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    Beth start your own thread. This post is over a year old the op is long gone.



    I have met a guy online 8 months ago. We met face to face after 2 months of chatting. He was quite caring and understanding and made it sure at the beginning that he didn’t want any relationship then. We used to chat and casually meet once or twice every week due to our job. He gradually started to show interest in me and I could feel it. But the red flags started to show when he said he couldn’t talk to me over phone when he is at home although he used to call me after his office just to share his frustration of his job. He slowly started to cancel meetings with me and ask for money from me. During this time my mother had passed away. He asked for 50k few days after I lost my mother. He was actually going through some financial problems. He even insisted if I could help him with a new job and I did so using my contacts. He later lost his previous job and is still looking for one. I usually don’t pressure him to meet me as I know his financial condition and the stress that he is going through. He now has reduced texting me and I can see him on dating site where we have met. I can now realize that he has lost interest in me or just taken me as a cash cow. I was never needy or clingy. I kept my distance and made sure I was never overwhelmed with emotions. I bought gifts and other things for him as he asked those from me. He has never given me anything and never helps me with anything I ask him to. So I have simply friendzoned him. Because now I know he can never be anything I thought he would be. He although shared that he wants to be very close to me but I told him about my no sex policy before marriage. He keeps his family and friends secret and wants to meet mine. He did meet my friend and my cousin. None of them likes him. Now he only calls me when he requires any help or is bored.



    Ariana it’s best to start your own thread.

    What is your question?



    Yeah Ariana,
    Pretty sure the reason you can’t meet anyone from his side and he ‘can’t speak to you at home’ is because he’s married. Seems he’s using gullible women for sex or cash. Why would you want to be friends with this idiot?



    Don’t text him anything, just let him be. Maybe he just needs space to figure things out between you guys, or maybe he IS ignoring you both cases just give it time and you’ll see how things turn out.



    He ask you for &50,000 ?!



    I met a guy we dated for 7 months, he introduced me to his family, kids and friends. we were very close. we saw each other everyday. he will take me to work everyday and pick me. he will take me out often, attend family funerals together. he always wanted to be with me. will talk about everything, planning the future together. I love hiking. he will go hiking with me because he started to enjoy it. sunday he took me out. all was good. Tuesday we met and he told me hes not ready for a relationship. I should move on with my life but he will like us to be friends and wants us to continue going hiking. what do I need to do in this situation.


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Viewing 8 posts - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)

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