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    After a long-term relationship ended a year ago, I am now starting to navigate the dating world in hope of finding someone for a meaningful relationship with, and am not sure how much interest to show in the very beginning dating stage. Recently, I went on a first date with a guy and had a nice time. Great conversation and a kiss at the end. During the date, he hinted at wanting to hear from me the next day. So, the next day I messaged him something short and funny about something we talked about on our date, and then told him I had been thinking about our date and that it would be nice to see him again. I’m hoping that gives him a clear indication of my interest and he can initiate a second date. Is showing interest in this way something men appreciate? I have had guy friends tell me that they like to pursue women and are enticed by women who aren’t outrightly interested. I definitely understand not wanting to appear desperate or smother a guy, but is a simple message expressing my interest in seeing him again actually a turn-off? Apologies if this is a silly question. I might be overthinking things after hearing what my friends said.

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    Zoya Bu

    Definitely a turn off

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    I tend to be in the let them lead category. But, I would say if he had a nice time, you did nothing wrong. Healthy relationship ready people don’t play games. I doubt what you said changed any outcome, it was straight forward and confident and that is what is really sexy to anyone worth it.

    I suggest you let them reach out in general until committed or if they ask for something specific then only send that. In your case, hinting is not enough for you to think you should send something next time. Let him lead from here. Most men will reach out if interested… better on the date to say “I had fun, thank you so much”, that and the kiss show enough interest for a healthy man.

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    Amy s

    If the guy likes you and it was a nice date and he’s intending to see you again then no that won’t be a turn off. It’s only a text after all. If he isn’t interested then it doesn’t matter either way because nothing will come of it anyway. So I wouldn’t put too much thought into it. Text if you feel
    Comfortable and if not let him get back to you. If he doesn’t then remove his number and move on. No biggy.

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    I recently just started dating a guy. We had sex on the first date. I thought it was going to be strictly a one night stand but he wanted to see me again. So far everything has been going great and it’s different than any other relationship I’ve ever had. However, there is one thing I’ve done differently with him that I haven’t with any other guy. I haven’t pursued him once. He has initiated every text, every phone call, every date, AND he’s still interested. Make a guy work for you.

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    U hv told him u wld like to see him again . If he connects, grt. If not well thats that. But for the next date let him fix plans.

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