Is he or isn't he interested in me? And should I be in him?

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    So I met a really cool guy at work. He is around the same age as me and he is witty and outgoing. He caught my attention and I’ve tried to come closer to him. Since I didn’t want to appear needy or anything similar I was taking my time with him, building the rapport. 2 weeks after we initially met he added me on Facebook and send me a message. In our convo we exchanged pleasantries, things like “how positive you are”, “thank you, you too.” “You have such a nice smile” and “I wish I could have a glass of wine with you” (the last two things were his words). I was quite happy with the outcome but we called it a day since it was pretty late. The next day, he had his day off and I’ve tried to learn what our other colleagues believed about him- of course in a discreet way. One woman, in particular, told me that she doesn’t like him because he heard him talk in a very offensive manner about women. She told me that he said things like “women believe way too much on themselves while they shouldn’t and that they require a lot from men”. His misogynistic attitude left me cold but I’ve decided to check for myself if it was true. A few days later -no further contact in messages- I and some colleagues had a funny conversation about a reality TV show and he was present. A guy made a sexual innuendo about a player and I laughed. Our friend said that I’ve made a huge mistake. I was shocked -as were all the others- because truly it was nothing. I sent him a message later just to tease him about the whole thing and learn why he overreacted that much and he answered the day after and finally, he left me on ‘read’. I decided to forget all about him and stop thinking about it. I hadn’t seen him for many days. Today, though, we met again. And guess what! He was flirty, teasing me and trying to talk with me. It felt really nice but again I don’t want to have my hopes up not do I know if I should, regarding his past behavior. What do you guys think? Thanks!

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    It’s a very very bad idea to date a co-worker!

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    I dont understand all you wrote. Are you saying you laughed about something and he called that a big mistake? Was that a joke or something? But in general you are making some office flirting, gossip and convo’s into something that should prove he is interested? This is thin air. This has nothing to do with dating. You just have a meaningless crush. Highschool bs and Yes try to avoid that at work. The trying to get gossip from others was already over the top. Focus on work, not on playerish guys

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