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Four Ways to Rock the Purple Lip Trend

Unlike orange or tangerine, purple lipstick is a trendy color that works on everyone; you just have to find the right shade. I suggest printing some pictures out (like the ones below) of lip colors you like and take them with you to the makeup counter. This will help narrow down your options and give the person helping you a better idea of what you’re looking for.

1. The Lavender Lip

Here, Rihanna rocks a lavender lip. The nice thing about a lighter color is that you can make it extremely subtle or more bold depending on how many coats you add. If you’re more of an “eyes” person, I would go for a lighter lip shade; it’s easier to pull off a smoky eye. I have a light lavender lipstick that I wear called Glaze by MAC. I’m obsessed. It’s super subtle and sheer. If I want a more dramatic look, I layer it over a darker purple lipstick and add gloss. To re-create Rihanna’s purple lip look, I highly recommend Lancome’s Juicy Tubes Smoothie in Dreamsicle ($18).

2. Beautiful Berry

The color Taylor Swift has on here is more of a berry shade. It’s a great choice for all since it compliments most skin tones. I like that she has paired it with a soft purple eye shadow (another great eye color to wear with purple lips is a subtle gold or a pearly white) for a look that is very girly and wearable. To give this lip color a try, I recommend Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lip Color in  Madison Mauve ($8.29). What I like about this shade is  you can make it very subtle by gently pressing it to your lips, or go bold by applying it with a heavier hand.

3. Day-to-Night

I love this almost electric purple lip that Solange is wearing. It’s fun and great for a night out on the town. When I can’t afford to buy new clothes or accessories for an evening out, I buy a new shade of lipstick or eye shadow instead — it’s like a new accessory for a fraction of the price. This color is similar to a shade I wear a lot  called Amplified Up The Amp by MAC. The bold color makes it perfect for a night out and if I want to soften it a bit, I put a coat of the MAC Glaze on top.

4. Dark and Dramatic

This last shade on Camilla Belle is the most difficult to wear. One of the most important things  to pulling off this color is making sure your skin is clear — if you have redness or imperfections, this dark color will draw more attention to them. This look is definitely too much for day, and even at night, you should balance out the bold lip with a clean, simple eye. It’s probably most appropriate for a formal affair.

Keep in mind that precision is important—you want to start with a nude lip pencil that matches your natural lip color, or a pencil that matches the dark lip shade. Dark colors make flaws more noticeable, so I use a lip brush for a more accurate application. A shade I have used before that’s similar to Camilla’s is Sephora’s Rouge Cream Lipstick in Crush 23 ($12). Sephora has a great range of colors, and they’re less expensive than other brands. And if you want a bit of a shine, add a touch of Pink Berry by Too Faced ($18.50) to the center of your lips.

BONUS TIP: Another trick I recently learned that gives your face an understated glow is to put just a touch of shimmery pale pink eye shadow near your cheekbones, but closer to your under eye circles. This simple tip gives great results: subtle sheen that helps me look more refreshed—even when I’m exhausted!

So readers, just because summer is officially over, doesn’t mean you can’t dabble in fun colors. I’m all for it! What colors are you loving right now? Tell us in comments.


Liza Collis is a fashion magazine editor in Manhattan and a beauty guru to her friends. She believes that the best thing about being a woman is the opportunity to experiment with beauty every single day.

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Jamie Herzlinger


Love, Jamie Herzlinger

Reply October 14, 2012, 12:31 pm


Thanks Jamie!

Reply October 16, 2012, 10:14 pm


Personally, I think all colors work year-round. The only thing you might have to change is your foundation and blush. RE: Camille’s lip shade..yes, a deep eggplant is the perfect description!

Reply October 11, 2012, 3:42 pm

Ellen @ Wannabe Health Nut

Ohh I love Taylor Swift’s berry shade! And I have a lipstick color similar to Rihanna’s—how long is it “OK” to wear a light and bright color like that this time of year? Annnd…last question: Camille’s shade looks more like a maroon. But would you call it a deep eggplant? Just curious!

Reply October 10, 2012, 12:17 pm

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