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    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to know people’s opinion regarding their lifestyle preference with relation to romantic relationships as well. Would you rather be:

    A) Married to a middle class man, have a combined gross income of approximately 110k USD/year, have a mortgage. He is extremely hard-working, treats you like a queen, a very family-oriented man, helps out with all the chores at home. He is not so romantic in a sense that he doesn’t regularly take you out for romantic dates and gives you flowers BUT he will cook for you and try his best to lift you up when you are sad.


    B) Married to a very successful man, have a combined gross income of more than 350k USD/year, have a properties. He is athletic, career-driven, has investments, loves the high life and taking you to expensive and romantic dinners BUT he puts himself first, has a secret life, and only pays attention to you when it’s convenient for him.

    Which love life and lifestyle would you choose and why?

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    B sucks.

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    I think its pretty obvious….

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    B sounds awful, A sounds lovely. Overtly romantic gestures are overrated imo, they always make me think of men who beat up their wives then buy them flowers. Much better for someone to be consistent.

    However, if you are trying to choose between 2 specific men then the fact that you’re asking the question means my answer is “neither”.

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    You obviously have not made yourself a lot of money. That is what to do first.

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    Option B wouldn’t even be an option for me! In this “secret life” are you his wife and he has a mistress or are you the mistress?

    And the VERY FIRST question I would ask myself has nothing to do with money and everything to do with whether or not I’m in love with either of these men. And the second question then is whether the man I love is in love with me!

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