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    Hi all. I had a relationship for six months and then we split up, because he said he lost feeling and there was a shift for us both. Bit by bit we got in contact and ended up together again, with him apologising and saying he hadn’t lost feeling, but realised he did what he does which is periodically pull back of things in life stress him. We were together again for four months, with the last one involving a lot of stress for him not related to the relationship. He seemed to try to deal with things on his own, pulling back from me and not including me in his struggles.

    I finished it and we decided to remain friends. Since then, we have contact around once or twice a week over text, and have seen each other three or four times too. Social stuff with friends and alone. Pleasant friend vibe mainly. I stayed in his bed on one of these times as I’d been drinking. Nothin happened at all.

    A recent time I did the same and we cuddled all night. It was very relaxed and he didn’t try to move it to sex at all. He did however kiss me, and say he loved me and always will, but sure he needs to be on his own right now saying he does this pull back thing and needs to focus on himself right now.

    I know I need to step back. But I’d be interested to know what people think about his actions and words and if there’s any hope of reconciliation given this, and should I step back and give him space.

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    Please stop having slumber parties with your ex…
    He’s told you he needs to be on his own-

    You need some space too…

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    I agree with Raven.
    He’s been clear and you two don’t seem to do well being in a relationship.

    If you keep this up eventually you end up having sex. Given where he’s at you be downgraded to an FWB.

    Save yourself the heartache and take some space from your ex.

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    Please clear doubts about this relationship coz nothing is comprehensive other than fishy and personal deals not needing your attention or assistance

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    Girl! Wake up, and get some boundaries. Never be friends in the hopes you will reconcile. That is a one way train to confusion. Wait, you are already confused.

    Tell him “bob, I like spending time with you, but for me it is confusing because I want more. I think it is best we do not interact for a while. I wish you the best”

    Then let him miss you.

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    I think you were very smart recognizing he is not the commital type the second time you tried and therefore broke it off. I would stick with that and no way sleep in his bed again. Its not necessary and will only create possible confusion

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