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    So to cut a bloody long story short I’ve been seeing this guy for a month physically and 2 just talking on the phone etc. We have a very strong connection and he’s put in SO much effort. First date he took me to a zoo and thought it would be nice to buy me something to remember the day by! Since then he’s bought me birthdays gifts and flowers that came on my bday. He calls me every day after work, sometimes during the day when he’s got a long drive too. We’ve not gonna more than 4 days without seeing each other until this week. He’s told me explicitly he wants me to be his god he just wants to ask me in a memorable way and that I have to meet his friends and fam first. I met his family last weekend and it was so great, I stayed over the night too! We were due to meet today which we’d planned earlier in the week, however this is where it gets weird.

    So Friday he calls me midday cause he has a long drive, we have a great chat as per and then he says he’ll call me when he’s driving home as usual. He does so, but he’s obviously grumpy. We sat in silence for like 20 mins on the phone which isn’t unheard of for us but I could sense something was off. He sent me a pretty blunt text when we got off the phone replying to something I’d sent in the morning. I told him I could tell he wasn’t happy and to just enjoy his night with the boys and just let me know he gets home safe. Then I didn’t hear from him and I had no text I’m the morning which I put down to drinking. He then didn’t text me by midday so I sent a morning text. No reply. So I sent a text at 3pm and rang him, it called through but no reply. He swiftly sent me a text saying sorry he had a lot of stuff going on but would text me properly later. Totally cool with me. It gets to 9pm and I hear nothing so I send mother text asking how he is and confirming our plans cause I’d need to refund my ticket. He doesn’t reply swiftly so I call him again, no answer but he responds saying again sorry but he’s got stuff going on at the moment and it would be best if I didn’t come down. I obviously say that’s fine and he knows where I am when he needs to talk. His last text was ‘okay thank you x’. That was yesterday at around half 10 at night. Mind you, he liked my Instagram picture today fairly quickly. I want to give him space because I want to believe he’s actually got stuff going on but obviously most women assume the worst instantly when they hear that. Would love some support and advice from you lovely ladies and if it’s happened to you. Does giving them space actually work?

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    I realise the typing errors and do apologise, I type so fast. I think it turned gf to god 😂

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    Yeah giving space is the only thing you can do. I mean what other options do you have? Its only been a month of dating and it looks like it got serious fast. That doesnt always turn out to last. We have seen many guys do a 180 overnight just because they realized they werent all in.
    I hope thats not your case but backing off is all you can do. He didnt include you for the weekend so thats you sign to back of and do stuff for yourself. Remember its only been a month

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    Anon 2

    Sounds like he was love bombing you and has possibly moved onto someone else. Pull right back and let him come to you, if he doesnt then you have your answer

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    Hmm. Yeah pull back. Way way back.

    One thing i find super weird- you guys sat in silence during a phone call for 20 minutes???? I don’t get it …. a phone call is a conversation so one of you said something and the other just didn’t respond and you were both silent for 20 minutes??!!!

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    Hi all

    So i just need advise that will help me, give people space and time, as i have not herd from my gf for almost a month she said she needed some space but, i a worried about her, she told me to stop texting but it is hard not to when you really want to be with that person. so how do i cope with this and how long do you wait, we have only been togehter for a month.

    any advise



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    also form the reply, as a man myself, i believe that he could be using, you not to be harsh, so that he seem nice and family are nice well actually he is not, just wanted to use you hun, you need someone who will take care of you properly, but please don’t listen to me, i was only trying to put my thoughts.

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