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    I will be moving away from my current City for a period of six months and I am getting a lot of negative thoughts about my relationship.

    I would like to hear your perspective on whether you think a long distance relationship can survive where there is a lot of love and the guy is a person with a lot of integrity and character do not likely to cheat.

    Also this bring me to my second question, is integrity and character and love enough to not make a person cheat?

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    Cheating is not that common as you might think. And if i had to name a character treat that would work maybe i pick integrity. But this is not so much about potential cheating. You say ypu have negative thought about your relationship. So what are they and are they based on what you feel for him?
    If you want to do long distance both parties have to wamt it and since close context is not possible, both have to be interested in communicating on a daily base. And explore what you can do long distance. There are a few websites about this.

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    If the two of you have a solid foundation based on trust, then this will be easy to survive as long as you continue to communicate like you normally do, than all will be good.

    Truth be told he could cheat whether your living together or apart if he really wanted to, and if he hasn’t thus far then I wouldn’t worry about it. My ex husband was in the military and he was gone A LOT but he never cheated on me in the 20+ years we were together. The kicker is, he was more concerned about me cheating on him while he was away, so your BF might have the same concerns you do if you were to broach the topic with him.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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