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    Hi there,

    my Ex and me broke up 9 months ago. I broke up with him due to the distance between us (America/Europe). We planned that I will move in with him, but I was not sure. It is not easy to move to another country, especially because I did not have a Visa in the USA. He was so mad at me and told me to never contact him again. He saw me as the mother of his children and was super depressed afterwards. Then he dated another girl. I guess she was a rebound, it did not last long. I never forgot about him, but respected his wishes to not want to talk to me. It was not easy for both of us.

    Now I will start my degree in the USA and will go independently to California. He started texting me a few weeks ago and asked me how I have been. He seemed to be open-minded about talking to me again. After a few weeks not hearing from him I messaged him and we talked about a sweet memory. He then told me he misses me and loves me very much until this day. He never loved a woman like this before and wants to give it another chance. We should meet up next week. Then I told him that I will not be in the USA until January next year, but it was ok for him, we managed to arrange something in January. Afterwards, we talked a bit about a movie and then he said that could be a great movie date. So that is when I was starting to become confused. Is he only thinking about hooking up with me or am I overthinking this?

    He never initiates a phone call or texts me on a regular basis. It feels like I have to chase him to talk to. Is he still suspicious or does not trust me? In the beginning of our relationship he always texted and called me, but now he does not make time to move forward, but he wants to see me and wants to give it another chance.

    What should I do?? I do not want to be a plan B and I do not want to be desperate either. I am afraid he will meet somebody else until January or only sees me as a hook up option.

    Sorry for my bad English, but do you think he really loves me or are guys saying stuff like this to sleep with you?

    Thank you!!

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    Stop reaching out to him.
    If he wants another chance then he needs to reach out and discuss that with you.
    In addition his action need to line.

    I urge you to not be foolish and hook up with him.

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    alyssa rouse

    So i broke up with my ex boyfriend over a month or so ago because i was told he did meth and believed it because everyone at the party told me too and i did it stupidly and then after we ended i hung out with his best friend terrent and then we had sex and will found out but now hes with this freshmen kiana but i wanr him back because i love him

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