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    This guy ghosted me last month, don’t care really. He deleted my number, but then readded it this month. Hasn’t messaged at all so ya know whatever. Made the mistake of messaging but got left on delivered oops. Know never to do that again. Anyway, found out that he’s in a relationship, most likely that’s why he ghosted. He had said he was with a girl for 8 yrs and they broke up a couple yrs ago. Was the main girl from his friend group. So weird thing I saw him on the dating app during New year weekend. It was pretty late at night and he said marriage under 1 yr and even had premium. Anyway his profile then disappeared and came back the next day as I had passed on him. Then the next day he was gone again. It was actually him and not a fake. I’m just curious as to what you guys think. If this guy is in a happy relationship, why on earth would he be coming and going on a dating app updating things. Kinda bizzare don’t you think? I feel bad for whoever the girl he’s with is. Hope she leaves him. Anyway, why do guys do this? I’m more curious than anything haha

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    The guy is up to no good…

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    Bullet dodged.

    They do this because they can. They think they won’t get caught or have no empathy so don’t care if they do get caught. Or like the power trip if they get caught but both people still want him and stay and fight harder for his attention. Or they have emotional issues and act this way because they are damaged and can’t do better (and / or don’t want to try sort themselves out and do better because it’s hard).

    Block him!

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    Yeah I mean he blocked me on the messaging app we were talking on without any reason. But he still has me on another and hasn’t blocked me there..but also that’s where I had sent the message and he didn’t even open it. Like the read thing didn’t come on. Most probs he did read, but left on delivered. Anyway, I really want to block, but I also want him to come back sometime so I can reject his ass. If I block now I don’t think he’ll even care cause he has me blocked on the other app. I do badly want to hurt his ego and pride somehow and want him to wander back. Only to reject. Maybe I’m being a bit stupid and my own ego is getting in the way lol

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    Your ego is definitely getting in the way. Rejecting him won’t get you anywhere, because he won’t care (for the reasons listed above — none are about the other person, only about himself!).

    Block him in that last spot and feel within yourself that it reflects you rejecting him. Doesn’t matter if he notices or not, you still blocked all access to your life and did the right thing for yourself. Doesn’t matter what he thinks, or doesn’t think. He doesn’t deserve to be your problem anymore!

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    i think for someone who doesn’t care, you do sound quite obsessed with the man. and if you don’t care, why message him?? and if your ignored after msging, why do you still stalk him? you should delete/block him immediately! i think you would be better off at trying to figure why guys such as these hold so much fascination for you.

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    Tammy – it was a mistake, and we’re all human. I was more curious about what other ppl think and if they know if someone has done something similar. Anyway, I’m not obsessed, was more sondering if that is actually shady behavior or I’m overthinking

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    we all are humans and we all make mistakes. but stop overthinking on this. really.

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    Liz Lemon

    It’s clearly shady behavior. You know that, or you wouldn’t have come here to ask. So trust your gut, always! I can see where Tammy is coming from– you’re saying you “badly” want to hurt his ego and reject him, you’re monitoring his status on the app, you’re ruminating over why he’s doing this– these are not the actions of someone who doesn’t care. It sucks to be ghosted and it’s normal to feel hurt by that, but there’s nothing to be gained by ruminating over him or wondering about his motives. None of that matters now. The healthiest thing for you is to block him and move on.

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