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    I got out of a relationship almost two months ago, and just now decided I’m ready to start seeing other people. On Tuesday night this guy asked me to “hang out” but I don’t know if that means a date or just friends.

    We both go to this college-age group every Tuesday night. We have talked a few times briefly here and there at the group but we don’t know each other too well. (sometimes I catch him staring from afar and he looks away quickly and other times he smiles really bashfully at me. My friends watch when we talk and noticed flirty body language on both parts).

    This last Tuesday, as I was leaving, he caught up with me and stopped me to talk. He told me he’d be in my city this weekend (the city I live in is about an hour away from him) and wanted to know if I wanted to meet up and hang out at some point. I told him that I would love to and that I was free Saturday afternoon. He said that was perfect and said he would text me with details, but I have yet to hear from him.. So, is this a date or just a friend thing. I’m cool with either, just want to know without asking him directly and scaring him off.. (maybe that’s dumb).

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    I think you should just wait until he calls/confirms and then go on the “hangout date” with little expectations – see how it goes just enjoy it. You will see from his behavior and conversation if he is interested in something more. I think you are reading too much into this.

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    In college/university anything can happen from hanging out first. I wouldnt call it a date but just a set up meant to have fun. Time will tell.

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