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    A guy asked me to hang out at his place on a Saturday evening to have takeout, watch a movie and chill. I’m going to respond with the text below. Anyone have any advice? Should I rephrase to make it more playful?

    I’m enjoying getting to know you and would love to see you again, but it’s a bit too soon for me to come over to your place.

    Can we do something else?

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    Sounds good to me. If he backs out, you know what he was after.

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    I think your response is excellent. It sets YOUR boundaries in a healthy manner. Good job!

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    Hi bob! Thanks so much for inviting me over, I am so excited to see you again ;-)! While I love the idea of a chilled out night, it is still a smidge early for me to hang out at your place. Would you mind doing something else? We always have so much fun together! Xo

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    I think that sounds fine.

    When my now partner of nearly 3 years asked me to his house for dinner-I think also by our 3rd date-I said that I am looking forward to that prospect in the future, but while he was still dating others I would like to wait before we venture into home dates.

    He made our relationship exclusive pretty much straight after that. It’s good to set your boundaries in a nice subtle way. 😉

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    You legit don’t even need to go into why. A simple “Def wanna see you again, but can we do something else?” is more than sufficient. I’m not all about the long texts in the beginning. also don’t double-text or initiate – make him wonder if he’d never hear from you unless he reached out. remember – be the “ungettable girl” (mindset, not games). you’re already SO on the right track by having your OWN idea of what you want vs just doing whatever he wants. gl!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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