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    He told me he loves me but he was drinking and when I didn’t respond right away he said it again. Actuality he said it 3 times. I do love him. I’m just not sure that’s how he really feels. He keeps his emotions in most of the time and very guarded. He’s been hurt and he’s told me about it and his insecurities. It’s hard for him to trust. What are your thoughts about a guy saying he loves you while drinking?

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    Drunk talk means zero. If someone can’t say something sober, it doesn’t count. This guy doesn’t sound like a good prospect for a boyfriend. You’re paying for the sins of a lot of other people. Why is being frozen out attractive to you?

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    It is his responsibility to deal with his hurts and insecurities, not yours. Why are you choosing this dude?

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    If a guy can only share emotions when under the influence, it’s a gigantic red flag about his emotional health and ability to be a good partner. Especially if hasn’t dealt with all the trauma and insecurities he has. 100x that if he says he finds it difficult to trust others. He might love you, but that doesn’t mean he can follow through on it at all. As the other posters said, why are you choosing someone emotionally unavailable?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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