Worth going no contact?

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    Is it worth going no contact or is this one lost forever?

    I’ve met this guy late January and we’ve been texting nonstop ever since and I’ve asked him out twice, first time he cancelled because there was a storm near where we both live so there were no trains (and we’re like 3 hours apart by bus) but last Sunday we were supposed to meet and he cancelled again saying he got sick and was puking his guts out for the past few hours. When he called to apologize I snapped at him and said I wasn’t going to put any more effort into this, he said he still wants to see me and I’ve said he should prove that with actions, not with words so if he wanted to go out, he would have to ask although I seriously doubt he will.

    But I’m so heartbroken, I’m really into him but I just feel like he’s not? Like I’m the only one making an effort. So I was thinking of going no contact and then maybe trying again but I don’t want to humiliate myself even more.

    Is no contact going to work even though I said I wouldn’t ask him out again or I’ll just look even more pathetic doing that?

    Real advice appreciated. No trolls.



    Why are you posting this again?
    People already gave you good advise



    You just posted this and got loads of advice.


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