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Expert Tips For The Perfect At Home Manicure

I love getting manicures, I mean it’s amazing how great you can feel with perfectly polished nails. However, getting weekly salon manicures isn’t exactly economically practical for most these days, which makes the art of perfecting the perfect DIY manicure an important skill to have.

I used to get manicures every week or every other, but now I go every few months, which has made my wallet a lot happier.

Read on for expert tips for the perfect at-home manicure from Michele Pierno of Kiss Products with some of my favorite DIY manicure tools thrown into the mix to help you on your way!


1. Begin by removing old polish with a cotton pad moistened with polish remover.  Wipe downward so that no polish gets onto the fingers and skin.
2. Trim nails with a clipper or scissor to desired length.
3. File and shape nails using a medium fine grit nail file.
4. Lightly buff the surface of the nail to remove ridges using an extra fine grit buff block.
5. Apply cuticle remover and place fingers in bowl of warm soapy water for 2-3 minutes.
6. Using manicure stick, gently push back cuticle to loosen.  Trim excess skin with cuticle nipper.
7. Apply hand lotion. (I like Lierac Paris Repair Mains Nourishing Cream, $26).
8. Wrap a small piece of cotton around manicure stick and dip into polish remover.  Remove all traces of lotion from the nail surface.
9. Apply one even layer of base coat.  Let dry. (I like Nailtique Nail Protein, $13.50)
10.  Apply two, even layers of your favorite polish color.  Let dry.
11.  Apply topcoat.  Let dry.

Tips For Polish Application:

Always shake bottle before use so that all ingredients and color pigments are properly mixed (if bottle cap is stuck, use either a rubber glove to open or try running under hot water to loosen).  When removing brush from bottle, slide brush against far end of bottle neck to remove excess polish before applying to nail.  Start by applying polish down the middle of the nail beginning slightly away from cuticle and bring brush down in a long even stroke, then polish down each side.  The trick to polishing well is to use more polish to avoid streaks but not so much that it will run into your cuticles.  If it does get onto your skin or cuticles, remove with a manicure stick dipped in polish remover.  It is always a good idea to use a base coat, either for strengthening, if needed, or to prevent nail color from absorbing into the nail.  And a topcoat will keep your color shiny and fresh extending your manicure days longer.

Hot Shades:
Now that you know how to do it yourself, it’s time for to choose the perfect shade. Pattie Yankee, head nail technician for Dashing Diva, says neons are the must-have nail shades right now, especially neon teal. She recommends Heel-Larious, – a frosty iridescent coral, and In a New York Minute–  an opaque orange red shimmering coral.

Written by Sabrina Alexis

I’m Sabrina Alexis, the co-founder, and co-editor of A New Mode. I love writing relatable, insightful articles that help people understand relationship dynamics and how to get the love they want. I have a degree in psychology and have spent the last 10 years interviewing countless men and reading and studying as much as I can to better understand human psychology and how men operate. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

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I rarely do my nails (chips too fast) but I’m surprised to find out that I do most of these steps already. I guess I’m better at these things than I thought.

Reply November 24, 2009, 10:08 pm



Reply September 2, 2009, 3:26 pm


cutting cuticles makes them grow back thicker
so only push them back, don’t cut them!

Reply August 15, 2009, 6:12 pm


A friend of mine once suggested that I roll the nail polish bottle between my hands, rather than shaking it, to avoid bubbles that might interfere with smooth application.

Reply August 7, 2009, 5:17 pm

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