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    I went out with this guy shows been trying to get my attention for the past two weeks. I ended up enjoying myself. He came over and we basically spent the whole weekend cuddling and going out to eat and getting breakfast.

    He texted me this morning “

    Thank you so much. I had a blast with you this weekend. I don’t know what to say. It’s been a little while since someone put me first.☺️❤️”

    Now i feel like he only wanted to go out because he didn’t have any options because after i read that text i asked him about going out again and he just read it and hasn’t replied

    i don’t Know if he just wanted company or actually likes me

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    You asked him straight out about meeting again but he hasn’t yet replied. nothing much you can do at this point but let him revert. Next time pleas don’t do this to yourself. you just had a date. atleast wait for a few days before asking him. Its too early to form opinions. Give it a few days. if he gets in touch and arranges for another meeting great. if he just continues being silent, you will have your answer. it was just a one off thing.

    next time please just don’t go rushing in. but in case you do be ready to accept consequences. which is that this may turn out to be just a casual one off thing. Also think over before you invite men over to your house when you hardly know them and indulge in make out sessions. there is a bigger possibility of them taking this as casual. take your time before you invite them over. unless even you want casual.

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    Why are you having men stay over that you barely know? I am not judging, but if you want a man to stick around, it is best to make him earn it. You basically told him with your actions that you allow men to stay over who you don’t know and that you have no plans because you are available the whole weekend to him.

    The reality is you will never regret going slower, you may regret going too fast.

    And the response to what he said is not asking him out again… it is “Awww…. I am blushing! I had a such a great time too! Xoxo”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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