New Year’s Eve Glamour: Makeup Ideas to Ring in the New Year post image

New Year’s Eve Glamour: Makeup Ideas to Ring in the New Year

If there is one night in the year, when you can really go for anything that goes through your head, be as bold and glamorous as your heart will let you desire, it is the last night of the year….you are burying the old but celebrating the new and it calls for extremes! We know beauty is all about confidence but knowing what is in and not helps you get there.

What are the trends this end of year for the longest of all nights? I asked beauty experts and this is what they said.

Trend 1: Metallic Smokey Eye
This year is all about eyes. Metallics are the trend and the smokey eye a must. According to Angél Hakim, editor of “A fun trend to try is mixing metallics such as gold or bronze with silver in a smoky eye.”

I am a fan of mineral make up because it is natural and does not irritate my allergy prone face. Mineral Fusion’s Eye Shadow Trio ($18) in Sultry or Expresso Gold are perfect for creating a sultry smokey eye. The line has all the added benefits of being hypo-allergenic with age defying antioxidants and soothing botanicals with no paraben. The colors blend impeccably without caking up or resisting the brush.
MIneral Fusion eyeshadow

For a pure metallic bang, try Bellapierre’s Shimmer Powders ($14.99). It can be applied with your finger tips or with a brush. Made with the powder of pure Mica rock, it has a natural “glitter” which is oxidized for color. Try such shades as Gold and Brown, Antiqa, Bronze or Twilight to dress up your eye lids for battle.  Shimmer 9 Stacks, unique components consisting of nine different shimmer Powders stacked in a tower are also a great option if you like to experiment. The ST009 Pandera has some glittering greys, bronzes and blues to make your eyes stand out dangerously.
Trend 2: Purple
The other trend in color this year is purple. Yes, the 80s are back but mind you, this is a slightly more subtle version than the one in the 80s. The look is more refined. Bellapierre has a splendid Get The Look Mineral Make Up Kit – Purple Storm ($49.99). As its name says it will take the night by storm and you with it.

Eye liners of course are a must have for the most festive of nights. Try BellePierre On the Go Eyeliner Trio ($34.99). It contains three intense liquid eye liners for perfect precision. Created with natural waxes and infused with white and green tea extracts, these eye liners will last through the night what ever you do with yourself.
JPG 3 Bellapierre On the Go Eyeliner

Trend 3: Oxblood Lips
For lips, Oxblood has taken over the world. No wonder nothing indicates night glamour better than this color. When I have no time to dress up, I simply dab my lips with a lustrous red and the trick is done. In love Mineral Fusion’s Lipstick in Flashy ($14.99). As the name indicates, it delivers with a flash up to New Year’s task.
mineral fusion flashy lipstick

Trend 4: Glowing Skin
As far as my skin is concerned before the big night, I do a lot of prep, scrubbing and infusing my complexion with the best serums. I trust the Fruit Enzyme Scrub by MyChelle ($17)  to smooth and clarify my skin. What I like about Mychelle is that it is as efficacious as the best scientific brands without the chemicals. The Fruit  Enzyme Scrub dissolves enzymes and exfoliates dead skin and debris thoroughly but in gentleness without tearing the surface.
JPG 5 MYchelle Fruit Enzyme Scrub

After applying the scrub, let it sit for 5 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Your skin feels very soft and hydrated at the same time, rid of the dry top layer. Add MyChelle’s Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum ($42), a blend of multi-action hydrators that quench, smooth and plump dry sensitive skin. Recommended on a cold night like New Year’s Eve where running around in the cold and dry air will make your skin more sensitive. You can also apply the Perfect C Serum with powerful antioxidant power to arm up your skin to face the partying damage! It contains Buddleja Plant Stem Cell to inhibit loss of collagen and elastin and decrease inflammation.
ultra hydrating serum

For a touch of face glitter use Merle Norman Liquid Shimmer on your brow bone and cheekbones. Just a dab is enough and your face will shimmer with a bit of gold which looks cool and festive in the frigid night.

Trend 5: Sparkly Strands
As far as hair is concerned, hair attachments are more popular than ever. A definite trend this year is to add some studs to your locks and go sparkle. Strands of crystals and feathers work as hair ornaments. You will love the  She by SO CA.USA collection. You simply clip in crystal studded extensions on your hair for a fun glittering mane to sparkle in the night. Available in over 10,000 salons across the US. Price varies per salon and application. For salon locations, please call 877-855-4247 or visit

Hope you enjoy the fun on New Year’s Eve. Part of it is getting dressed for it, sorting out all the possibilities and building us from scratch as a creature of fantasy. Hope you all have fun with our tips!

What beauty look will you be rocking on New Year’s? Tell us in comments!

– Patricia Wersinger

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