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    So I’ve been seeing/talking to this guy for a while now and he is always playing these mind games with me because he knows it erks me (but in like a cute playful way like omg you’re sooo annoying). I’ll give some examples so I can get your input. One time, we had a “play argument” on the phone and then afterwards I texted him and he purposely put his read on so I could see he read my texts and didn’t respond. He literally took the time to turn them on because he knew it would make me go crazy. Another example is that we were talking on the phone and he kept joking about how I was running out of strikes. I texted him and was like I just wanna know what happens at strike 3 so he texted me back saying here call now and the operator on the phone is going to tell you. It took me a second but I realized he had blocked me. I wasn’t mad or upset or anything cause I knew it was all a game and the next day I was unblocked. I’m just confused to why he’s putting in so much effort into these games. Like it’s just weird to me that he blocked me as a joke, and the next day he was like oh yeah I gotta unblock her now she learned her lesson.

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    He sounds like a 14 YO…

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    He is not funny or nice but yet you keep responding to this boy. Dont you prefer a grown up?

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    Passive aggressive manipulative behaviour, testing your boundaries to see how much bad treatment you’ll tolerate, softening you up for worse. There’s nothing cute about this. Let me ask you something. Is this how you think someone treats those they respect?

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    I know this is not good behavior because even though it’s how we joke around with each other, I know he only does it is because he knows I put up with it. The sad truth is that I have very very strong feelings for this guy. I have a lot of history with him too. I don’t know if it’s love, I don’t wanna jump in too deep but I’ve been trying to let him go for a while now but I just can’t do it. I’ve blocked him several times but I always end up going back. Nothing seems to work.

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    this guy is negging you. Using your insecurities to get one up on you, to get your attention and make you want to please him. Its horrible psychological tool that some people employ when they are insecure themselves.

    Negging is something that stems from the whole incel/red pill generation of men where pick up artists teach them how to get women and unfortunately its very effective to those of us who suffer with anxiety or low self esteem.

    I had a date with guy where before hand we had joked about my large african butt. On the date it was my round so i went to slip around the table as i had when i had initially sat down but it was too tight a space. The guy had purposely moved the table closer to the wall so I’d get stuck. He found it very amusing. I was cool about it and took it as a joke but marked a yellow flag in my mind. Things only got worse during our further interactions where he would deliver extremely back handed compliments- “i don’t usually date such curvy women but you are actually still hot even though you are bigger” and other comments.

    I dropped him pretty quickly but politely. His response to my polite goodbye was to say that he wasn’t bothered and that I’m mentally challenged and where did i think my son got his autism from!!!!

    I dodged a bullet with that A/hole!

    Don’t fall for the negging and chuck this guy back in the pond- he is a disrespectful child

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    You don’t want to jump in too deep? You’re in way over your head already. This isn’t play and you know it. He keeps abusing you and not only do you take it, you repeatedly go back for more and you’re talking like you don’t have a choice when you do. You’re a doormat and he wipes his feet all over you, over and over. With your full permission and cooperation.

    You’re right about one thing – this is NOT love.

    Why do you think you do this?? What will it take for you to believe you have any value as a person and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect by a man?

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    You cannot let go? This is a skill you have to learn. We all have to let go.

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    This guy is getting off on emotionally abusing you. It’s a powerful pickup artist tactic. It heightens your emotions because you keep trying to figure him out.

    These feelings are NOT love. I went through the same and wasted nearly a year of my life.

    You have to detox from his attempts to make you obsessed with him. Let’s face it – you are.

    Go no contact. Didn’t work for me at first, he kept being a pest. I had to use drastic measures to get rid of him. I started acting like a mental woman. Like sending weird texts about how I am suddenly hearing voices.

    Boy that worked. After a few of those he went Mia.

    Not saying you have to go this route but on my case he just wouldn’t leave me alone!

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    Omg don’t ever let a guy treat you like this regardless about your feelings for him, how sexy/hot you think he is, his financial status, your past with him etc.! It’s Exactly like K said, you are being used as a doormat. It’s a manipulative tactic to force you to play these mind games to bend to his will. The games he plays sounds immature and not at all what real guys that want a relationship act like. You are obsessed. These aren’t fun mind games and we both know that. These are hurtful, dead-end moments that leave your head spinning with no resolution. I’m going to accurately guess that you are obsessively thinking of this guy due to these mind games. A guy of this low, pathetic caliber doesn’t deserve time in your mind much less your life. He’s NOT worth it. No woman with a high self-esteem who knows her true worth would ever subject herself to such idiotic mind games.Find a guy who doesn’t torment your mind, heart and soul with such manipulative tactics. You are worth so much more-wake up, look in the mirror and see your true worth!

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    capricorn girl

    i think you should go no contact with him let him wonder why he cant hear from you .he sounds very immature and rude

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