they do have access to the best stylists in the world, after all). Read on to learn how to recreate the four fabulous maxi-looks pictured above. [continue reading…]

My Fall 2011 Fashion Wish List post image

My Fall 2011 Fashion Wish List

Every season I like to invest in a few key pieces to update my existing wardrobe and keep things fresh. The Fall 2011 runways were especially refreshing, offering a range of cool new styles that were more innovative than those seen in season’s past, yet still timeless enough to wear for years to come.

After careful consideration, I’ve come up with a list of five essential fall buys that will help me (and most of you!) get more mileage out of the items in my closet.

[continue reading…]

How to Wear Now: Altuzarra Spring 2012 RTW post image

Relatively new to the Fashion Week scene, Joseph Altuzarra has already made a name for himself as a fashion rule bender, breaker (and creator)–a designer who breaks convention in an all consuming desire to move fashion forward.  Altuzarra’s latest Fashion Week appearance was no different.

Creating a clothing line which is sure to be coveted and imitated this spring, Altuzarra’s collection can best be described as motorcycle-maven-meets- Hawaiian-tropics; a line which will be adored by the girl who likes sipping Pina Coladas, and yet would rather travel in the fast lane, than be caught in the rain. The collection is, without a doubt, an urban jungle extravaganza.

Altuzarra began his show with a series of ultra-sporty, yet sophisticated and sleek, duo-chromatic black and white looks. His styles included a whole lot of leather, perforation, and form-fitting looks that would make that urban biker girl rev with excitement. These girls were all harnessed and buckled up with seatbelt details, adding more of an edge to these sporty looks. [continue reading…]

How to Wear Now: 3.1 Phillip Lim RTW post image

For a collection inspired by a kite, Phillip Lim not only has me soaring but singing as well…Let’s go fly a kite up to the highest height. Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring. Up through the atmosphere, up.

Now that I am done making a fool of myself quoting a Disney childhood favorite, I can say that Phillip Lim’s “kite”-song managed to do just what Mary Poppins, Bert, and the kids wanted to do, but in fashion form– create a fabulous athletic inspired sportswear collection that is not only airy, light and comfy looking, but one that is tailored and structured enough to soar to the highest height. The minimalism of his collection created a moment of calm and clarity amongst the bold and loud that marked many of the Spring 2012 collections.

Lim’s collection featured airy, wind-struck looks that emit a sporty and comfortable feel while maintaining a ladylike sophistication created by sharp tailoring and elegant draping. While it can be tempting for most women to choose fashion over comfort, with this collection, you can have both. I am all for the comfort-chic look if it includes oversized jackets with tail collars, racerback tanks and dresses with geometric billowing ruffles, dual-zipper trousers that expand and contract to the desired fit, slouchy trousers with tuxedo stripes clear jackets and footwear. [continue reading…]

Celeb Style Inspiration: Emma Roberts post image

For a young starlet who has spent most of her career doing teeny-bopper movies and TV shows, Emma Roberts has shown a remarkable ability to transition her wardrobe from the “cutesy young teen” category to a sophisticated, yet youthful style.

Unlike the many child/teen stars before her, who have been hopelessly typecast and have rapidly descended into career hell (only to emerge on Nick at Night reruns, reunion shows, or mug shot halls of fame), Emma has successfully made the transition to bigger and better roles.  Fortunately for her – and us — her wardrobe has followed suit.  Whether on the red-carpet, at a party, shopping, or out with her current boyfriend, Glee star Chord Overstreet, Emma has demonstrated a keen ability to create a diverse array of looks that are jaw dropping from head-to-toe. In fact, other than her arm candy, I seem to find myself staring at her shoes more than any of the other fabulous pieces she is wearing.

Emma seems to enjoy switching up her style and trying different bold colors, patterns, and trends, selecting shoes that either compliment her outfit or act as the standouts. Blazing her own trail, Emma resists the temptation to wear of-the-moment styles, like those insane thigh-high black high-heeled patent boots made famous by her even more famous and fabulous aunt, Julia Roberts.  Even when Emma’s shoe choices are not intended to be the focal point of her outfit, it is hard not be in lust with her shoe choices.

Of her collection, sky-scraper pumps, wedges, flats, and boots seem to among her favorites, yet her varying use of these shoe closet staples is anything but boring. Varying heights, fabrics, colors, and small details make her shoe collection come alive and make me feel the need to stray from purchasing basic shoe closet staples (mostly in black) and begin having some fun with my shoe purchases! [continue reading…]

Trend to Rediscover: Friendship Bracelets post image

The go-to accessory of our tween years has resurfaced as the accessory dujour for all ages. I’m talking about friendship bracelets! Even though this one is filed under ‘trend I never ever thought I’d see again,’ I have to say I’ve taken a strong liking to the interpretations of this childhood staple.

Today’s friendship bracelets are cool and quirky with a bit of a bohemian edge. Wear one to give your look an understated touch of the unexpected or layer on a bunch to make more of a statement. You can be generous and share the love with your girlfriends or keep this look all your own!

There are so many rad styles out there to complement your look. You can invest in a high-end style or buy a bunch of cheaper options. As is the case with real life friendships, the choice between quality vs. quantity is up to you!

Read on for our favorite styles. BFFAEAE!

[continue reading…]

94 Days of Summer Shorts All Under $94 post image

This summer I have been a sucker for the adorable array of shorts with which the stores have been filled. Usually during the summer season, I wear cute dresses and skirts; this year, however, I find myself wearing shorts more and more. I have even noticed that it is easier for me to find cute shorts than to find cute skirts this summer. The short has become this summer’s “item to wear”, whether by day, night, or anything in between.

No longer do the shorts carried by the stores consist of basic blacks, whites, beiges, and denims. This summer variety is the key and the number of “short” possibilities seem endless, probably enough to fill your entire closet and to allow you to wear shorts on each of the 94 days of summer.

So if someone asks you who wears short shorts? You can say…. I do, but I also wear high-waisted, cutoffs, cuffed, paper bag, denim, pleated, and a whole bunch of others as well! Check below for my picks for the 94 shortsto carry you through the summer (and into the fall when worn with tights) all for under $94! [continue reading…]

Bright Ideas for Bright Clothing post image

Although the vast majority of items in my closet trend toward neutrals and blacks, I can’t help but be drawn to all the amazing bright pieces in stores for the summer. Perhaps it is the beautiful weather… when it isn’t raining, hailing, flooding or overcome by tornadoes, that is. While it may be a bit of wishful thinking on my part, my sincere view is that if I wear bright clothes the weather will follow suit.

Whatever the reason is, the bright pieces I keep seeing are exactly what I need to fill the void of bold summer items in my wardrobe. While I’m well aware of the deficiencies in my closet, a part of me knows that when push comes to shove I will more times than not end up just wearing black. Walking down the streets of NYC I find that even in summer I’m not the only one who is color shy… the streets and sidewalks of New York are filled with fashionistas wearing neutral and black items, which is totally out of sync with the bright colors seen in stores and on runways.

The neutral/dark palette phenomenon is one I attribute to the fact that bright and bold colors can seem rather daunting to wear. But fear not clothing compadres, while it may seem that bold and bright colors are difficult to incorporate into your outfits, or are too showy for your personality, there are a ton of runway inspired ways to add some bright boldness into your wardrobe no matter the color of your personality or the state of your bank account.

Check below for some bright ideas on how to add those trendy bright colors to your wardrobe this summer, while remaining true to your color personality and style.  [continue reading…]

Trend to Try: Boho Feathers post image

Trend to Try: Boho Feathers

Yankee Doodle was definitely onto something when he stuck that feather in his hat (and called is macaroni), and gets credit for being the first to discover how fashionable feathers can be!

It may have taken us a while to catch on, but feathers are officially the ultimate way to spruce up your summer style. And there are all sorts of feathered confections to choose from: from feather hair extensions, necklaces and earrings to feather flourishes on handbags and, of course, hats!

Whether you choose something statement-making or more subdued, feathers are totally on par with this seasons ’70s trend and radiate that cool, laid-back, effortlessness that is so totally boho.

[continue reading…]

How to Shop Your Mom’s Closet post image

Many of today’s trends are throwbacks to the times when our mothers were growing up so why not go shopping in the most unlikely of places … your mother’s closet!

Fortunately for me, and perhaps my wallet as well, my mother used to be a fashion designer.  She is also, pardon the pun, a “closet” hoarder… while she hasn’t been buried alive yet, if she keeps up it, ohhh boy, we are going to have problems in my house.  Over the years, my mother has stowed away an insane amount of her favorite pieces/random things from her wardrobe (a trait she picked up from my grandmother who is also a secret hoarder and the next stop on my closet shopping tour). I, being the nosy, loving, daughter, have a favorite past time of looking through her clothes from yesteryear (items which are distributed throughout not only my house, but my grandmother’s as well) and appropriating to myself her old things which, now are amazing vintage pieces.

When I was younger, my mom used to show me all of her favorite possessions, which included items with crazy prints, weird shapes, matching sets, and, yikes, SHOULDER PADS (one trend I will never understand or like). Not the savvy vintage shopper when I was young, I shunned these pieces, questioning my mother’s fashion sense for having ever worn these items in the first place. Now. however,  I see her closet as fertile buying opportunity, a place where I can add to my collection items that offer a unique take on today’s trends. The best part is that they are available to me alone (and perhaps the few people who kept them from years ago). What I realized was that today, in order to create looks which are wearable and trendy, you need to look past what is on the hanger and update your looks through tailoring, customizing, and styling.

I know not everyone has a mother who likes to hoard her most favorite designs and clothing purchases, even those that she wore years ago. Still, why not take a shot at shopping in your mother’s closet?  While you may come up zeroes, there is a chance you will be able to match today’s trends without putting a serious crimp on your bank account!!

Check below for some tips on how to shop in your mom’s closet and also check out my Spring/Summer 2011 finds in Gracielas’s (my mom’s) closet! [continue reading…]

One Investment Piece, Six Ways to Wear It post image

Three things you should know about me:
1. I just moved into my first New York City apartment after graduating from college, meaning rent and apartment bills have nearly consumed all of my funds.
2. I graduated with a degree in business administration, meaning I apologize in advance for the boring jargon below.
3. I am a shopping addict.

With NYC rent being obscenely expensive, and my funds being obscenely low, any smart well meaning person would advise me to “save, save, save”, wherever and whenever possible. My response is that I am a shopping addict (see clause 3 above), and asking me to limit my clothing purchases is just cruel!

Rather than listen to all the sensible people out there, my shopping advice will now all be coming from my finance professor. No, I will not be wearing blue blazers and khaki pants, his outfit of choice, but rather, I will be heeding to his wise advice concerning money management and purchasing this $495 Alice + Olivia Leather Tulip Skirt. While I know spending nearly $500 (sadly only a small portion of my rent money) on a skirt is by no means saving money (I’m no dummy!), it has great ROI (return on investment for those non-business minded folks) and I learned in class that ROI is king.

But before we get to the finance, lets talk fashion! This skirt is a great investment because of its versatility. Not only is it one of Spring’s trendier choices (neutrals are hot right now), but it is also classically shaped and timeless. In addition to loving the color and shape, I am a huge fan of leather and a well-made leather piece is known to have a good shelf life. Mix this skirt with in-season trends and you will always look fashionable and trendy no matter the year or season!

And now for the financial view—I invest $495 now and in return I get a ton of fashionable outfits for the next couple years! Compare this to buying a cheaper, more of-the-moment piece that will last you a single season and the question of what to with your money becomes a no brainer…INVEST!!! I am positive my finance professor would agree that the return from this skirt makes it a worthy investment! He might even tell you that while the principal may be high, the long-term capital loss may be lower than purchasing multiple cheaper skirts that don’t have as high of a ROI…. aka I will be saving money!

Check below to see how I plan to use this lovely Alice + Olivia Leather Skirt to create a range of outfits for any occasion that will prove sometimes you have to spend a little to save a little! [continue reading…]

Kate Middleton’s Royal Style Must-Haves post image

Seriously, given the spectacle surrounding the royal wedding, the only people who have not heard that there is a new princess in town must literally be living under a rock! Whether we’re discussing the details of Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, the identity of her wedding dress designer, the size of her ring, the amount of her weight she’s lost, or the frequency of her shopping trips, the public has salivated over every last detail of what has become a wedding for the ages.

The world has literally gone gaga over the royal wedding; even Lady Gaga who threw a  royal themed party to celebrate the end of her concert tour.  While Lady Gaga may be the reigning Queen of Pop, Princess Kate has gotten the attention of the world– and she didn’t even have to wear a meat dress!

While Kate’s fashion sense has already been both panned and praised so many times it can make your head spin, there’s no denying that she is having a major impact on the fashion world and is style icon on the rise. Kate’s aesthetic is simple, yet classic and elegant.  While many have deemed her style outdated and dowdy for a 29 year old, I think it fits that of a princess to perfection. [continue reading…]

Must-Have Spring Accessories post image

Must-Have Spring Accessories

Now that warmer weather is finally upon us (well kinda-sorta here in New York), it’s time to break out those amazing Spring/Summer fashions that have hung tantalizingly unworn in my closet all winter long. Alas, no look would be complete without the perfect accessories and this season there is no shortage of accessory options, each providing the perfect finishing touch for fun and fresh looks.

The ’70s glam, boho, neutral, ladylike, menswear-inspired and bright looks appearing on the Spring/Summer 2011 runways were kicked up a notch  with the fabulous accessories made to match. Seventies fashion brought with it retro oversized sunglasses, floppy hats, platforms, satchels, long pendant necklaces, turbans, fringe detailing and chunky bangle bracelets– to name a few. Neutral trends inspired earthy and exotic bags, shoes and jewelry with alligator, snakeskin, straw, raffia, canvas, wood, woven, braiding, crochet, cord and tweed detailing. [continue reading…]

Style Muse: Carey Mulligan post image

Style Muse: Carey Mulligan

Ever since seeing the movie An Education and hearing that she, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, may help bring to life one of my favorite novels, The Great Gatsby, I have become obsessed with Carey Mulligan. It’s not only her noteworthy thespian skills, but also her unique, modern take on ladylike retro fashion. The 25-year-old actress always achieves an air of sartorial sophistication, which truly sets her apart from the rest.

While Carey may at times look young and boyish with that super cropped pixie cut, her personal style is the complete opposite, embodying the ’50s ladylike trend, an enduring style that is flirty, feminine and sophisticated.

One would think that Carey would look like a little girl playing “dress up” in her grandmother’s closet or that she ought to be walking down an on old school red carpet. Instead, to the surprise of many, her modern and quirky approach to retro style brings a modicum of youth to her look, making her the envy of fashionistas all over the globe, putting her at the very top of Harper’s Bazaar‘s Best Dressed list for 2010.

Mulligan’s fashion sense lies in somewhere in the balance between modern and retro; between classic and edgy; and between young and old, a miracle elixir which she concocts by mixing and matching retro and modern silhouettes, clothing items, accessories, embellishments, and patterns. By creating a look with contrasting details, Carey truly creates a stand out style.

Check below to get an education in Carey Mulligan style! [continue reading…]

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