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    About 3 months ago my boyfriend and I ‘became official’. I accidentally see his texts and he had told his ex that he still loves her and kept checking in on her (almost verbatim words he said to me). I don’t scream at him but tell him he obviously needs to figure that out before he’s in another relationship and that we shouldn’t be together; we end up staying together though. Fast-forward about 2 months and I come across a podcast that his ex created. There are multiple episodes talking about their relationship and it sounds really crazy; how could he still love this girl that has said all these things publicly slandering him?! I know I shouldn’t have listened but couldn’t help it and now I feel like I’m in a super weird love triangle. I want to stay with him but this feels like so much craziness for a start of a relationship, don’t know what to do

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    You’re not in a love triangle..he is.

    Once you told him to go figure things out, you really should have taken a break and give him space to do that. Staying with him doesn’t make any difference. Whatever his reasons for loving someone that speaks ill of him is his to figure out. But you need to realize that this situation will prevent your relationship with him from growing. You will be getting only a percentage of his love while his heart is truly somewhere else. Is that enough for you?

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    How did you accidentally see texts to her? And how did you stumble across the podcast? I feel you went looking for both for some reason. Did you get a sense he wasn’t to be trusted?

    If it were me, I would have ended it after finding the texts that he still loved her. Why didn’t you end it then? I wouldn’t be able to stay another two months knowing the person I cared about loved someone else.

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    I refuse to be in a triangle = I walk away fast. So should you.

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